Free Roblox Outfits List For Boys & Girls July 20, 2024

With more than 40 million users playing games on Roblox each month, it is the biggest social gaming platform. With tons of users using the platform for playing many games, many users also search for free goodies such as free Roblox outfits to look like a pro player in the Roblox game. 

You may construct and customize a home in other well-known role-playing games like Welcome to Bloxburg and Adopt Me!, just as in The Sims series. Roblox games are exciting, and you can increase the excitement by using the free Roblox outfit ideas that have been mentioned in this article. 

Free Roblox Outfits
Free Roblox Outfits

What Are Roblox Outfits?

Players in Roblox are given complete creative freedom when dressing up their characters. And dedicated Roblox gamers give their characters’ appearance a lot of consideration. The looks of your avatar are crucial for any gamer because they represent you and your style in the game, and that is why avatars need to look cool and trendy.

These are called the Roblox outfits, which you can use to give your characters a unique new look. 

Outfits eliminate limitations from real life and allow players complete creative control over every piece of apparel – from wings to tutus and from halos to tutus.

Why do Gamers Need These Outfits?

By purchasing things from the Avatar Shop, Roblox users may customize their avatars’ looks. With the correct equipment, players may even create a less boxy appearance. Get your credit cards ready if you want to appear dapper since, like other games, the nicer stuff will cost you some of your hard-earned money.

This is why gamers need Roblox outfits so that they can improve their gaming experience with much fun and excitement by making their avatar look cool. 

Free Roblox Outfits Ideas:

Usually, there are only a certain number of Robux, or game currency, available when you first sign up for an account on Roblox. Many gamers are unable to pay the pricey game coins.

There are excellent free clothes available in Roblox that you may wear even if you don’t have enough Robux to pay.

Both sexes can wear these costumes, which are made up of complementary apparel and accessories.

Even without spending a penny, you can put together a respectable look with some of the free apparel and accessories. They are necessary, particularly if you wish to personalize your avatar.

For instance, you have to purchase the listed items from the Avatar store if you desire them. Go to “View All Items” in the Avatar Shop and look for the required attire. Once you click “Get,” you have it.

Free Roblox Outfits Boy:

The top free Roblox clothing ideas for boys are provided in the list below, which you can use for your avatar to look cool.


  • This outfit contains Black Jeans along with Spiked Hair having Blonde color.
  • Furthermore, use John’s Face.
  • Additionally, add ROBLOX Jacket and Stylish Aviators. 

Drop Dead Tedd

  • You will have to use Black Jeans With White Shoes, along with White Denim Jacket. 
  • Furthermore, you will have to use Golden Headphones – KSI along with NeoClassic C v2(Left Arm) and NeoClassic C v2(Right Arm).
  • Additionally, use Roblox Shirt with a simple pattern along with Royal Blood Beanie.
  • A Scatman Johns Vest would look with Silly Fun.
  • Squad Ghouls: Drop Dead Tedd (hair and sunglasses only)

White Trench Coat

  • A cool new idea consists of Black Jeans With White Shoes along with Free Brown Hair.
  • It also contains a Roblox Shirt with a Simple Pattern, Silly Fun, and a White Trench Coat. 

Bandito Army Jacket

  • This fun new idea consists of a Bandito Army Jacket with Twenty-One Pilots along with Free Black Jeans. 
  • You will also have to add Brown Charmer Hair, a Man Face, and a Zip Hoodie in Orange color. 

You must use the Avatar Editor to make your character’s width smaller in order to wear this outfit. Set the “Width” to 80% by selecting “Body,” then “Scale.”

You can select a different face, such as “Silly Fun,” if you enjoy the “Man Face.”

Free Roblox Outfits Girl

Here is a list of all the free Roblox Outfits for girls that you can use to make your avatars more pretty:

Tie-Front Top:

  • Free Roblox Outfit girl consists of Jean Shorts, Silly fun, and Straight Hair in Blonde color. 
  • Lastly, you will have to use a white Tie-Front Top to complete this outfit. 

Beautiful You:

  • Add the free Beautiful You Jeans to the amazing outfit along with a Black Ponytail.
  • A Roblox Baseball Cap, Silly Fun would look just fine to complete this outfit. 

You must use the Avatar Editor to make your character’s width smaller in order to wear this outfit. Set the “Width” to 70% by going to “Body,” then “Scale.”

Knit Sweater:

  • Add free Jean Shorts along with Knit Sweater in Beige color, Silly fun, and also use Straight hair in Blonde color.

You may also utilize the free knit sweater in either black or grey.

Sleepy Pajamas:

  • For this outfit, you will have to use Black Ponytail, Silly Fun, along with Sleepy Pajama Pants and ZZZ Headband(Zara Larsson. 

If you like this particular free Roblox outfit, then you will need to do an extra step while searching, and that is to add an extra word free at the start or end of “Sleepy Pajama Pants” and “Sleepy Pajama Top” so as to access this outfit without having any trouble. 

Roblox Girl:

  • For this cool outfit, you will have to use Pastel Starburst Top with Gray Jacket, along with Roblox Girl, Silly Fun. 

You will have to add an extra word free to the end of “Sleepy Pajama Top” when you are searching for this cool Roblox outfit for a girl, or you can also search for “Pastel Starburst Top” and “Jean Shorts” bottom so that you can locate and find the Pastel Starburst Top with Gray Jacket combination and finally you can complete this outfit for your avatar. 

Drippy Free Roblox Outfits:

The products on the above list are available in the Avatar Shop. Add “Free” to an item if it seems to be missing, then search for it. 

However, if you have already added any objects to your inventory, you might not be able to add them. To make sure the item of clothing or accessory hasn’t already been added, check your inventory.

The Avatar Editor allows you to modify the width of a character’s body.


In this article, you have learned about many new ideas for free Roblox outfits, which you can use to make your avatar unique in an exceptional way. Furthermore, many new ideas for Roblox outfits for boys and girls have been listed, which you can use completely for free without having to worry about any Robux. 

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