How Many Levels Are On Coin Master?

Coin Master has got a special place in the hearts of millions of players today. If you are a frequent player at Coin Master, one question that might have come to your mind is, how many levels are on Coin Master? Before getting to this topic, you should know that Coin Master can be divided into two types of levels depending on the difficulty. These are – Easy levels and difficult levels.

To level up in the game, you will need to upgrade your village locations by visiting the Village Shop. You can do this upgradation by spending game coins. And to win coins you can use our Free spin coin method. Once you have maxed up your village stats you will proceed to the next level. In simple words, each village signifies a level in Game Master. In this post, we will walk you through the different types of levels of Coin Master and how to race through them with our special tips.

How Many Levels Are On Coin Master?

How Many Levels Are On Coin Master?

According to the latest information available about Coin Master, there are a total of 516 levels in the game (November 2023). Each level will come across as a village with a special theme. While there is no easy or difficult game mode in the game, leveling up in Coin Master gets difficult after you reach higher levels. When this happens, even after spending all your coins you will find yourself stuck in the same level for a long time. 

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Easy Levels on Coin Master

The ease of leveling up on Coin Master depends on your skills and your understanding of the game. While the graph of game difficulty is quite stable, it is a fact that the starting levels of Coin Master are easier to upgrade. If we speak on a general term, you will find the game progression quite smooth until level 198: Athletics. You can upgrade the first 198 villages by spending less than 100 billion game coins on each level. 

The first village in the game is called Land of Vikings and can be upgraded by spending only 3.1 million game coins. The 198 village level can be aced by spending about 98 million coins.

Difficult Levels on Coin Master

You will sense a noticeable difficulty in leveling up in the game after you have moved passed 198 level. This is because the coins requirement past this stage rises above 100 billion, which is difficult to keep up with. The constant battle raids and attacks from fellow players can take a toll on your coins and result in slower game progression from here on.

You will be required to spend a total of about 101 billion game coins to move past the 199 Level: Burglar. The resource requirement only increases from here. Level 361: Garden Maze crosses the mark of 10 trillion coins requirement.

Best Tips to Complete Level in Coin Master

You can keep up with the increasing coin demand from the higher levels in the game. All you need to do is follow these simple tips:

  1. Instead of saving your game coins for later use, spend them immediately to upgrade your village. This will save your resources from enemy raids and attacks.
  2. Play Game events to earn gold coins.
  3. Complete albums to unlock special rewards.
  4. Keep your village shielded to avoid damage to your village or you will need to upgrade that location again.
  5. Attack friends or other players by using 2x or 3x multiplayer to gain more gold coins.
  6. Play the game regularly to collect more resources.
  7. Invite your Facebook friends to earn game progression rewards.


This marks the end of our post on different levels on Coin Master. Now you know about how the difficulty rises in the game as you enter higher village levels. This post even provided you with the 7 most reliable tricks that will help you level up faster in the game.


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