How To Get Free Skins in Fortnite

How To Get Free Skins in Fortnite?

If you are looking to increase the size of your wardrobe in your favorite Fortnite game, then you are at the right place. You must be wondering how you could do such a thing for free as the skins can be quite expensive. However, there are ways through which you can easily get free Fortnite skins without the need to pay a single penny. 

These amazing Fortnite-free skins are nothing less than a treat. So, this article will cover the two best ways to get Fortnite skins that you can use in the game to make your online gaming experience more fun.

Why Do People Need Fortnite Skins?

The question must come to your mind: Why do people need free Fortnite skins in 2022? To start with, nobody would want to deny a gift. Secondly, getting free skins in Fortnite has its own charm, as nobody would want to miss such an amazing chance.

The skins in Fortnite would greatly improve the size of your Fortnite lobby. You might get some amazing skins, including Venom and the Thanos. Such kind of skins provides you with extra features that you can utilize in the game to improve your online gaming experience. The excitement and thrill would be unmatched with all the new and amazing Fortnite skins in 2022.

How To Get Free Fortnite Skins?

If you are here, you must be searching for how to get free skins in Fortnite ps4. Here are the two amazing and easy ways to get Fortnite skins on PS4 and on any other device you may be using:

Method # 01: Winterfest

Fortnite is considered the most popular online game in the online gaming community. The game has gained such popularity due to its amazing features, including the Winterfest. 

Free stuff is given to players who play over the holiday season, or as Fortnite refers to it, Winterfest.

  • These free skins in Fortnite are given to those who log in once a day to play. Though the players are free to play at any time of the day, the players need to play at least once a day so that they can have a chance to win free Fortnite skins on PS4
  • The more time the players invest in the game during the holiday season, the better are the chances to win amazing prizes. 
  • On average, Winterfest lasts two weeks. This particularly varies, and players should have two weeks in mind. This means that the players have to play for fourteen consecutive days without a break in order to claim free rewards. 
  • Fourteen presents are there to be awarded to the players.  
  • Emotes, for example, can be given as gifts.
  • Free skins in Fortnite with a Christmas theme, Snowmando, Frost Squad, and others are a few examples.

Method # 02: Tournaments:

Fortnite has amassed a huge number of players and fans. This is because of the amazing gaming experience along with the amazing opportunities that the game provides to its players in terms of giving players a chance to win exciting gifts such as free skins in Fortnite. Tournaments are exciting for all players as players can get free rewards, including free Fortnite skins on PS4.

  • Fortnite hosts Tournaments on a regular basis. From time to time, Fortnite organizes Tournaments that make the players go head to head with each other to win some goodies. 
  • All players can participate. This allows for everyone to have a chance at winning free skins in Fortnite
  • If you come inside a certain percentage range for everyone that took part, You will be given early access to cosmetic goods as a reward. Additionally, there will be no cost for this. The gifts can include free skins in Fortnite that you can make use of in order to have heightened abilities inside the game. 
  • Venom, Lachlan, and Thanos are just a few examples of the free skins in Fortnite that you can get if you participate in Tournaments. 
  • Lastly, the rules of the Tournament vary with each tournament. So, players should keep in mind all such rules. 


Getting Fortnite free skins has its perks and benefits. Since you are getting everything for free, the offer is irresistible. Secondly, the free skins in Fortnite would provide you with certain abilities that give you an advantage over other players. 


How To Get Free Skins In Fortnite PS4?

A free Sultura skin was formerly available to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. However, that offer has already expired. But, you can use the methods discussed above to get free skins in Fortnite PS4

How Can I Get Free Fortnite Skin Packs?

There are many ways through which you can get free Fortnite Skin Packs. One of the best methods to get free skins is to take part in in-game competitions, events, tournaments, and Battles passes. 

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