Daily Updated Blox Fruit Value List For Trading June 24, 2024

The value of the devil fruit in the Blox fruit game always plays an important role while trading it with other players. There are many factors like Price, Permanent value, Estimated value Demand, and Fruit Status you have to keep in mind for trading.

So in this article, we are going share all fruit value lists and all the important information related to value in the Blox Fruit Game. We have Categorised the value list according to the rarity of the box fruit. You can click on the fruit to get complete value information about fruit for trading.

Blox Fruits Value List According To Rarity

Common Fruits Value List

Uncommon Fruits Value List

Rare Fruits Value List

Legendary Fruits Value List

Mythical Fruits Value List

Value in Blox Fruit Game?

Value refers to the amount that you want to pay for trading the fruit and game passes. This amount could be in the form of $ or you can give Robux for the exchange. There are 2 types of value for each fruit. one is the permanent value of fruit and the other one is the regular value which varies according to the demand of the fruit.

Demand in Blox Fruit Game

Demand means how many players are fighting to trade for popular fruit in trading. Demand for any popular fruit also increases the regular price in trading. When you will open any fruit value list you will see the demand rating. So let’s understand how this rating works.

There is a scale between 1 to 10 for demand rating. A higher scale rating means the fruit is more in demand. A lower scale rating means the fruit is less in demand. So here are 3 rating scales that describe the popularity of fruit.

1.Rating(1-4)= Lower Demand of Fruit

2.Rating(5-7)= Medium Demand of Fruit

3. Rating(8-10)= High Demand of Fruit


What is Perm Value?

Here Perm value means the permanent value of fruit in the blox fruit game. This value describes how worth is this fruit in the blox fruit game. Perm value is an imaginary value that is just used to trade all the regular fruit in the Blox fruit game. It has no relation to the game.

What is Physical Value?

Physical value is the estimated value of the permanent value and it is obtained by the special method.

What is Robux Price?

This is the price you pay to some other player to get fruit in trading. 

What is Price(Belli)?

Price refers to the amount you pay to a Blox fruit dealer to buy the fruit.