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What is Blox Fruits Game?

Blox Fruits is one of the most popular Roblox games which is based on the popular anime web series “One Piece”. If you have watched the “Once Piece” web series then you all have seen there are many pirates who are on a mission to find the treasure. Some pirates also ate special fruit which gave him super power like slicing entire bodies in different parts or stretching body power. So similar to this web series in the Blox Fruits game players look for mysterious fruits and eat them to get supernatural powers in the game.

When you eat these fruits in exchange for these super power you also have to lose your 1 ability which is considered as your weakness. Like you will die if you stay in the water for so long.

So now you must be thinking about who to know which fruit has which power and which weakness comes with it. Friends you don’t need to worry about this. Here you will get all the information about all fruits, the Blox fruit map, their accessories, codes, swords, guns, and the latest updates related to the Blox Fruit Game.

Game NameBlox Fruits
Parent GameRoblox
Check Latest CodesBlox Fruits Codes
Publishing Date16 January 2019
GameLatest Update VersionUpdate 21
Live Users19,920 

What is the Objective of the Blox Fruit Game?

Blox Fruit is an adventure game and in this game, your journey starts with a special island where you fight with some funny bandits to become stronger. Eventually, you discover some fruits that give you super power. These powers can turn you into anything like Rubber Man or controlling minds like a Buddha. The main goal of this game is to become a super stronger fighter by mastering your fruits’s moves and practicing Soward skills.

So Once you complete the level and jump to the next level, the Blox fruit’s world becomes bigger. You have to sail through the seas and explore a new island and you will face many challenges and bosses of the new island. Now you have to decide whether you want to help friendly Marines or become a fierce Pirate. You can team up with friends, fight together, or even have exciting battles against other players!

But wait here guy this game is not only about just completing levels. Your ultimate goal should be to become a pirate legend and for that, you will have to search for rare weapons and fruits, unlock their hidden power, and defeat the stronger bosses of the island. You have to show off your skills in PvP duels or lead your pirate crew to victory.

So the adventure of this game never stops. There are many secret raids, hidden dungeons, and many more giant bosses of other islands waiting for you. So, grab your fruit, lift your sword, and set sail for your pirate destiny.