Free X Box Accounts July 5, 2022

Free X Box Accounts

X Box is a platform purely designed for gamers, created and managed by Microsoft. X Box offers amazing features to the users in exchange for some amount. There is another way to get free X-Box accounts, which we will discuss in our article.

Free X Box Accounts
Free X Box Accounts

Why do people look for free X Box accounts?

X box offers multiple features for their users for a huge amount. A Free X box account is an alternate source to enjoy the multiple game levels, free of cost. People can also have a free Xbox account using the Microsoft rewards program to earn Microsoft points. X-Box can be shared in partnership in case you want o save money.

How to get free X Box Accounts?

Although you can purchase an Xbox account through direct cash, there are multiple ways to get Xbox free accounts. This article will find two main sources for getting free X-Box accounts.

Signup for 14 day’s free trial:

X-Box game pass, designed by Microsoft, offers a free 14 days trial. You can have access to play free games on your first login. Before expiry, you must cancel it. Otherwise, you will be charged. There are four simple steps to get 14 days of free trial access.

  • Go to the Xbox game pass website.
  • Click join now.
  • Create an account and follow the instructions.
  • You must cancel the pass before the expiry date; otherwise, you must pay.

     2. X Box live Gold subscription codes via Microsoft rewards:

Microsoft rewards program is designed by Microsoft through which you can earn points and redeem them for various prizes. These prizes include free X Box live gold subscriptions. With the Microsoft rewards program, you can also earn Xbox gift cards, which can be used for Xbox live gold subscription.

Taking daily quizzes and polls will give you more points. Microsoft rewards program has designed multiple links for movies, tv shows through which you can earn points for your Xbox gold live subscription.


Free X-Box accounts will allow you to enjoy the game with your friends and family. X-Box has a vast variety of features for its users and active players. In this article, we tried to accumulate the best way to get free X-Box accounts. 


Is X-Box live free now?

Ans: X-Box provides monthly free subscriptions to its users. Most of its feature is free for all the new owners. 

How can I get X Box live accounts?

Ans: You can have X Box live accounts through Microsoft rewards. Also, you can have an x box free account through trial versions. 

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