How to Become a VIP in Coin Master?

If you play a coin master game then you all have heard about VIP members in the coin master game. VIP member gets special features in the game like more free spins, free rewards, and a dedicated account manager to get instant answers to any questions.

But getting a VIP account is not easy in the coin master game. So if you are looking for how to become a VIP in coin master then you should read this article. In this article, we will talk about free and paid ways to become VIP members and share tips and strategies for VIP members.

How to Become a VIP in Coin Master?

Best Ways To Become a VIP in Coin Master Game

There are 2 ways to become a VIP member in the coin master game. One is Free and the other one is Paid. We will cover both in detail.

Free Ways

Here we are sharing some tips to get a VIP account in the coin master game.

1. Coin Master VIP Grind: From Peasant to Palace

You don’t need to spend money to be a VIP. You just need to play smartly do lots of raids with friends, spin wisely during special events, and complete card sets. It’s not a race, but a journey – have fun becoming a VIP, one village and raid at a time!

Get ready to climb to the top, one village at a time with this guide:

Village Vanguard: Master Raids by joining active crews, strategizing attacks, and completing villages for XP. Spin smartly during events to focus on VIP XP or card set pieces.

Raid Royalty: Gather a dedicated raiding crew, strategize to conquer Raid Bosses, and prioritize targets with VIP-worthy rewards like XP boosts.

Card Connoisseur: Spin purposefully during card set events, trade wisely within your crew, and embrace challenges for valuable XP rewards.

Bonus Boosters: Master Minigames for XP and coins, collect daily friend rewards, and actively participate in Coin Master events for VIP-worthy XP opportunities.

2. Maximizing Coin And XP Gain

In Coin Master, coins and XP are super important for building your village and becoming a VIP. But don’t worry! Here are some easy tips to get lots of coins and XP:

Spin Savvy: Check the event calendar for bonus spins, select high-reward villages, and claim daily spins for consistent XP and coins.

Raid Royale: Join a skilled raid crew for synchronized attacks, prioritize bosses with big rewards, and consistently participate in Daily Dozen for bonus rewards.

Card Collector Mania: Complete card sets for coins, XP, and secret bonuses. Spin strategically during card events and trade wisely within your crew.

Bonus Boosters: Win Village Mini-games for coins and XP, collect daily friend rewards, and participate in events for bonus coins, XP, and rewards.

3. Event And Special Challenges

Community events and special challenges in Coin Master are like treasure chests of VIP perks. They’re your chance to boost XP, grab exclusive rewards, and maybe even enjoy temporary VIP status.

Community Events:

Weekend Tournaments: Play weekend tournaments by raiding villages and completing card sets. If you do well, you get cool stuff like more XP and special pet food, and sometimes you can be a VIP for a bit!

Social Media Challenges: Follow Coin Master on social media for fun challenges. Share pics, reach goals, or join polls to get free spins, and cards, and sometimes be a VIP for a while!

Live Stream Events: Watch live streams by Coin Master or others for cool challenges, Q&A, and free stuff like more XP, special cards, and chances to be a VIP player!

Special Challenges:

Themed Challenges: Play special holiday challenges, like collecting cards or winning Mini-games. Get cool rewards like themed cards and XP boosts, and sometimes you can be a VIP!

Pet Challenges: Do tasks for your pet, like feeding or winning villages. Get pet food, cool looks, and sometimes be a VIP with more XP!

Raid Boss Challenges: Beat special Raid Boss challenges by doing tasks. Get XP, unique cards, and sometimes be a VIP with bonus spins or special pet food!

Paid Ways

If you have a good amount of money and you can afford the paid method. Then here we have shared some paid ways to become vip in the coin master game.

1. Coin Master VIP Options

Excited to become a VIP in Coin Master? However, choosing the right purchase can be confusing. Let’s simplify the options to help you pick the one that suits you best and feels like a perfect fit for your gaming journey.

Weekly VIP: Costs 150 Diamonds (around $1.50) for 7 days. Gets you double spins, exclusive pet food, bonus XP and coins, VIP village raids, and special card set offers. Good for trying VIP without a long commitment.

Monthly VIP: Costs 450 Diamonds (around $5.00) for 30 days. Includes Weekly VIP perks, plus daily challenges, more pet food, higher spin bonuses, and early access to features. Ideal for dedicated players seeking lasting VIP benefits.

Quarterly VIP: Costs 1200 Diamonds (around $12.00) for 90 days. All Monthly VIP perks, with bigger challenges, bonus pet food, highest spin bonuses, early feature access, and more exclusive rewards. Best for hardcore players desiring the ultimate VIP experience.

Special Bundles: Keep an eye out for limited-time VIP bundles that combine diamonds, pet food, card sets, or other items with VIP access. Ideal for players wanting extra value and perks beyond VIP status during special offers.

2. Coin Master VIP: Cost-Benefit Analysis for a Golden Choice

Picking the perfect VIP option in Coin Master is about balancing costs and benefits. Let’s simplify the choices to guide you on the golden path.

Weekly VIP

Cost-benefit: High! Get double spins, pet food, and a boost for a week at a low price. Ideal for events, card sets, or weekend raids.

Drawbacks: Short duration limits long-term progress.

Monthly VIP:

Cost-benefit: Moderate! Consistent benefits like daily challenges, higher bonuses, and early access for dedicated players.

Drawbacks: Still a significant monthly expense.

Quarterly VIP:

Cost-benefit: Low! Best value for hardcore players with bigger bonuses and exclusive perks for an extended period.

Drawbacks: The highest upfront cost may not be feasible for everyone.

Special Bundles:

Cost-benefit: Variable! Unique advantages like extra diamonds, pet food, or rare card sets with VIP access.

Drawbacks: Limited availability, may not always align with your needs.

3. Special offers

In Coin Master, in-app deals and special offers are your ticket to VIP status without spending big. Here’s what to look out for:

Limited-Time VIP Bundles:

Weekend Specials: Grab discounted VIP deals during weekend flash sales with bonus diamonds and exclusive items. Perfect for quick boosts during events or card set completions.

Holiday Surprises: Enjoy special bundles during holidays for extended VIPs, rare pet skins, and extra diamonds at great prices.

Themed Bundles: Check out event-related bundles for VIP access paired with themed card sets, pet food upgrades, or unique items. Great for enhancing your Coin Master experience!

Free Bonus Opportunities:

In-Game Ads: Watch ads in the game to earn free diamonds. Save them up and use them to get your favorite VIP perks without spending real money.

Social Media Giveaways: Follow Coin Master on platforms like Facebook for contests and giveaways. Win free diamonds, spins, and sometimes even temporary VIP access.

Survey Rewards: Take part in surveys from Coin Master or partners to earn diamonds or other rewards. Be cautious about sharing personal info and only do surveys from trusted sources.

Common VIP Mistakes

Being a VIP in Coin Master is awesome, but watch out for these pitfalls! Don’t buy things on a whim; think about what you need. Choose the VIP plan that fits your play style—short-term or long-term. Explore all options before deciding!

  1. Don’t overspend on spins. Save for events with bonuses!
  2. Raid Bosses give good rewards. Join an active crew and focus on bosses with XP and cards.
  3. Don’t rush to complete all card sets. Focus on events with good rewards and trade wisely.
  4. Visit friends regularly for XP. Friends are like VIP treasures!
  5. Don’t do every event. Pick ones with good rewards. Focus, don’t rush, for event success!


So this was complete information about how can you become a VIP member in the coin master game. We have shared free and paid both methods in this game. Go through these methods and let us know which one is working for you. If you have any questions let us know in the comment box. Our team will try; to solve your query as soon as possible.

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