Best Ways To Get Youtube Premium Redeem Code Free September 28, 2023

Let’s admit it; YouTube is the most popular streaming service platform owned by tech giant Google. According to stats, over 2.6 billion people use YouTube as a mainstream media to watch songs, movies, web series, shows, info content, news, and many more.

It does not end here; it has more than 50 million premium subscribers across the globe. So you can assume the number. However, Youtube is generally free, but you have to deal with many ads.

While YouTube Premium is ad-free, it can provide a seamless experience without interruption. Moreover, you can access YouTube’s original content. Even you can save videos in high resolution for the further watch.

Overall, YouTube Premium is a worthy service, it costs around $22 monthly, but the cost varies from country to country. But if you want YouTube Premium to redeem codes, we have you covered here.

Youtube Premium Redeem Code Today Free Flipkart May 2023

YouTube Premium Redeem Codes
YouTube Premium Redeem Codes

What is Youtube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a subscription-based service that gives users access to ad-free videos, exclusive content, features, and the ability to download videos for offline viewing. It is an affordable way to enjoy the highest quality of entertainment on YouTube, with all ads removed from what you watch. With YouTube Premium, you can save what you like for later, watch what you want without interruption or disruption from ads, and take your favorite videos wherever you go.

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You also get exclusive access to features such as YouTube Originals, background play capabilities, and the ability to play audio-only when you’re on the go. With a subscription to YouTube Premium, users have access to all of these great perks and more.

With no ads, you can enjoy your favorite videos without any distraction or disruption, making it a better option than the free version of YouTube. It is the ultimate way to get the most out of what YouTube offers. Enjoy an uninterrupted experience today with YouTube Premium!

How to Get Redeem Code For Redeem YouTube Premium from Flipkart

Flipkart is one of the leading e-com brands in India. On Flipkart, you can find various products, from electronic products to groceries and all home appliances. 

With times and trends, Flipkart has added more features and services. Giving YouTube premium is one of them. So here is the tutorial on redeeming YouTube Premium from Flipkart.

  1. Open the Flipkart mobile app, and click on the Super coin.
  2.  You will see the exclusive reward offers and now click on YouTube Premium.
  3.  Next, click on Get using the super coin, and click Yes and continue.
  4.  You will get your redeem code; tap it to copy the code.
  5.  Now visit YouTube, redeem, and paste the code. And then hit the next
  6.  Boom, you have successfully redeemed YouTube Premium.

How to Get Redeem Code For YouTube Premium from Google Pay?

Google Pay is another way to get YouTube premium codes for free. But it would be best if you were fortunate enough to get YouTube Premium codes. Suppose you have one redemption code but don’t know how to use it. Here is the process to get YouTube Premium using Google Pay.

1. Open Google Pay mobile app on your mobile, and click on the Reward button.

youtube premium gpay1

2. Then, select the YouTube premium gift card, and copy the redemption code.

3. Now click on the Redeem button, and it will redirect you to the YouTube premium redemption page.

4. Next, paste the copied code, and click on the next. Now you are good to go with YouTube Premium.

How Do You Redeem 4 Months of Free YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is an amazing subscription service that allows users to watch ad-free videos and access other exclusive content. For a limited time, YouTube is offering four months of free YouTube Premium for new customers. Here’s how to redeem the offer in 10 easy steps:

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1. Go to and click the “Start Your 4 Month Free Trial” button.

2. Enter your Google account information and click “Sign Up”.

3. Select the “Monthly Plan” subscription option and click “Continue”.

4. Enter your payment information, agree to the terms of service, and click “Agree & Start Membership”.

5. Check the box to confirm that you understand the offer and then click “Start Free Trial”.

6. A confirmation page will appear, with a countdown timer indicating when trial period begins.

7. You can also view your subscription details in the YouTube app or on the website by signing into your account and selecting “Your Channel” from the navigation menu.

8. From there, you can view and manage your subscriptions by clicking “Manage Subscription”.

9. Once the trial period is over, YouTube will automatically charge your payment method for the subscription fee unless you cancel before the end of the trial period.

10. Enjoy four months of ad-free viewing and exclusive content with YouTube Premium! Now you know how to redeem the offer of four months of free YouTube Premium. Go on, give it a try!

How Do You Redeem the Free YouTube Premium That Came With an S22 Preorder?

Do you own an S22? If so, you may have been eligible for a free YouTube Premium subscription when you preordered it. Redeeming this offer is easy and can be done in 10 simple steps.

Step 1: Log into the Samsung Members app on your device with your Samsung account information.

Step 2: Navigate to the “My Offers” tab.

Step 3: Scroll down to locate the YouTube Premium offer and click on it.

Step 4: Read the terms and conditions associated with redeeming the offer carefully.

Step 5: Enter your YouTube account details in order to link them with your Samsung account.

