Einthusan Alternatives-Top 10 Best Site For Streaming Free Movies May 21, 2022

If you are a movie lover and you love to watch your favorite movie free cost. Then, there are only a few apps and websites which will give full entertainment. But that is also not even working for the time of trend. But Einthusan is a website that allows the user to stream their favorite tv shows and movies to download and watch. Einthusan is one of the best platforms in India where users can watch their favorite show and download it. Of Course, everyone will like to watch movies and TV shows in a cost-free manner. Einthusan is a website that allows you to stream movies in the language of Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, among others. People from different languages are also getting the usage of this website. Here will have a look at Einthusan alternatives.

There are lots of entertaining apps designed to make the users happy. Most people like to watch movies and make people have fun. Like amazon prime video, Hotstar, youtube, zee 5, Hungama, etc. Einthusan has been involved in showing protected substances regardless of the reality that the Einthusan site (Einthusan. tv) pronounces, “Our library comprises over 4000+ legitimately authorized substances from 9 territorial dialects of India.” This is the reason it has been banned in a couple of nations, including the USA.

Einthusan Alternatives

Einthusan Alternatives List May 21, 2022

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Hotstar
  • Youtube
  • Zee5

1.Amazon prime

Amazon prime is an app or an OTT Platform that allows the user to stream their favourite movies and tv shows which are under the app or website. Their users have to subscribe to the app and make use of it. It is the top streaming app that provides the user with lots of exclusive things and enjoyments. For this, they bought a rental service from amazon. Com. They gave it as a standalone service or a part of an amazon prime subscription.

Amazon had planned to give their service to the people in 2006, They successfully launched it on September 7 2006, And they have renamed it as amazon video on demand on September 4 of 2008. And they did lots of updates and features in it to keep their subscribers in touch with the app. They released the best series exclusively free at once for audiences to overcome their competitor Netflix.



Netflix is also the same kind of app that also allows its users to watch movies and tv shows via the device which the users like to watch. The user also can download movies and tv shows to watch on the devices like IOS, Android, Windows 10 etc.

Netflix picks award-winning shows and produces them in an affordable range to the users, and that may be a good strategy to maintain their audience. The users can also stream some of the great TV shows and movies for free on Netflix. The only thing that the user has to do is just they need to install the app and need not sign in, or they do not even want to register.

 A Netflix month to month membership costs $8.99 for the Basic arrangement, $13.99 for Standard, and $17.99 for Premium. The Standard DVD and Blu-beam plan begin at $7.99 a month to month, and the Premier arrangement starts at $11.99.

3.Disney Hotstar

Hot Star is also one of the favourite App or Websites of Sports lovers because of the craze of IPL india. Hotstar is the app where you can stream television serials, and it also contains the sports like IPL and the English premier league of football.

This is the special quality of Hotstar that turns all the users here to subscribe to Hotstar. They made their service perfectly only to make the audience happy. Their plans are also easy to understand and affordable to the subscribers.

Their first plan is Disney + Hotstar. They offer two plans under which the subscriber can stream the app for a month at the cost of 299 per month( one screen). The other plan is the subscriber can stream the app at 1499 per year(two screens).


Youtube is an app that is really for all users. Most of the people who use it watch some random videos as time passes. Many people have started a channel on youtube to show their unique talent they have and many of them will post videos that will be useful for the viewers. The useful content or video is, in a sense, like some cooking tips and hacks to make something instant, Beauty tips etc. Everyone can become a YouTuber.

It is very simple and easy just open a channel in the name that is related to the videos you are going to post. And keep posting the videos consistently to make the viewers turn to your channel. This is how youtube works. There the viewers can stream all the content for free, whatever they wish to see. The viewers can also like the videos and share the link, and comment about the video they saw. Youtube is really a good platform for time to pass and to get updates also.

5.Zee 5

Zee 5 is one of the most trending OTT platforms right now in India. You can easily watch your favourite tv serial and movie on this platform. You just need to signup and login into your account. Its headquarters was in Mumbai. It has 100 million active users. This app is available in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and more. It is a type of subsidiary business.



So this was all about Einthusan Alternative guys. We will update this list daily so keep visiting this page for latest alternative list. So you enjoy free entertainment without spending money. If you have any questions or query then you can ask us in the comment box. I will do my best to solve your problem.

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