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Hello Guys! Welcome Back to another gaming article on Call of Duty Game. If you have been playing Call of Duty for a while, then you must be familiar with Call of Duty’s Easter eggs. While playing the game, you have seen many easter eggs throughout the map. As gamers, we all know that getting an easter egg is difficult.

For this reason, we will share an article about Rebirth Island Bunker Codes to achieve the easter egg. On This page, we will talk about a brief intro to the Call of Duty game & also discuss rebirth island bunkers.

Later, we will talk about how to get these working Rebirth Island Bunker Codes & how to unlock the entrance of Rebirth Island Bunker.

So without wasting more time let’s get started.

Rebirth Island Bunker Codes

Rebirth Island Bunker Code List

Code 1425
Code 214
Code 3627

Every code section has there different role. Let’s explore one by one. The first 3-digit Code “425 ” is a bunker code. The rest of the code helps Bunker to assemble the complete code. So the find code will be “425-14-627”.

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How to Unlock Rebirth Island Bunker Yellow Entrance

There are 4 steps that you need to unlock the Rebirth Island Bunker Yellow Entrance. And these steps are.

  • The Briefcases
  • The Photographs
  • Assemble the Codes
  • Open The Bunker

We will explain each one below in detail.

The Briefcases

The briefcase is the first clue to Unlock Rebirth Island Bunker Yellow Entrance. But for this, you must have a good team with you. Because 13 Briefcases are waiting for you. And they have set spawns. But you get only one spawn per game. That’s why we are saying you need a good team to spot it.

The Photographs

Once you complete the first step to open the Rebirth Island Bunker Yellow Entrance the next step is the Photographs. Now you will see 3 photographs around the briefcase. You have the hidden clue from these photos. These photos are very important because they are going to guide you to find the codes of Rebirth Island Bunker Codes.

These photos contain the location of the hidden code. So you have to remember these locations if you want to get the code.

Assembling The Codes

Now if you reach the correct location you will these 3 codes.

  • 425
  • 16
  • 627

Now you have to assemble the code in this format xxx-xx-xxx.


So after doing everything you will reach the last step here, you will reach the yellow bunker. If we talk about the location of this bunker then this is located at Headquarters Command Center.

Now You have to enter the Yellow bunker. Here you will find the Red Room Milano 821 Blueprint on the table. Pick this blueprint and add it to your inventory.

Except for this blueprint, you will find more rewards like Killstreak, and bonus perks.

What is Rebirth Island Bunker Codes

Rebirth Island Bunker Codes have become essential to the popular game Call of Duty: Warzone. These codes unlock secret bunkers scattered across the island, giving players access to valuable loot and exclusive areas.

To open these bunkers, players must first obtain a Red Access Card. These cards can be found randomly in loot crates or by completing specific challenges.

If we talk about the Rebirth Island Bunker Codes, they can be accessed by the Secret Code. This code is a combination of 3 individual codes. These codes are given below.


Finally, you have unlocked the Rebirth Island Bunker Yellow Entrance. Now you can go to this bunker as much time as you want and grab all the rewards inside it.

Keep an eye on our website for more tips, tricks, and tutorials related to the Call of Duty game. We hope this article helped you in unlocking the Rebirth Island Bunker Yellow Entrance.

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