Free Premium Rapidgator Accounts January 24, 2022

Free Premium Rapidgator Accounts:- Are you tired of uploading and downloading files from the web and can’t find a suitable location to host your files? If yes, then you require a tool that can handle your files and videos over the web so that you can share them with friends. With a free premium Rapidgator account, you can do it all.

Rapidgator’s free edition allows you to download files while being bombarded with ads and pop-ups. Furthermore, you will not be able to download several files at the same time using the same Free Rapidgator account. You can upgrade to a premium edition of Rapidgator if you are a user who downloads numerous files at once and despises commercials on your download page. In this guide, we are going to guide you on how to get free premium Rapidgator accounts.

Free Premium Rapidgator Accounts January 24, 2022

Free Premium Rapidgator Accounts
Free Premium Rapidgator accounts 2022

What is Rapidgator

Rapid gator is a file-sharing website that allows users to share their files, documents, videos, and pretty much everything with others. It is a file hosting site but different from other such platforms because it does not need you to do a survey or any other duties. Rapid gator’s bandwidth is also sufficient for downloading several gigabytes of data.

It is a free service that allows you to download and upload files. Rapidgator has a free signup option. To use Rapid gator in order to upload your files, all you need is a Rapidgator account.

Plan of Rapidgator

Following are the subscription plans for Rapidgator.

1. 30-days period

The Rapidgator premium account’s monthly membership is the cheapest of all the other plans. It is available for $14.99. This subscription gives you access to Rapid premium features for 30 days after you sign up. In addition, you get 1 TB of data bandwidth.

2. 60-day period

This is the second tariff plan that Rapidgator premium account holders can choose from. This subscription package is $29.99 for 60 days and costs $29.99.

3. 90-day period

Rapidgator offers a 90-day subscription plan for $39.99. This package allows you to download or upload files at a rate of around 4 TB per month.

4. 180-day subscription

This $69.99 Rapidgator membership package is designed to provide you with an interesting experience of Rapidgator’s efficiency. You receive 6 TB of bandwidth with this membership plan.

5. 360-day subscription

Rapidgator’s yearly subscription package costs $99.99 for each user. This membership package gives you access to the fastest download or upload speeds available with Rapidgator services, with a total capacity of 12 TB.

How To Get Free Premium Rapidgator Accounts

Here are the easy ways to get free accounts for Rapidgator.

Leech Method

The leech method is the easiest way to get a free premium Rapidgator account. Assuming you use the platform is for free, and you can’t download the big-size document right now, then use this procedure to get a free account and download those files.

  • Visit the Premiumleech site.
  • Now, you see the Blank box, copy the link of any Rapidgator available, and paste it in the given field.
  • Then tick the Robots and agreements.
  • After that, you can hit on Generate Premium Link.
  • After that, you have a Rapidgator free account link.

Free Trial Method

To download archives, pictures, videos, and different documents, all you really want is your web connection to be working perfectly fine, which is complete to the point of downloading any information or document from Rapidgator that you need. You can use a free trial method that is active for 30 days, in which you can only get limited access to a few files and limited internet speed.

Simply register on the Rapidgator site and start your free trial. The procedure is:

  • Visit the official Rapidgator site.
  • The following page says to you top off some clear choice, for example, Email ID, re-enter email address Password, Repeat that password or Date of birth too.
  • After entering info, click Create Account button.
  • That’s how you get a free trial account for a month without a subscription.

Deepbird Method

It is a link generator method that you can use to get a RapidGator premium account. It has a lot of elements at a premium level that you can utilize. For that, you should create your account first at Deepbird. Visit its site and then continue with the on-screen instructions.

It is very simple to utilize, as after creating an account, you will get a link that you need to paste on Rapidgator’s main website page. After that, you can easily download your documents and files from it.

Features of Free Rapidgator Accounts

• You get huge storage capacity for a longer period

• No pointless ads that will slow your downloads

• You get every one of the full superior highlights

• No overloading for your document downloads, transfers, or sharing

• Download additional support files that will help your document downloads

• Quickest download speed

• Free downloads for all types of files

• Without any difficulty of access and use

• Transfer and download documents as high as 5 GB

• You can fundamentally deliver your documents and information starting with one spot

• Backs up your documents and files if there is an occurrence of any damage.

• You can recover your files as well


This was a guide on free premium Rapidgator accounts in which we shared some procedures to get free accounts as well as the benefits that you can get from them.


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