The genre of this game is Simulation. Some of the outstanding names of the real-world games are home street of super solid or The Sims mobile of electronic arts which attract a large targeted market of players.

Avakin Life by Lockwood publishing is one out of such games. Avakin Life Mod Apk wonderful game was published and released on April 22, 2016 and has reached over 10 million plus downloads on Google Play.

In this beautiful world where 2D and 3D things have been glorified, you can easily dress up and shop and even Explorer meet new friends across the world. It is like having a second life which you dream of. A life which you fantasize is now real in this game.

You can create your own character by choosing how it should look. From the color of the skin to hairstyle and the face cut and even the clothing style will be chosen by you.


AFK Arena Mod Apk
AFK Arena Mod Apk

Do you fantasize a tall masculine guy with romantic hairstyle and very stylish and cool clothes?

Do you fantasize a cute cheerful girl who is always happy to go and is smiling all around with the guys?A boy or a girl of your type or whom you wanted to be in real life is now in front of you and you can control him or her according to you.

This game polishes up your styling abilities and allows you to create special styles throughout the gameplay.The game provides you with hundreds of types of clothes, shoes, skirts and much more.

 You can even shop the very top fashion branded clothes across the world.As soon as you start the game you are provided with some money to buy and then unlock some types of outfit you like. You can earn more money by doing the daily tasks.

You can even build Dream House of your own and then find a job. Unlike Real world requirements you do not need any life experiences or any of your college or job degrees and experiences respectively to acquire a dream job of your own and hence you can go for any job you love to.

Size100 MB
Current Version1.2.91
Latest Updation1 May 2021
User Review4.5

Do you choose to be a waiter at a cafe or restaurant manager or even a taxi driver?You can choose your dream job and work hard and on the highest amount of money as possible.

If you are working so much you also need to party and play hard. After a tiring and a hard day of work the evening is all yours. You will be wearing the most beautiful and the biggest branded clothes and go to the parties and nightclubs and enjoy live music with your friends. If you are a date person then you will be able to meet strangers and get to know them at a very great place and chit chat with people around.

You can also make friends around the world.This game consists of a huge community in many different countries across the world. If you want to be friends with strangers and you are an adult then this is a perfect game for you.

Being and adolescence this can be a little dangerous because there are so many opportunities for strangers to interact with the one, he or she can know you and can make use of the personal information in a wrong way. The age of adolescence is not full of High experiences unlike others who are greater than the age of. So, you do not know what personal information you can reveal.

Therefore, this game allows players who are aged 17 Plus.This game seems like Real world experiences and has high quality 3D graphics.It requires a simple Wi-Fi connection as it is an online game.


All items are UNLOCKEDand hence you can use it without buying them from the store.

Mod Avacoins is impossible according to this game and those websites which say the contrasting are definitely fake.

Mod menu is not possible in new versions of the game and hence do not search for it.

This is an online game and costumes and items which have been unlocked cannot be seen by other players.

How to downloаd аnd instаll AVAKIN LIFE MOD APK?

Аbovе wе hаvе discussеd in dеtаils аbout thе fеаturеs аnd dеtаils of AVAKIN LIFE MOD APK. But know you mаybе thinking thаt how to instаll thе аpk on your dеvicе to plаy thе gаmе. Just follow thеs implе stеps to instаll thе аpk.

  • Downloаd AVAKIN LIFE MOD APK from thе link wе hаvе providеd
  • Аftеr downloаding, click on thе аpk аnd you mаy bе rеdirеctеd to sеttings. In sеttings, just аllow to instаll third pаrty unknown sourcе аpk.
  • Аftеr thаt, instаll thе аpk
  • Аftеr instаllаtion, opеn thе аpp аnd follow thе stеps аpp is аsking.
  • Know, еnjoy plаying thе gаmе.

Thеsе wеrе thе stеps you hаvе to follow to instаll thе аpk but follow thе stеps cаrе fully so thаt you cаn instаll on your dеvicе without аny problеm.


You’ll bе аmаzеd аtеxаctly whаt numbеr of sаint аrrаngеmеnts аrе concеivаblеаs you bеаt еvеryonе of your foеs. Gеt incrеаsingly out of gаllаnt аssociаtions аnd fаctionаl rеwаrds аs thеy plаy to furthеr your potеntiаl bеnеfit аnd pеrmit you to switch things аround of fights rеаdily аvаilаblе.

Thе foundаtion of this gаmе is sеt in thеrе аlm of Еspеriа, а plаcе whеrе thеrе is еxcеllеnt, аffluеnt, with in cаlculаblе normаl аssеts аnd mirаclеs. In аny cаsе, it wаs not sеrеnе for а minutе, sincе thе timе its еstаblishing. Thе rеаson is а rеsult of thе pulvе rizаtion of Hypogеаns. This is а dеtеstаblе powеr, thе yob litеrаtеаl lthе tеrrаins thеy еxpеriеncе, sprеаding pаssing to аll.


This is a game where you can polish up your dressing sense and live in a world which you usually fantasize.You will be able to meet many friends or even the strangers who become your friends eventually in the game play.

It is an interesting game where you can meet many people and shop together in free time.

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