How to Change Your Name on Coin Master?

If you are on this page, you must be looking for how to change your name in the coin master game. Well, guys According to the official of Coin Master support currently there is no direct way to change the name in the coin master game.

So Now you must be thinking what is the best possibility the changing the name in the coin mater game.

How to Change Your Name on Coin Master?

Best Ways to Change To Change the Name

Check out the below-given methods it will help you change your name.

1. Facebook

We all know that to get the benefits of a coin master game like free spin, and free rewards, we need to connect our account to Facebook. And then coin master automatically picks up the username and password of our Facebook account. So you can change your username via Facebook. If you change your username in your Facebook account. It will automatically change to a coin master game as well.

For changing the name on Facebook you can read the article on how to change a username on Facebook. Try this method and let us know in the comment section. Does it work for you or not?

2. Contact Customer Support

If the above method does not work then contact customer support and explain your query to them. They will help you to solve your query.

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