Xbox Resolver

Xbox Resolver

Xbox Resolver is a service that translates Xbox and PlayStation gamer tags or usernames into a legible IP format. Resolver Xbox, on the other hand, began in 2017 and was distributed under two separate domain names, one for Xbox and the other for PlayStation.

Players themselves save these IP records using an IP puller called Octosniff; therefore reverse lookups weren’t particularly successful at the time.

Those looking for a real-time gamer tag resolver will like this site. This software is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Xbox Resolver’s creators have created a companion app for the Xbox video game. This program can offer access to remote control techniques, Xbox Live community tools, and formality on the second screen.

This program for Windows 10 also has an extra capability. It may be used as a PC game launcher, allowing access to the system’s screen recording features. With over 20 million entries, you are more than likely to use their services and, as a result, be vulnerable to Xbox resolver booter and party kickers.

While many people are against the online service, it is perfectly lawful to list public information. It is the users’ responsibility to ensure that this information is not misused and that they follow the suggested instructions for protecting themselves from such tools and attacks.

There are a lot of things you could do with Xbox resolver, but this guide will mention a few of the most apparent and interesting ones.

xbox resolver

What is Xbox Resolver?

Xbox Resolver is an IP resolver for resolving Xbox Gamer tags and locating gamers’ IP addresses on Xbox Live. It resolves the IP address and translates it to the appropriate gamer tag, as well as the other way around.

This works in the same manner as DNS does, with the internet browser translating each domain’s IP address. In the Xbox resolver, there is a demand for a central database server with access to all Xbox usernames.

 Microsoft, on the other hand, does not enable anyone to access the database’s sensitive information. As a result, certain gamer tags can’t be resolved. They have, however, established their own database containing millions of gamer tags for simple resolution with the aid of two coders.

Benefits of Xbox resolver

There are various advantages to the all-new and improved Xbox resolver application that will likely persuade you to create a place in your smartphone for it. These include:

  • Through this application, they have made it simple for users to view their activity stream.
  • They have made it convenient for their customers by allowing them to socialize and talk with their pals using this program.
  • Users may organize their parties and preserve their Game DVR video.
  • With the help of our Xbox Resolver, browsing One Guide has gotten a lot easier.
  • They’ve simplified the process of using this app as a remote control for consumers.

Features of Xbox

Below are some of the features of Xbox Resolver

1.Resolvers for Gamer tag and PSN Usernames

They have Xbox and PlayStation resolvers available. Gamer tag to IP address resolver is available for Xbox users, whereas Username to IP address resolver is available for PlayStation users. One of the greatest benefits of their resolver is that they have millions of gamer tags& usernames on their database.

2.IP Lookup by Location:

This service allows you access to all of the data associated with an IP address. The IP addresses internet service provider supplies all of the necessary information.

They supply you with this information by using a Premium Service. To locate the relevant information, enter the IP address into the box and click “Lookup.”

3.Logger for IP addresses

You may use IP Logger to build custom URLs that you can send to individuals in order to obtain their IP addresses.

These one-of-a-kind URLs may be used to get your whole IP address, geo IP information, and information about the browser or device. They’re also going to introduce new features that allow you to identify incognito mode.

4.Username Checker for PSN

For PlayStation fans, this new function is a welcome bonus. You can see if a username is accessible with the PlayStation Username Checker.

Allowing you to verify if a username is available immediately before beginning the registration process helps you avoid having to walk back and forth.

5.Storage of IP addresses

This tool will assist you in storing and organizing IP addresses in a secure manner. The saved IPs may then be seen on the same page. Premium users have no limit on the number of IPs they may save, whilst free users have a limit of 25.

Adding Your IP Address to a Blacklist:

Blacklisting is a unique feature that prevents people from using xResolver to resolve gamer tag or Username. Your information will be kept out of their scrapers and databases if you purchase a blacklist.

How to install and download Xbox resolver?

If you are finding the Xbox resolver and want to know about how to install this application on your device you should simply follow the instructions provided in this post:

  • First of all visit official Xbox Resolver website
  • On the right corner you will find the download option
  • Click on the download button and then wait for the downloading
  • After the download is finished, open the file.
  • Wait for the installation to finish after clicking the Install button.
  • After the installation is finished, you may use this program.


What exactly is Xbox Resolver?

Xbox Resolver is a website that converts gamer tags and usernames from Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation into a readable IP format.

Who is the creator of Xbox Resolver?

Octolus Development’s Xbox Resolver is a project of the Octosniff group.

Is Xbox Resolver a legal program?

Although your IP address is public information that can be retrieved by a variety of techniques since it is not private, utilizing an Xbox resolver to negatively damage the user experience of a gaming platform is not legal.

Is it possible for me to unsubscribe from Xbox Resolver?

Yes, you may unsubscribe from Xbox Resolver. To remove yourself from their database, simply go to the blacklist and data removal form.

How can I get IPS on the Xbox and PlayStation?

Pulling IPs is really straightforward, as demonstrated by Xbox Resolver, which allows you to resolve IPs in seconds by simply visiting the website.

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