How To Read Messages On Facebook Without Messenger App

Except for one problem, Facebook messages are a terrific method to communicate with your pals. Facebook used to isolate communications from the mobile version of the main Facebook app. You cannot check a new Facebook message while using your phone unless Facebook Messenger is also installed.

That’s not a problem for most people. They have Messenger downloaded and adore it. That implies that for those of us who have
decided not to use or download Messenger, we will lose out on important Facebook messages. However, if you don’t want to use the messenger app to read messages, you will need to find a solution.

How To Read Messages On Facebook Without Messenger App
How To Read Messages On Facebook Without Messenger App

So, this article explores how to read messages on Facebook without Messenger.

How To Read Messages On Facebook Without Messenger App Complete Guide

Facebook messages can no longer be viewed on a mobile device at this time: If you try to access the “messages” area from a mobile browser, the page will request that you download Facebook Messenger, limiting your ability to access the inbox.

You can see that the page promotes installing Facebook Messenger, so you do not have the choice to view your discussions.

Fortunately, a method enables you to see Facebook messages from your device’s browser without downloading Messenger.

You might use Messenger infrequently if you don’t use Facebook much. And You can do so without downloading the messaging app by checking your most recent Facebook messages. You can even reply to your most recent messages, sure. The Facebook app formally offers this choice. However, you must ensure that Messenger is not already installed on your phone to use that option.

  • You must first remove the Messenger App from your phone to see the recent messages option on the Facebook app.
  •  Open the Facebook app after that, and tap the Messages icon where you previously used the Messager App.
  • You will now see a button that says “Get Messager.” However, the “Go to Recent Chats” option can be found below that button. Touch it.
  •  The Facebook chat window will open after this. You may view your most recent talks right here. You may also respond.
  • Tap the settings button > Message Requests to view the Facebook Message requests.
  •  Suppose someone messages you but isn’t on your friend list; it will be visible here in the message request.

You’re mistaken if you believe that the Facebook App allows you to communicate exclusively with those who have recently given you a message. You can quickly view previous chats by searching for your friend’s name on Facebook.

  • A search tool is located above all of the most recent chats.
  •  Search around for the friend you wish to talk to.
  •  When you tap on a profile, the chat box will automatically open. How easy is that, yes?
  •  You can also access a Facebook profile through the Facebook App. Additionally, you will notice the Message option just below the username. Just click that.
  •  Within the Facebook app, a chat box will open immediately. In such cases, viewing Facebook messages without the Messenger app is possible.

How To Read Messages On Facebook Messenger Without Being Seen Chrome?

Some Chrome add-ons from third parties allow you to read Facebook messages secretly without revealing your actions to the sender. Unseen for Facebook Messenger was one of these extensions. Sadly, it doesn’t appear to be operating right now.

You can test out an alternative extension called Social Tools on your PC. The extension blocks delivery receipts for Facebook, Instagram, and other websites. Nevertheless, it is still highly experimental and could fail at any point.

  • Tap Add to Chrome on the extension’s page of the Social Tools, which you can use for reading messages on Facebook Messenger without being seen.
  •  Tap the extension icon in the toolbar after it has been installed.
  •  Once the page has loaded, turn on the option to prevent “Seen” from being sent to others on Facebook and Messenger.
  •  Open Facebook with Chrome immediately and view the messages you want to see without marking them as seen.
  •  You can check the unseen count on the extension page to see how many read receipts have been blocked. However, before depending on it blindly, execute a test.
  •  In addition to Chrome, other Chromium-based browsers like Microsoft Edge and Brave also support extensions.


This was all about how to read messages on the Facebook messenger app without being seen. The article has outlined simple steps which you can use for reading messages on Facebook without using the Facebook preferred application for messages, i.e., Messenger.

You might not have enough storage for installing Messenger, or there could be many other reasons, so the article provides a viable solution. The articles have also outlined the steps for reading messages on Facebook without the other person knowing it.


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