Mobile Legends Redeem Codes September 28, 2023

No wonder free things always attract us – be it as a redeem code of Mobile Legend or anything else. So if you are looking for free Mobile Legend redeem codes, you have reached the right place. 

Mobile Legend, aka Mobile Legend: Bang Bang, is one of the popular games with over 500 million downloads only in the Play Store alone. 

The game is designed for mobile, as its name suggests. 

However, you can play on Windows as well. Generally, Mobile Legend is free to play; purchasing powerful characters and eye-catching skin requires money, which is impossible for every gamer. 

Thus, redeem codes help to buy premium things without spending money on them. However, all accessible emotes, guns, and accessories are attractive. So if you want to, read the wholesome content patiently and without hesitation.

Mobile Legends Redeem Codes
Mobile Legends Redeem Codes

What is Mobile Legends Game?

Mobile Legends Game is an online multiplayer battle arena mobile game developed and published by Shanghai Moonton Technology. It was released in 2016 for Android and iOS devices. Players take control of a hero character, similar to those found in traditional MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas).

They fight against the enemy team on a three-lane battlefield, using their hero’s abilities and working with teammates to complete objectives and defeat the enemy team.

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The goal is for teams to build enough strength to destroy the enemy’s base before they can do the same. Mobile Legends Game offers an array of unique heroes with different skills for players to choose from, allowing them to create effective strategies for battle. The Game also features a “dual-lane” mode and strategic AI to keep the action engaging even when playing solo.

Game NameMobile Legends
Release Year2016
Working Codes Update DateSeptember 28, 2023
RewardsDiamonds & jewels
Official SiteMobile Legends

Mobile Legends Redeem Code March 2023

Time to get out of the bush and focus on the main point. Yes, I am talking about mobile legends code exchange. Here are the list codes you use to buy various characters and skins.

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All shared codes will not provide the same thing. Many codes contain 500 diamonds, and many others 1000 diamonds. You will also get a premium to summon scrolls. Along with that, different types of gems are also available in redeem codes.

However, many codes that other users have used won’t work properly. Try another one before it expires soon. So hurry up to get your ml adventure codes for 100 free summons.

EAKSUY2228CRedeem cd key and get free 300 Diamonds (New Code)
GU4PRSRedeem cd key and get free 1000 Diamonds
Z9D9A622288Redeem cd key and get free Summon Scrolls and 500 Advance Essence
K54G8BRedeem cd key and get free 500 Diamonds
PTFCPC22289Redeem cd key and get free 500 Diamonds
XMASFUN689Redeem cd key and get 20 Premium Summon Scrolls
MBZHQ5Redeem Mobile Legends Adventure Codes and get 1000 Diamonds
HJPHU222277Redeem cd key ml and get free 500 Diamonds
CUNZJZ22274Redeem Mobile Legends Adventure Codes for 500 Advance Essence
TNEEY822275Redeem Mobile Legends Adventure Codes and get free 500 Diamonds
6OQGJ7Redeem Mobile Legends Adventure Codes and get free 500 Diamonds
8TKYE8Redeem Mobile Legends Adventure Codes and get free 500 Diamonds
SZYP34Redeem Mobile Legends Adventure Codes and get free 1000 Diamonds
DPW4TBRedeem cd key codes for mobile legends adventure and get 500 Diamonds
CGUNBA22264Redeem ml adventure mirage codes and get 1000 Diamonds
BFU77C22263Redeem mla adventure cd key and get 500 Diamonds
5TS2JD22262Redeem mla code du mirage and get 500 Diamonds
KB7LF7Redeem mobile legends adventure gift code and get 500 Diamonds
TB8VUARedeem Mobile Legends Adventure Codes and get mobile legends 100 free summons
DKMEQF2225WRedeem Mobile Legends Adventure Codes and get free 500+ Diamonds

How to Redeem Mobile Legends?

Even after getting codes, many gamers failed to redeem them. It won’t happen again because we don’t know how to redeem mobile legends redeem code 2023. This is the process that you need to follow.

1. First of all, open the game and copy your game ID from the profile section.

2. Launch any web browser on your preferred device, and visit the Mobile legend code exchange.

3. Now put your game ID and redemption code. Then click on the send verification code.

4. Next, open the game and go to the mailbox, and copy the verification code.

5. Thereafter, go to the website and submit the code to redeem the code successfully.

How to Use Mobile Legends Redeem Code?

Using Mobile Legends Redeem Codes is a great way to get rewards and bonuses in the game. Here are 10 easy steps to use your redemption code:

1. Open the Mobile Legends app.

2. Go to Settings on the top right side of the screen.

3. Select “Redeem” from the list.

4. Enter your redemption code in the given field.

5. Click “Redeem” to confirm your code and get your rewards!

6. You can view your reward in the “Inventory” tab after redemption is successful.

7. The rewards will be sent directly to your in-account.

8., you can also use your to redeem rewards from the “” tab on the main menu

9. Make sure to put any expiry dates to your rewards before redemption.

10. Enjoy your rewards have a great time playing Legends!


This is how Mobile Legends redeem codes work. After successful redemption, your reward will appear on your profile. With rewards, you are good to go with many heroic characters, skins, guns, and other stuff. If you need any help, let us know in the comment section.


How do I get an MLBB to redeem the code?

To redeem a code within Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, players need to open the game, head to the “Store” tab, select “Redeem” and enter their code. Depending on the type of code, players may receive rewards such as diamonds or skins in the game.

Players should make sure to enter the code correctly and that it is not yet expired before clicking “Redeem”. If successful, players will receive a confirmation message and the rewards should show up in their accounts. Redeeming codes is quick, easy, and free!

Are there codes for Mobile Legends?

Yes, there are codes for Mobile Legends. These codes can be found online and are used to redeem rewards such as skins and heroes. Some codes are limited-time offers and can be used to gain reward points or special in-game currency. Codes for Mobile Legends may also be found on official social media accounts and websites associated with the game.

How to get free diamonds in ml?

There are several ways to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends (ML). One way is by leveling up your account. Every time you level up, you will receive some diamonds. You can also complete in-game missions and daily login rewards, which often offer free diamonds as a reward.

Finally, you can purchase special diamond packages in the game shop to get more free diamonds. All these methods offer a great way to get free diamonds in ML.

Can I sell Hero in Mobile Legends?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to sell Heroes in Mobile Legends. Players are only able to purchase Heroes using in-game currency or through special promotions. If you don’t have enough money for a Hero, there are several ways to earn in-game currency, such as playing battles, completing tasks, and participating in events. Additionally, players can also obtain Heroes for free through various missions or login rewards.

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