Netflix Thrill Movies Top 10 Thrill Movies July 4, 2022

Have you been looking for Netflix Thrill movies in July 4, 2022? If yes, then we have the information on the best thrill movies to watch this year. Netflix has a huge library for the thriller category but not every Netflix thrill movie is worth watching. This is why we decided to pick up the best 10 movies and list them for you.

Top 10 Thriller Movies List July 4, 2022

Here is the list of the 10 best Netflix Thrill Movies in January 2022

1.Red Notice

Red Notice is currently the most-watched movie on Netflix. It is one of the thriller options you have to watch this year. Starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gaddot, and Ryan Reynolds, you have a complete punch of comedy and thrill in this movie. The movie will keep you engaged about what’s going on and who is taking over whom. A lot of things are uncovered with time while you enjoy a good movie with some good punch lines and a story to watch.

2. Operation Finale

Operation Finale is an interesting movie based on the historical event of a Nazi war criminal, Israeli Mossad Adolf Eichmann, and one of the Holocaust’s key figures. The film is based on a series of historical novels, the most important of which being Israeli officer Peter Malkin’s memoirs, Eichmann in My Hands.

The film starts fifteen years after World War II ends, and in this film, Oscar Isaac plays the owner. To evade prosecution, Eichmann, like several other high-ranking Nazi leaders, went into hiding. When it was revealed that Eichmann was in Argentina, Israeli agents were deployed to prosecute him and smuggle him out of the country.

3. Shutter Island

Shutter Island is a must-watch movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo. In the story, both of them are playing the role of US Marshals who show up on an island to examine a vanishing at a mysterious mental asylum. DiCaprio’s personality around this island in obscurity, uncovering exciting bends in the road will get you all thrilled up. It’s the sort of exceptional spine-chiller you’ll need to observe again when it’s done.


Security is an interesting movie in which a security specialist and his family become embroiled in a terrible web of secrets and lies in a picture-perfect Italian coastal town following the attack of a young woman. Roberto, the protagonist, is the man in charge of the elaborate camera and alarm systems that secure the majority of the gated villas in the resort town of Forte del Marmi.

This gives him access to insider information, which begins to weigh on him and throws his life into disarray.

5.The Guilty

The Guilty is a thriller movie with a twist in which Joe Baylor is a disturbed police investigator tasked with answering 911 calls. He tries to save a kidnapped caller who is in danger but, the day turns out to be filled with shocking truths. The story revolves around saving an unknown person on the phone. At the emergency call center, the entire plot takes place in a single day.

6. The Platform

The Platform is another movie that you must watch. It is a story set within the boundaries of an impossibly tall skyscraper, with the people feasting depending on which floor they are on. A table is loaded down with food and gradually brought down through the structure, each floor in turn, with individuals on top floors enjoying the meal while those far beneath starve to death.

It’s a secret film with a great deal of rush, and many individuals need to bite the dust. Every day, the floor shuffles and no one knows where they are.

7. What Keeps You Alive

What Keeps You Alive is one more film to watch this January. It is an all-around created endurance spine chiller that takes advantage of widespread feelings of dread. At Jackie’s family lodge, Jackie and Jules are praising their wedding commemoration, be that as it may, following an altercation with Jackie’s youth buddy, Jules starts to uncover dim mysteries about her better half’s set of experiences.

It’s not well before she ends up in a critical battle with the lady she vowed to have and hold. The story will put everything in a strained circumstance.

8. The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window is well worth your time if you’re looking for one of Netflix Thriller Movies. It’s about the story of a girl named Anna Fox, who becomes embroiled in a criminal case by an incident. Anna is confined to her home owing to her phobia of being in areas where she can’t get out, so she constantly monitors her new neighbors’ wonderful family, which turns her life upside down.

9. Oxygen

Oxygen tells the narrative of a woman who wakes up in a weird pod. She doesn’t remember anything at all about how she got here in the first place. There is nothing that she knows about how to deal with her oxygen supply, which is rapidly depleting. Aja doesn’t completely abandon her horror touch, and the feelings of fear only serve to further ramp up your adrenaline where the woman has to make an escape.

10. Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game is a narrative about a woman’s almost impossible battle to survive a slow, silent death while also dealing with the pain she’s hidden deep within herself. It’s also totally first-person, taking place inside the thoughts of a woman left shackled to her bed in a rural cabin when her husband passes out during a tryst.

Gerald’s Game is a beautiful film about enduring trauma at its core, but it’s also a terrible survival story with one final scene.


These were the top 10 Netflix thrill movies that you must watch in January 2022. For more, see our FAQ.


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