Disney plus Student Discount

Disney Plus Student Discount

Disney+ now has 100 million users and will continue to grow as it goes into new markets. It’s already a fairly affordable service, costing only $7.99 per month or $79.99 for a yearly membership. Many people have questioned, though, if there is a Disney Plus student discount as well.

 After all, Amazon Prime offers a 50% discount to students, which includes access to the service’s Prime Video. In addition, Hulu, Disney Plus’ streaming service, gives a Disney plus discount to students, and Showtime has a student discount as well.

In comparison to other suppliers, the platform is very fresh. The Mandalorian super hit program has made Disney Plus extremely popular. There are a variety of deals and membership savings to be had. Students, especially, will want to use these services.

The year 2022 is all about keeping up with the hottest television series. We’re all looking for different ways to spend our time. Today, we’ll go into Disney and student discount Disney plus in-depth.

you can also try free Disney Plus accounts if this method don’t work for you. Then you can try this alternative method.

What is Disney Plus Student Discount?

If you’re a student, you may be able to get a discount on your Disney Plus subscription. The details of the student discount vary depending on which country you’re in. For example, in the United States, students can get a discounted rate of $5 per month when they sign up for a yearly subscription.

To get the student discount, you’ll need to sign up with a valid college or university email address. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to take advantage of the discount and start streaming all your favorite Disney movies and shows.

So if you’re a student, be sure to check if you’re eligible for the Disney Plus student discount before you subscribe. It’s a great way to save on your monthly bill.

How to get Disney plus Student Discount In Different Countries?

How to get Disney plus Student Discount USA?

If you’re a student in the United States, you can get a discounted subscription to Disney+ by signing up for a special offer from Verizon.

With this offer, you’ll get a year of Disney+ for just $5.99 per month, which is a savings of over 50% off the regular price of $12.99 per month.

To sign up for this offer, you’ll need to have a verified .edu email address and be a current Verizon customer.

If you’re not a Verizon customer, you can still get Disney+ at the regular price of $12.99 per month or $119.99 per year.

How To Get Disney plus student discount uk?

If you’re a student in the United Kingdom, you can get a discounted subscription to Disney+! Just sign up with a valid .edu email address and you’ll be able to access all of your favorite Disney movies and TV shows for a lower price.

To sign up, just head to the Disney+ website and select the Student Discount option. You’ll need to provide your .edu email address and some other personal information, but once you’re verified, you’ll be able to start streaming right away!

If you have any questions about the student discount or anything else, just contact Disney+ customer service and they’ll be happy to help.

how much is Disney plus UK student discount?

The answer is that a student can get a discount on Disney plus by signing up for an account with a valid student email address. The discounted rate is £4.99 per month, which is a saving of 20% off the full price of £5.99 per month.

To sign up, students just need to go to the Disney plus website and select the ‘student’ option when asked how they would like to pay. This will then allow them to enter their email address and create an account.

The student discount is only available to those aged 18 and over who are enrolled in full or part-time education at a recognized institution. Proof of enrollment will be required when signing up for the discount. The Disney plus student discount is available for a limited time and is subject to change. Students should check the website for the most up-to-date information.

How To Get disney plus military discount UK

If you are a member of the military, you may be eligible for a discount on your subscription to Disney+. To get the discount, you will need to verify your military status with Disney.

Once you have verified your military status, you will be able to get the discounted rate on your subscription. The discount is available to active duty, reservists, and retired military members. Disney+ is also extending the discount to veterans.


Disney provides a variety of premium services to its clients. You can see what’s available here:

1. Every Type of Media

All smartphones can access the Disney Plus platform. Sign in with any device to have access to endless entertainment.

2. Many Applications

Disney Plus may be streamed simultaneously on four separate devices. This is a terrific feature when compared to other premium OTT providers. Many students chose to share their stories as well.

3. Content at the End

Disney is a well-known film and television studio. There are several stunning phenomena in their atmosphere. Everyone enjoys Marvel and Disney movies and television shows. You may find out about movies from the convenience of your own home. All of this exclusive content can only be seen on the Disney Plus platform.


This tutorial aims to answer your questions regarding Disney Plus student’s discount, the enticing streaming subscription. Unfortunately, the short answer is No. At the current time, the service does not provide a discount aimed exclusively at students.

That doesn’t rule out the possibility of saving money by joining Disney Plus. You might be able to acquire up to a year’s worth of service for free. We hope our readers found this tutorial to be very useful.


Is Disney Plus included in Amazon Prime for free?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Do you get a Disney Plus discount?

With the Disney Plus special, you can save 15% on a yearly fee as a present.

Is sharing a Disney Plus account ilegal?

Yes, it is correct. The Disney plus Terms of Service forbid you from sharing your password with anyone.

For students, how much does Disney Plus cost per month?

Disney+ is $7.99 per month with a UNiDAYS student discount till April 2022.

Is there a limit on how many Disney+ accounts you can have?

You may watch content on four separate devices at once with Disney Plus account sharing.

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