Does Door Dash Accept PayPal As a Payment Method?

Quick Answer:- No! Door Dash does not accept PayPal as a payment method directly. But you can buy gift card vouchers from PayPal to order Food from Door Dash. People Usually do this because of trust issues. As you know that to buy any item online you have to give your credit card information. And some people don’t show trust in every online website.

That’s why they want to play safe. And for that reason, people use Paypal Gift Card to buy items from anywhere. Paypal is one the biggest payment service company around the world. So people don’t have any issues entering their credit card details on PayPal.

So if you want to know how to buy Gift card vouchers from PayPal and use them on Door dash then read the below section. And if you already know that then you can read our other Door dash articles to improve your knowledge.

Does door dash accept PayPal As a Payment Method?
Does door dash accept PayPal As a Payment Method?

How To Buy Gift Card Vouchers From PayPal?

So if you are buying first-time gift card vouchers for door dash from PayPal. And want to know step by step process of how to buy it. Then you should have to follow all the below steps carefully. Because if you miss any step your gift card won’t buy and you can lose your money. So let’s see how to buy Gift Card Voucher for door dash.

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1. Log into your PayPal account and select ‘Send & Request’ from the menu.

2. Select ‘Gift Cards & Certificates’ from the options provided.

3. Choose ‘Door Dash Gift Card Vouchers’ from the list of available gift cards and vouchers.

4. Enter how much money you would like to load onto the voucher, up to a maximum of $500.

5. Select how you would like to pay for the voucher, either through your PayPal balance or by adding a debit or credit card.

6. You will then be taken to the ‘Review & Send’ page where you can review all the details about the purchase.

7. When you are happy and have double-checked all the details, click ‘Send Now’.

8. You will receive a confirmation email with the gift card voucher code which can be used to redeem at Door Dash.

9. To use your door dash Gift Card Voucher, copy and paste the unique code from your PayPal email into the Door Dash checkout page and click ‘Apply’.

10. Congratulations! You have now successfully bought a Door Dash Gift Card Voucher from PayPal in 10 easy steps.

How To Use Paypal Gift Voucher on Door Dash Payment Page?

Once you buy Door dash Gift Card voucher from PayPal. Now next step is to use it on the door dash payment page. So if you are using a gift card for the first time then check out the below steps to redeem a gift card voucher.

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1. Log into your Door Dash account and select ‘Payment’ from the menu options.

2. Click on ‘Add Payment Method’ and select ‘Gift Card/Voucher’ from the drop-down menu.

3. Enter your Paypal Door Dash Gift Voucher number in the box provided and click “Apply” to add it as a payment method.

4. Select your gift voucher from the payment options when placing an order.

5. Enter the total amount of your order and click ‘Confirm’ to continue with checkout.

6. Input any additional information that is required, such as delivery address and contact details.

7. Review your order summary and click ‘Proceed to Payment’.

8. Enter your gift card details on the provided page and click ‘Continue’.

9. Click ‘Submit Payment’ to complete the purchase using your Paypal Door Dash Gift Voucher on the Door Dash Payment Page.

10. You will receive an order confirmation page and email, along with a receipt for your purchase.


So this is all about does door dash accepts PayPal. I hope you would like this information. After reading this article if you still face any kind of issue. Then you can let us know in the comment section. Or if you want me to add more information about PayPal payment in this article. Let me know your suggestion in the comment box. I will add this to my article. Till then checkout more related article to Door Dash

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