FAP CEO MOD APK May 21, 2022

Feeling lonely and has difficulty entering a serious relationship? FAP CEO MOD APK app is wholly made for you. As the world moves forward and the lifestyle of many people is now modern, it is very difficult to find true love and build a family. Many people worry about careers before they look for a meaningful relationship.

There are also people who are so much success in their lives and require very great positions like CEO of the company. Even after being so successful, they haven’t been into a very meaningful relationship with a girl, yet. It is a very common story in the developed industrial areas, especially in Asian countries like example Japan.


Fap CEO is like a recent product of the popular game studio Nutakun. Modern-day lonely man uses because of the simple content and it meets the wishes of the majority. This brings lovable relationships with very hot girls.

You are the boss in the game as soon as you start the game. There is a studio set-up. Many hot girls come to apply and work hair in your Studio and as a talented CEO, you have to make a profit and hire the hot girls and get your work done.

Each girl has a different personality with a different face and all of them are undoubtedly very beautiful. The game maker is independent and does not depend on any of the publishers and information is also easily available on Google and hence the games under this publisher are less annoying with ads, unlike many others.

The players in the game will have to depend on each other and will have to communicate appropriately. You have to earn more money and get into a relationship with girls and if the relationship gets worse, you lose.

App Specification

Latest Version0.992
DownloadClick Here To Download
CategoryAction Game
Mod info Unlimited Gems or Coins or Keys
Size102 MB


Mod Apk Features of FAP CEO MOD APK


It is multiplayer gameplay and is easily available on Google Play and other cool mini-games are also available along with it on the Play Store.


You have to earn money throughout the game and get into a relationship with the girls and if the relationship by chance gets worse then you lose.

You have to grow in the job and you have the opportunity to text the girls at the same time and so you need to find ways to flirt with them in different ways. You can even ask for beautiful selfies by impressing them if they do so. You can include love stories in your conversation at night. Do not forget your motive to earn money and hence you have to upgrade the girls as well.

If the girl you talk to is a captivating customer then do not forget that this is an idol video chat of a company so you may also get richer and richer via the steps you’re performing. You can decorate your room with beautiful and different eccentric items

You can sell your office if the office is full and then you can even buy the bigger offices. After you have succeeded in your business, you can even unlock different girls at each level of success


You are the CEO of the company. You have to flirt with girls and make more money. Be smart enough to impress the captivating girls and earn money for the company so that you can buy a big office eventually.

Use tactics to get closer to the girl in conversation. You are a CEO, girls will obviously get impressed by you if they’re smart too. The closer the girl gets, the more money you can make for your company.

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