How To Get New Cards on Coin Master?

Coin Master has been hovering over the top of the casual mobile gaming genre for a while now. The ease of playing, satisfying rewards, and the chance of looting your friends have made Coin Master a fun crusade for all. One important way to progress in the game is by collecting cards. These game cards fit into albums to give you huge game rewards. 

Coin Master normally rewards you with new cards as you level up your village. However, if you are wondering how to get new cards on Coin Master? Then this post will unravel the different ways of unlocking new cards for you, let’s go!

How To Get New Cards on Coin Master?

Best Ways To Get New Cards

Coin Master gifts you treasure chests as game progression rewards, these treasure chests generally include new cards according to your level in the game. While this is the most basic method of gaining cards on Coin Master, there are some more solid tricks to get you an impressive bundle of cards

1. Buy Treasure Chests

One of the most promising ways to get your hands on New Cards on Coin Master is by buying chests through the in-game shop. You can easily get sweet deals if you check the game shop regularly. You don’t even have to spend real cash to buy these chests, you can buy them using game coins as well. All you need to do is:

  • Open the game app and click on the game shop icon
  • Select a treasure chest of your choice (Wooden/ Gold/ Magical) and purchase it by spending game coins

#Tip: You should try to collect as many treasure chests as you can since the beginning, you can always exchange them later.

2. Card Trading

One added perk that Coin Master has given us over the years is the option to trade our cards with friends. This feature has made completing albums so much easier, especially when there is only one last card left to complete the collection. This method gives us the convenience of choosing the card we want to receive. This is how to trade cards in the game:

  • Open Coin Master Mobile game
  • On the bottom left of your screen, you will find a card with a crown symbol on it.
  • Click on it and you will find all your card collections here.
  • Click on an excess card you want to share with your friend and select the friend.
  • Similarly, if you want to receive a card, click on the empty slot of that card and click on Ask.

#Tip: You can easily trade cards and make new Coin Master Friends through the Coin Master Trading Group on Facebook.

3. Game Event

Another easy steal to get new cards on Coin Master without opening your wallet is by regularly participating in the game events. These events have amazing rewards including gold, free spins, and new cards for you. Just Simply:

  • Open Coin Master, and check for any new game events such as Cards Boom Event by checking the game icons on both sides of the screen.
  • Click on the game event and play to win rare cards.

#Tip: Try to play the game regularly so you don’t miss a card event.


Now you know what significance Coin Master cards hold in leveling up in the game. There are various methods to procure these cards. Buying Treasure chests from the game shop, trading cards with friends and the Facebook community, and participating in the game events are the most reliable methods to get Coin Master Cards.


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