Free Clash of Clans Accounts July 5, 2022

Free Clash of Clans Account

Clash of Clans, also called COC, is one of the well-known and widely played games around the world. This Android game is a strategy game where users have to create their accounts and set up their bases in order to protect them from enemy attackers. Gathering loot and resources is all that matters, and people who want to perform the best in this game are always in search of free Clash of Clans accounts to increase their team strength and win clan wars.

If you want to grow your clan stronger and you need more of the free coc account 2022 then we are going to help you get them. Because there is no such authentic account generator for COC, you can use alternative ways that we have provided in this guide to get your work done in an easy way.

free clash of clans account 2022 July 5, 2022

What is Clash Of Clans

COC is perhaps the most famous game to date, in addition to the tactics and strategies made by Superbowl to make it grow even more year by year. Clash of Clans has now become famous as an allowed-to-play online multiplayer technique game that has surprised the web since its delivery in 2012 for iOS and in 2013 for Android gadgets.

It is perhaps the best game that tests your psychological and key abilities and doesn’t need any dynamic investment. In this game, you need to assemble a town from a little to the bigger and wider base, which is furnished with a few mines to bring in cash. Since your town can be attacked by other looters consequently, you need to safeguard the town by introducing a few defenses.

There are troops and special abilities along with various defenses to set up in your bases to keep your account flourishing with time and gather more resources by attacking enemy bases.

Clash Of Clans Plans and Pricing

Clash of Clans game is a free game for everyone to play. It doesn’t require any money to create an account. You can buy gems via in-app purchases in this game which can cost about $5 to $100. There are no such plans and subscriptions. Everything can be bought from the shop by gathering gems. If you are out of gems, you can make purchases from the game store to get the number of gems you want.

How To Get Free Clash Of Clans Accounts

If you have been confused about how to get free COC accounts to make your clan stronger and take part in clan wars, then you can get free accounts by following ways.

#1Daily Updated free clash of clans accounts

Here I am sharing a daily updated username and password list of free clash of clans accounts. If you don’t find any working account then you don’t need to worry guys. Keep visiting every day guys. You will find all the latest accounts and passwords here.

Account 1Click Here To Access
Account 2Click Here To Access
Account 3Click Here To Access
Account 4Click Here To Access
Account 5Click Here To Access
Account 6Click Here To Access
Account 7Click Here To Access
Account 8Click Here To Access
Account 9Click Here To Access
Account 10Click Here To Access

#2.Default Way

The best method of getting a free account for COC is by starting a new account at the game. The procedure is.

  • Open Play store from your android gadget.
  • Then look for Clash of Clans in its library.
  • Find the real game and Download it.
  • After installation, run COC and then follow the tips and instructions.
  • Use a new Gmail account or Supercell ID each time to get a new account for your team.

#3.Clash of Clans Mod APK (Alternative Method)

There are a few mods available for COC that you can use in order to get more resources for the game. While these mod files are not verified, you must be sure that it is safe, after which you can consider generating free accounts from there. We suggest that you don’t use any such generator or mod as they are all proved to be fake.

#4.Facebook Groups (Alternative Method)

Facebook groups can provide access to the whole COC community, from where you can ask the individuals for a free account. You can get a lot of accounts in this way as there will be a lot of inactive players who are willing to give away their bases. Try connecting to them and get free accounts for your clan.

#5.Youtube Channels (Alternative Method)

By using Youtube channels, you can learn more about getting free accounts. Most of the channels offer free giveaways of COC accounts from which you can search for your ideal selection and claim the account. (Alternative Method) is a source that offers free COC accounts, but it is still not verified, so we suggest you keep a safe side first and then try getting a free account for COC from here. This website platform publishes various free accounts on a daily basis and allows users to get their hands on these accounts. It will all depend on your luck to get a free account.

Features of Clash Of Clans

Coming to the features, COC has a huge list of useful features in the game.

1. Number of Troops

One thing people admire about COC is that there is a good selection of troops army that have different combat styles with special abilities. These troops are useful in different types of battles on the field.

2. Different Defenses

There are different defense types like ground and air defenses. Ground defenses keep off the enemy from entering through the walls, and air defenses ensure that no enemy balloons or dragons enter your base.

3. Clan Wars

Clan Wars is a mega event like a tournament where clans have to battle with other clans to win and share loots and resources. These battles allow you to develop a good strategy and cater more resources for your base.

4. Base Layouts

The game also lets the players create and choose custom base layouts that can be applied on your home base or war base for a better defensive strategy.


This was a guide on how to get free Clash of Clans accounts. We shared various methods for creating or getting new accounts for this game in the discussion.


Can I get a free COC account?

Yes, you can get a free clash of clans to an account by creating a new one using a Gmail account or by using a Supercell ID. You can also consider getting an account from a friend or an old player who is not playing the game anymore.

How To Get Old Clash Of Clans Account

I have shared all methods to get the old clash of clans. You just have to read all these methods. And get an old account instantly.

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