How To Hide Village In Coin Master?

Are there times when you open Coin Master only to see your village destroyed in ruins? If this has become a frequent sight, you might have wondered if you could hide your village from raids and constant attacks. If you have thought about, how to hide a village in Coin Master? Then, we have some good news for you. 

Your Coin Master village holds the key to your game progression. If you are constantly attacked you have to upgrade your village locations again by spending coins. To avoid this situation players look for a way around to hide village in the game. In this post, we will share a trick with you that will save you from constant raids and attacks in Coin Master by hiding your village. And you can also spin coins to make your village more strong.

How To Hide Village In Coin Master?

Best way to hide your village Coin Master Game?

Sometimes three shields are not enough to protect your village. Once this protection has run out your friends and random players on the server can easily destroy your village, making you lose significant game progress. Players have gotten creative in recent times and figured out a way to hide the village from constant attacks. While this process will not make your village vanish but will make your presence much more discrete by hiding you from the leaderboard.

To hide your activities on Coin Master you need to have your account linked with Facebook. If your account is not linked with FB and you play on Guest Mode, your village is already hidden. 

To hide your village in Coin Master, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Open your Facebook account which is linked to your Coin Master Game.
  • Click on the Settings panel.
  • Scroll to the Your Activity panel and click on the Apps and Websites link.
  • Click on the Coin Master Game icon and click on the Remove icon.
  • A pop-up will appear on your screen, confirming your decision, click on Remove once again.
  • This will erase your game connection with your Facebook. Do not worry, your game progress isn’t going anywhere.

While this process will save your village from your friends and frequent attacks, you can still be attacked on rare occasions. And do not worry about losing connection with your Facebook account, you can always reconnect your account to the Coin Master Game. 


This brings you to the end of our post on how to hide your Coin Master Village. Now you can keep your village activities lowkey by unlinking your game with your Facebook account. This method is safe and doesn’t affect your game progress. You can reverse these changes and relink your Facebook any time you want. 




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