Step 6: You may be prompted to sign into your YouTube account in order to proceed.

Step 7: Once your accounts are linked, you will receive a verification code via email that must be entered into the app in order to proceed.

Step 8: Enter the verification code and then click the “Redeem” button.

Step 9: Once you have successfully redeemed the offer, you will receive a confirmation email from YouTube.

Step 10: Congrats! You can now begin enjoying your free subscription to YouTube Premium.

By following these easy steps, you can redeem the free YouTube Premium that came with your S22 Preorder. Enjoy!

How Do You Redeem the Free YouTube and Spotify Premium From the Fondle 3?

The Fondle 3 is the latest in streaming media devices and it comes with a free subscription to YouTube and Spotify Premium. The good news is that redeeming this free subscription is a relatively simple process, as long as you know the right steps to take. Here are 10 easy steps that will help you activate your free subscription:

1. First, you need to set up your Fondle 3 device. Follow the instructions that come with the device to properly install and configure it.

2. Once you have finished setting up, connect to the internet using your preferred wired or wireless connection method.

3. Now go to the main menu and select the “Accounts” option.

4. You will be prompted to enter your Google or Spotify account information. Enter it and approve any authorizations that are asked for.

5. The device should now show a notification that you have successfully activated your free subscription of YouTube and Spotify Premium.

6. Once the free subscription is activated, you will be able to access YouTube and Spotify Premium content on your Fondle 3 device.

7. If you don’t already have an account for either service, simply create one using the appropriate links in the main menu of your Fondle 3 device.

8. When you are ready to start using your free subscription, simply log in with your newly created account.

9. You should now be able to access the full range of YouTube and Spotify Premium content on your Fondle 3 device.

10. Enjoy exploring the world of streaming media with your free subscription!

Now that you know how to redeem the free YouTube and Spotify Premium from the Fondle 3 device, you can enjoy all the great content that it has to offer. Start watching and listening today and experience streaming media at its finest!

How to Redeem YouTube Premium Code From Amazon?

Are you wondering how to redeem Youtube Premium Code from Amazon? It’s actually very easy and can be done in just 10 simple steps. Follow these instructions and you’ll be ready to enjoy the perks of Youtube Premium:

1. Go to on any web browser, or access it through the mobile app.

2. Log in to your Youtube account with your Google credentials, or sign up for a new one if you don’t have an existing account.

3. On the left-hand side of the homepage, click on ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Premium Membership’.

4. Click on ‘Redeem Code’ and enter the 25-character code that you have purchased from Amazon.

5. Click ‘Redeem’ to complete the process.

6. You will receive a confirmation message after the code is successfully redeemed.

7. Now, click on ‘Membership Benefits’ to get access to all the features offered by Youtube Premium.

8. Your monthly subscription will be automatically renewed until you cancel it manually.

9. For any queries, feel free to contact the customer service team of Amazon or Youtube.

10. And that’s it! You are now ready to enjoy all the benefits of having a Youtube Premium membership.

How to Redeem YouTube Premium on iPhone?

YouTube Premium is an excellent way for iPhone users to access the full range of YouTube services and features. With it, you can watch ad-free videos with offline playback, get early access to upcoming content, and even get access to exclusive shows and movies. So here are 10 easy steps that will help you to redeem your youtube premium code on your iPhone.

Step 1: Open up the App Store and search for YouTube Premium.

Step 2: Select the “Get” option to download the app.

Step 3: Once the app is downloaded, open it up and register or log in with your Google account information.

Step 4: You will then be prompted to enter your billing information.

Step 5: Once you fill in the required information and agree to the terms of service, you will be taken to a confirmation page.

Step 6: You can then select “Redeem” to redeem YouTube Premium on your iPhone.

Step 7: Enter your redemption code when prompted.

Step 8: You will then be taken to a page with the subscription options.

Step 9: Select your plan and click continue.

Step 10: Congratulations, you have successfully redeemed YouTube Premium on your iPhone! Enjoy all the amazing benefits that this service offers.


YouTube’s free app alone is a very good advantage. At the same time, Premium provides a seamless experience without ads. YouTube’s original content is another additional feature in the Premium. However, that’s how YouTube Redeem works to give all exclusive services at your fingertips. 

So this is everything about YouTube Premium redeem code. Hope you like the article. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.


How do I get a YouTube Premium promo code?

We have shared working methods to get youtube premium promo codes. You can read our above-given methods. And enjoy youtube premium without any ads.

Is YouTube Premium free now?

No! Youtube premium is not free. If you are a new user, you can use a 30 days free trial. But after 30 days, youtube will automatically deduct the monthly subscription charge, which is 129 INR if you are Indian.

Can I gift YouTube Premium?

