How To Get Gold Cards In Coin Master?

If there is anything better than grabbing cards on Coin Master, then it is probably getting the hold of a Gold Card! Getting Gold Cards in the game is considered quite a steal because they are extremely rare to find. Obtaining gold and magical cards is only possible when you are on a higher level in the game.

Procuring gold cards might be harder but the rewards their albums hold are always worth it. In this post, we will walk you through the 3 easiest and most reliable methods to get yourself some of those Gold Cards.

How To Get Gold Cards In Coin Master?

3 Best Ways To Get Gold Cards

Gold Cards are symbolic of a higher level status in Coin Master. As you progress in the game, these collectible items will come more naturally to you. However, you can never have enough Gold cards. And so, we have brought you the top 3 methods to obtain them without much hassle.

1. The Good Old Game Shop

The most simplest and straightforward way to get yourself Coin Master Gold Cards is by visiting the in-game shop. Now you have two options, you can either purchase Golden Chest by spending real money or by in-game currency coins. Keep in mind, that golden chests are more expensive than regular wooden chests. The process to get gold cards through the game shop is quite simple:

  • Open the game app of Coin Master.
  • Click on the game shop icon.
gold cards 1
  • Buy the Golden Chest with gold coins/money.

#Tip: Visit the shop regularly, the rates of chests keep on changing so grab a sweet deal.

2. Golden Trade Event

You cannot trade Gold Cards through regular trading methods. To exchange your Gold Cards with your friends you have to wait for Golden Trade Event. The guidelines for these events vary each time. These events give you a list of specific gold cards that are available for trading. All you need to do is:

  • Wait for the arrival of a Golden Trade Event.
  • Ask for the golden cards you are missing from your album collections.
gold card tread event
  • Help out your friends/ other coin master players by sending them a spare Gold Card you have.

#Tip: Stay active on Coin Master’s Facebook Community Group to be updated on the latest card events.

3. Get Chests in All Villages

Even though getting gold cards is extremely rare during the initial stages of Coin Mater, it is a good practice to buy chests in all villages. Doing this gives you a lot of spare cards which can be exchanged for chests later (75 Cards equals 1 chest). This also improves your album collection and takes you closer to getting more gold cards in the future. Follow these steps to buy chests in each village:

  • Visit the in-game shop.
  • Check for active deals every day.

 #Tip: Invest your spare coins in treasure chests rather than spins or coins. This will help you complete your album collection sooner and get better rewards in the long run.


This brings you to the end of the post on how to collect Gold Cards in Coin Master. Now you know how rare it is to get these cards in the game. We have also briefed you on the most reliable methods to collect them: by golden trade events, buying at the shop, and by buying chests in all villages.


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