The Best Ways and Methods to Upgrade Your Hero to Final Fantasy 14

ffxiv boost, that is, the choice and development of your hero, is an important stage in any MMO RPG, including Final Fantasy.

You will choose your class and race and begin your development path, starting with the training system and the first levels.

Leveling up will allow you to gain more skills and strengthen your attacking or defensive potential for more comfortable and correct gameplay to enjoy all the game mechanics on the project.

The Best Ways and Methods to Upgrade Your Hero to Final Fantasy 14

Quests and tasks

Large MMO RPGs are built on a system of quests and tasks. Such mechanics allow players to level up faster and earn gold and valuable items.

Developers love the quest system and often rely on it in their projects because this way they can easily tell players the main storyline and gradually teach you game mechanics and features that will be useful for understanding the gameplay and methods of boosting in Final Fantasy 14.

Story quests in Final Fantasy are large tasks that are closely related and tell the main story of the FF world, which is familiar to many players who have become acquainted with it since the release of the project on consoles.

According to the developers, it will take at least 100 hours of real-time to complete the storyline alone.

You will participate directly in all videos and events in the form of an avatar of the created character, which, according to game developers, will create the effect of presence and influence on the gameplay.

Story quests are long and valuable assignments and their rewards are specified in the quest itself upon acceptance, and you can assess the scale of benefit and progress for your hero.

In addition to the main quests, there are also secondary ones, of which there are a lot throughout the continental Final Fantasy, and they can and should be viewed to understand the location of completion and the value of the rewards offered.

Ideally, if you find all the tasks that can be completed in one location with the story assignment, then you will get the maximum FF 14 boost and gil that you can get.

The main disadvantage of any quest system is the accelerated pace of character development, but often to the detriment of the accumulation of resources, money, and valuable items, which prepares the player for high levels, but complicates the gameplay at these levels without proper equipment.

Just keep in mind that for your hero equipment, you will have to think independently and squeeze out maximum resources. You will gain experience without any problems and its pace will directly depend on your efforts, but gil and other resources will have to be obtained with extra effort.


This is a leveling format in which you ignore or combine quest tasks with regular hunting to not only speed up your boost to Final Fantasy 14 but also receive a large increase in resources and prepare for high level.

It will be better if you still collect as many quests as possible for the selected location and complete them before continuing your grind.

Just keep attacking monsters and gaining experience and various valuable rewards until your inventory is filled, or your enemies outgrow their level.

Group grinding is also effective despite established stereotypes, provided a stable fighting group exists.

If you have a tank, buffer, and healer, then you can hunt large groups of enemies and destroy them quickly, which will bring significantly more FFXIV boost, simply due to tempo. Although experience and guilt are shared by everyone, you will kill so many monsters that you simply physically can not destroy alone.


One of the most interesting ways to get valuable equipment and weapons, as well as experience, is to go on raids.

Raids are a type of activity that is very popular in MMO RPGs, and Final Fantasy is no exception.

You enter a dangerous dungeon as part of a group and will fight against local monsters and the head of the dungeon called the boss.

This is a buffed enemy that will deal heavy damage and have a lot of health and armor.

You have to meet the level and equipment requirements just to enter the raid, and in the zone itself, you need to give your best and have a properly selected squad, which will include a tank to hold back strong enemies, a healer, and a buffer, as well as attacking heroes with stable physical and magical damage.

The boss will not just stand around and wait for his health to be reset to 0.

He will attack you with regular attacks and special skills, which each chapter of the dungeon has its own.

If you cope with all the challenges and continue to deal damage consistently, then after death, the boss will drop a random reward from its drop list.

Often these are weapons and armor of a higher level than the raid itself, to give you the potential to grow and enter more difficult dungeons.

In addition to all the rewards, you will also receive a lot of experience, which will be fairly divided among all raid participants.

Each raid is unique in its own way and has three types of difficulty, which open gradually as you complete each of them.

You’ll start with a basic format that won’t be difficult, but rather just require an adequately formed squad.

You will only learn the basic specifics and special attacks that you better watch out for.

For winning such a raid, you will receive equipment and weapons that are suitable in strength for the next difficulty level – heroic.

The format will not change much, rather the boss will be more durable and attack harder – difficulties will begin when you open access to the Mythic raid format.

Mythic raid difficulty is the most difficult and rewarding type of dungeon.

It is difficult because it will require more players to enter, and the boss will use his unique skills much more often and will not warn about their use in any way.

All players must maintain concentration until the very last hit, otherwise they may fail at the most unexpected moment.

As a reward, a large amount of armor and weapons of the legendary level are often knocked out and FF 14 boosting is provided with a very high rate.

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