Yes, you can! YouTube Premium allows you to purchase up to 10 memberships as gifts for friends and family. Gifts are only available via the YouTube website, not the mobile app. To give a gift subscription, simply go to the YouTube Premium Membership page and select ‘Gift Membership’. Enter the recipient’s email address and follow the prompts to complete your purchase. Your gift will be delivered via email; they can choose whether to accept or decline it.

What YouTube Premium Offers?

YouTube Premium offers a range of exclusive benefits, including ad-free access to all YouTube content, background play, downloads for offline viewing, and access to YouTube Originals, as well as music streaming and access to Google Play Music.

It also includes some additional benefits such as discounts on movie rentals and early access to YouTube Red Originals. With a YouTube Premium subscription, you can enjoy all of your favorite content without ads or interruptions and keep it with you anytime and anywhere!

Is there any way to Redeem YouTube Premium Code From Discord Nitro Without a Credit Card?

Unfortunately, no. In order to redeem a YouTube Premium Code From Discord Nitro, you must have a valid credit card associated with your account. This is due to the fact that YouTube Premium requires a recurring payment option, and as such a credit card is necessary.

Why Can’t I Redeem a YouTube Premium Code?

If you are having trouble redeeming your YouTube Premium code, it may be due to one of several common reasons. First, make sure that the code you are entering is valid and has not been used earlier. Also, the code may be only applicable to certain regions or countries; make sure that you are trying to redeem the code in an area where it is accepted. Lastly, if your subscription type or billing information is not compatible with the code, you may be unable to redeem it. If you continue to experience issues with redeeming your YouTube Premium code, please contact customer support for more assistance.

How and Where Can I Sell a Redeem Code for 6 Months YouTube Premium?

The best way to sell a redeem code for 6 Months of YouTube Premium is by listing it on an online marketplace like eBay or Craigslist. Make sure you include all the necessary details about the code, such as how long it is valid for and what features are included. You can also post an advertisement on social media or forums to reach a wider audience. To make sure you get the best deal, it’s important to research other similar codes being sold online.

Is YouTube Premium Really Worth It?

When it comes to Is YouTube Premium Really Worth It? The answer depends on how you’re using the platform. If you’re a casual user who enjoys watching videos and doesn’t care about ad-free viewing, then probably not. However, if you’re a frequent watcher who wants access to ad-free content, exclusive shows and movies, and the ability to download and watch videos offline, then YouTube Premium might be worth your while.

Is YouTube Premium Free Right Now?

No, YouTube Premium is not free right now. YouTube Premium offers subscribers access to exclusive content and features, such as ad-free streaming, background play, and access to original shows and movies. To get these features you need a subscription which currently costs $11.99/month (in the US). There are some free subscription trials available, but these are only for a limited time. You can find out more about YouTube Premium on their website.

Is YouTube Premium Really Ad Free?

Yes, YouTube Premium is an ad-free subscription service offered by YouTube. With a paid subscription, you won’t have to watch ads before or during any videos. Additionally, you’ll have access to exclusive content, such as original series and movies from YouTube’s partners. You can also download videos for offline viewing, play videos in the background, and access music streaming services.

Are YouTube Premium and YouTube Music the Same?

No, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music are not the same. YouTube Premium is a premium subscription service that includes ad-free videos, access to original content, and the ability to download videos for offline viewing. YouTube Music is a separate streaming service that provides access to millions of songs and albums from major labels and independent artists. Unlike YouTube Premium, YouTube Music does not include ad-free videos or access to original content. However, if you have a YouTube Premium subscription, you get ad-free access to YouTube Music as well.

Are YouTube Premium and YouTube TV the Same?

No, YouTube Premium and YouTube TV are two different services offered by YouTube. YouTube Premium is a subscription service that allows users to watch ad-free videos and access exclusive content while YouTube TV is an online streaming service that allows you to watch live television and on-demand programming. They offer different benefits and features, so it is important to understand which service best fits your needs.

Does YouTube Premium Include YouTube Red?

Yes, YouTube Premium includes the features of YouTube Red. With YouTube Premium, you can watch ad-free videos, access exclusive content from top creators, and enjoy other perks like background listening. YouTube Red offers all of these benefits, plus access to original series and movies from YouTube creators that you can’t find anywhere else. With YouTube Premium, you get all of the benefits of YouTube Red plus even more exclusive content and features.

Does YouTube Premium Work on Roku?

Yes, YouTube Premium does work on Roku devices. You can access the premium content by signing in to your YouTube account and connecting it to a supported Roku device. YouTube Premium subscribers will have access to YouTube Originals, ad-free videos, and more.

Can You Pay For YouTube Premium With a Gift Card?

Yes, you can pay for YouTube Premium with a gift card. All you have to do is enter the code from your gift card when purchasing a subscription to YouTube Premium. Keep in mind that some gift cards may have restrictions or limitations, so make sure to read the terms and conditions before finalizing your purchase. If you have any questions, contact the gift card provider for more information.


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