What is About Blank And How To Remove It?

About Blank

About: blank is a blank page or a type of notification that is shown on the main page of a browser when it has nothing to show. It is something that your browser displays as a warning or a notifying message to let you know that there is nothing. If you have been encountering this error or blank message notification, then there may be some reasons behind it.

You don’t have to stress over this about blank prompt as it is common and occurs for some users in rare cases. We will be discussing more details on this about blank to clear up your mind and remove your worries because it is not a threat. To see this guide and learn about this prompt below.

How To Remove About Blank Complete Guide

About Blank

What is About Blank

The section “about” is related to the URL or URI of your browser which is causing it to display this alert. You can learn about a few things using this about: blank from the address if you put your command like “about:[whatever]” that will share more info about the browser.

Browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other browsers such as Apple Safari can display this message, and you can apply this technique to learn more about it. About: blank is not a virus or any error with the browser in fact, most of the people use it as their home page so that they can start the browser with a blank screen.

We will now see what causes about: blank to appear and how to get rid of it.

Causes for About Blank Pages

We have discussed earlier that: blank pages show up due to misconfigured/corrupt data and browser settings. This is sometimes caused when a threat or an adware/malware is removed from the browser. Due to this, the browser gets into a non-default state, making it incomplete to display anything on the homepage. There are various other reasons that cause: blank pages to occur on the screen. The reasons are.

  • Bugs in browsers
  • Bugs in code
  • Corrupted page cache
  • Bad Internet connection
  • Add-ons or extensions
  • Opening certain website links manually
  • Clicking any link too soon
  • Webpage still loading

Step by Step Process to Remove About:Blank

Here we will share basic steps to remove about: black from browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. The processes can be applied in the same way to other browsers as well.

Remove About:Blank on Chrome

  • Start Google Chrome browser
  • Then open More Tools by tapping three dots of Chrome on the right corner
  • Then choose the More Tools option in the Chrome bar
  • Then you can choose Clear Browsing Data
  • Then select the All Time option from the next list
  • After that, check the boxes given under the basic and advanced tab
  • Then choose Clear Data

In this way, you can resolve this issue on Chrome, and in case clearing the cache from the Chrome browser doesn’t help you, then you can choose to remove a few extensions or disable them. An outdated extension can cause problems sometimes.

Remove About:Blank on Firefox

  • First, you can open Firefox and then go to Library
  • Now choose history and then clear the history on Firefox by clicking on Click Recent history option. This will remove a lot of bugs
  • Clearing the cache and history should fix the problem because they can cause issues sometimes when you are surfing on the web
  • Then click on Menu in the settings toolbar and then choose Preferences
  • Then find Privacy and security tool that will allow you to access to the Clear History option.
  • Verify that the cache is checked and then select OK. This will fix the problem on Firefox.


This was a guide for the users who have been experienced the “about blank” issue with their browsers. We have explained everything about this issue and also shared the reasons of this prompt for different users that occur on various browsers. For more, you can learn from the FAQ section.


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