Free Fire Advance Server Codes April 20, 2024

The Free Fire Advance Server is a website where fans of the popular mobile game Free Fire can test new features and updates before their general release. Numerous individuals seek Free Fire Advance Server codes, particularly for the OB40 version. 

Thus, they can gain a competitive advantage and access new content before the general public. People desire OB40 Free Fire Advance Server codes for this reason. This article describes the Free Fire Advance Server and provides information on obtaining it. 

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We will also demonstrate step-by-step how to connect to the server. We looked at official sites, forums, and community conversations to get the most correct and up-to-date information for our study. 

By the conclusion of this article, you will understand how to enter the Free Fire Advance Server using the OB40 version code. This is because we recognize the importance of giving people what they desire.

Free Fire Advance Server Codes

What are Free Fire advance servers?

The people who made Free Fire gave specialized servers called “Start Fire Advance Servers.” They let players try out new features, changes to the game, and content updates before they are released to everyone else. This allows players to try out and rate new game parts, which gives creators helpful information.

You usually need a code from official outlets or events to get into the Advance Server. This unique access lets players see what’s in store for Free Fire in the future, which improves their game experience and gives them an edge over other players.

Free Fire Advance Server OB41 registration codes

Beginning in the second week of October 2023, people can sign up for Free Fire OB41. You have five days to finish the application process. You must enter your Free Fire ID during this time to get your Advance Server Registration Code. Mark your calendars and ensure you can attend the exclusive testing process. After you finish the signup, you will get the Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code, OB-41 APK, and OBB files. You can get to it with or without a VPN.

How to Register & Login for Free Fire Advance Server?

  • Open the Free Fire Advanced Server website on your phone, PC, or tablet. The site is also available at
  •  Choose Facebook or Google on the official website to join up.
  •  Remember to link your Free Fire or Free Fire Max account to the site you join. Link your Gamer ID to social media or platforms (guest login). Link it (guest login) or create a new account.
  •  The website will request your email address after recognizing the account.
  •  To register for Free Fire Advanced Server, click “Login Now” after entering your email address in 
  •  Advanced servers lock without registration codes. Consider it the APK client key.
  •  If everything goes well, the website will authenticate your identity and direct you to the download page. The exact page for the Advanced Server APK client and registration code.

Advantages of Free Fire Advance Server:

  • Early Access: Players get a head start, allowing them to try new content and features before the general public.
  •  Competitive Edge: Early access can give players a competitive advantage as they adapt to new elements ahead of others.
  •  Bug Reporting and Suggestions: Users can report bugs and provide valuable suggestions, contributing to the overall improvement of the game.
  •  Community Bonding: Players who desire to enhance the game come together through this shared experience.
  •  Unique Insight: Playing on the Advance Server offers a unique and exciting peek into the future direction of Free Fire.


People who play Free Fire can check out the Advance Server to find out what new features and changes are coming. On the official website, players can sign up and join in to get early entry to the game. It helps them win the game and lets them tell you how to make it better. But make sure you only get codes from official places. It would help if you didn’t use codes from sites that aren’t real. People playing Free Fire on the Advance Server can have more fun and feel like they are part of a group. 


What’s unique about the free fire advance server?

The Free Fire Advance Server lets players try out new features before they come out to everyone else. This gives players an exclusive look and a chance to provide helpful feedback.

Should you use a VPN to download the free Fire Advance server? 

It’s not a good idea to use a VPN. It could mess up your account or limit your access. Downloads should only come from official sources.

What are the chances of getting the activation code?

What Garena says publicly is what you need to do to get an activation code. Check their public sources for news because you can only get a certain amount.

Weaknesses of the free Fire Advance server 

That’s why the computer might have bugs or other issues every once in a while. Some people may have trouble getting in because you can’t let everyone in.

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