Netflix Codes: Complete Guide To The Secret Codes On Netflix

If you love to watch movies and web series on Netflix according to your choice. Then you all have faced this problem. That is Netflix does not provide any kind of categories for the movies and webseries.

So how to find our desired category?

Well, the answer to this question is Netflix codes. You can use the Netflix secret codes to reach your favorite categories or to watch your favorite movie. And bonus part of these codes is you can find the hidden movies and webseries and also save your time for searching as well.

In this article, we are going to talk about these Netflix codes, how they work, and how to use them, and also share a 6000+ code list of Netflix movies and web series. So let’s get started.

Complete Guide To The Secret Codes On Netflix

What are Netflix Codes?

Netflix Codes are unique numerical code which is used to find the desired movie or desired categories on Netflix. These codes are heaven for those who love to watch movies and web series every day. If we talk about the working of these codes. Then you have to open and here you have to add /browse/genre and then code.

For example- if I want to watch witchcraft and dark craft movies then I will go to and enter the code of this movie which is 81552046.

The URL will look like this

Only a few people know about the secret codes of Netflix. But the question is where does it come from? So let’s go a little bit into the history of Netflix.

These Netflix codes came from the day when Netflix was in its DVD phase. And on that time Netflix had a public phasing tree for all-genre movies and web series. According to some sources, a fan of Netflix scrapped these codes and shared them on the online platform. And from there people started using these codes.

So in this article, we have shared 6000+ movies and category lists for your friends. We have shared separate codes for each category. So whatever category is your favorite you can use those codes to watch your movie and web series.

Action & Adventure Codes

So here is the list of Action and Adventure Movies and categories lists.

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Movies/Categories NameCodes( Click To Wath)
Action & Adventure 1365
Asian Action Movies77232
Action sf & fantasy1568
Action Thrills43048
Classic and adventure46576
Martial arts movies8985
Foreign action & adventure11228
Military action & adventure2125
Spy action & adventure10720
Military action and Adventure10118

Children & Family Movies

Do you love to watch children’s and family movies then you should check out this list.

Movies/Categories NameCodes( Click To Wath)
TV cartoons11177
Movies for ages 8 to 10561
Movies for ages 5 to 75455
Movies for ages 2 to 46218
Movies for ages 11 to 126962
Movies for ages 0 to 26796
Family Features51056
Kids Music52843
Education for kids10659
Movies based on children’s books10056
Animal tales5507

Anime Movies Codes

Movies/Categories NameCodes( Click To Wath)
Anime comedies9302
Anime Sci-Fi2729
Anime dramas452
Animal tales5507
Adult animation11881
Anime fantasy11146
Anime series6721
Anime Horror10695

Classic Movies

If you are a kid of the ’90s then u must be watching classic movies. Below we have shared the code of classic movies on Netflix.

Movies/Categories NameCodes( Click To Wath)
Classic Movies31574
Classic SF & fantasy47147
Classic TV shows46553
Classic action & adventure46576
Classic comedies31694
Classic dramas29809
Classic thrillers46588
Silent Movies53310
Classic westerns47465
Classic romantic movies31273
Film Noir7687


Netflix is one of the most giant OTT platforms where you can watch your favorite movies and web series. But here are many secret codes that help to save your time and watch movies. And we have shared these codes on this page. So go and use these codes to watch secret movies. And if you have any doubts and questions then let us know in the comment box.

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