YouTube Premium Student Discounts

When you sign up for a YouTube Premium subscription, in addition to other benefits, you get an enhanced video-watching experience and videos that are free of commercials. As a result, people use this service for both their leisure and their educational needs. 

Students, on the other hand, can have some concerns regarding the cost. So our goal in this article is to explore the many offers that YouTube Premium has for educational institutions. We are going to look at the reasons why individuals look for these discounts, as well as what the reader can expect to find out. 

Our research dives deeply into the specifics of the YouTube Premium Student discount to answer whether YouTube Premium has a student discount so that you have all of the information you need to make a smart decision about which option is best for you.

YouTube Premium Student Discounts

How To Get YouTube Premium Student Discounts?

YouTube is seeking to make its streaming service more accessible to educational institutions by providing students with YouTube Premium discounts. In the following part, we will go through two safe ways to get these discounts:

Method 1: Use this technique to establish your identification officially

  • Please visit the YouTube Premium Student Page.
  • Begin by going to the official YouTube Premium for Students page. The proofreading process will be much easier for students with the help of this page, which was created specifically for them.
  • Sign in using Your Student account information.
  • You will be prompted to check in with your student account credentials. This creates a link between the identification method and the institution visited.
  • Enter the information you require. You must include information about your institution, such as its name, location, and kind (university, college, or other).
  • Determine your eligibility. Most of the time, YouTube will employ a third-party identification service to determine whether or not you are a student. It is possible that your school will require you to use a secure and efficient means to verify your enrolment.
  • YouTube Premium discounts may be available. Once your student status has been verified, you will be eligible for a discount on YouTube Premium. This includes ad-free, offline downloadable, and exclusive movies.

Method 2: Use online retailers that provide student discounts

  • Look for trusted websites that provide student discounts. Some websites provide student discounts on services such as YouTube Premium. You can find these websites by performing an online search. Select a website with a good reputation and a track record.
  • Set up a login or account If you already have an account on the app via which you can receive the student discount, you can create a new one or log in to your existing one.
  • To find Student Discounts, use the YouTube Premium Search tool. You may find student discounts on YouTube Premium by using the search box. These could be advertised as discounts for advantageous or fun activities.
  • To earn the discount, you may need to do something somewhat different on each app. If you want to get a lower price, you must strictly follow their directions.
  • Some platforms may need you to produce proof of enrolment before providing you access to their services. It is possible that you will be asked to upload a photo of your student ID or to use an official email account from the university you attend.

What is included in the YouTube Premium Discount Study Edition? 

The YouTube Premium Discount Study Edition has a number of tools that are meant to help students learn more. Subscribers have access to material that doesn’t have ads, so they can learn without being distracted.

Background play lets you do more than one thing at once, and offline downloads let you keep learning even when you can’t connect to the internet.

Students can also look at content that was made just for them. It’s fun and interesting to read this stuff.

This version is made to help students with their schoolwork by making it easier for them to watch without stopping.

Who is Eligible for YouTube Premium Student Discount?

Students attending universities, colleges, and even some secondary schools that the government officially recognizes are eligible for a discount on YouTube Premium.

All students, whether enrolled full- or part-time, are welcome to apply. Because the qualifications for qualifying may vary from one location to the next, it is essential that you find out what the requirements are in your region.

The goal of this program is to provide students with a better viewing experience on YouTube Premium while also lowering the associated cost to them. People who are trying to educate themselves have access to original content that is devoid of ads and any other features that may be there.


Finally, the educational options made available by YouTube Premium Student Discounts are amazing. It serves the demands of the academic community in a variety of ways, including ad-free content, offline watching, and exclusive original programming at a lower price.

Students attending accredited schools can quickly access these materials by completing minimal verification processes. Take advantage of today’s YouTube Premium Student Discounts for distraction-free learning and leisure.


Can students get a discount for YouTube Premium?

Yes, students can get a discount on YouTube Premium by verifying their status as students on YouTube’s website.

How much is YouTube Premium for 1 1-year student?

A year of YouTube Premium for a student is normally less expensive than the regular pricing, however, the actual price may vary based on where you live.

How many devices can a YouTube Premium student have?

Only one student can utilize the special features on one device at a time with a YouTube special student membership. However, up to six names can be added to the subscription in order for it to be used on more than one device.

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