All Fruits List Guide Resources And Information

So Here is the list of all Fruits and their information which is available on the Blox Fruit Game. On this page, you will find information about every devil fruit in the Blox fruit game. We will tell you the pros and cons of fruits, working codes, how to get them, and where to buy them.

All Fruits in Blox Fruits

Get Every Single Information About the 39 Fruits in the Blox Fruits Game And Become the Master of Each Devil Fruit.

Fruits List Accoring To Rarities

Here is the list of All fruits according to the Rarities.

Common Fruits

There are a total of 7 common fruits in the Blox Fruit game. They are always cheap and weak. The color of these fruits is grey. You will find these fruits in the early stage of the game. They are considered the worst fruits in the game. But it is okay to use at the first sea of the game. So check the below-given Fruits.

Uncommon Fruits

There are a total of 6 Uncommon Fruits. The color of these fruits is light blue. And you can find these fruits in Sea 1 and Sea 2. If you are a good fighter then these fruits must be used for you. It helps in the P2P fight with other players. These fruits have some invisible power which does more damage in the game. So, if you want to be a strong player, try to find and use these uncommon fruits! They’ll make your gaming experience even more exciting!

Rare Fruits

There are a total of 5 Uncommon Fruits. The color of these fruits is purple. According to its name, rare fruits are known for their best immunity and best fruits for the next level of damage in the game. All of these 5 fruits have their advantages. To know more about it check out these fruits.

Legendary Fruits

There are a total of 10 common Fruits. The color of these fruits is Pink. These fruits have all the capability that is required to defeat the bosses of another island. To find more information check out the below given information.

Mythical Fruits

There are a total of 12 Mythical Fruits. The color of these fruits is red. These fruits are more powerful than all other fruits. And they are very hard to obtain. These fruits are the superheroes of the Blox fruit game because they can do heavy damage in fights and some of them make other fruits more powerful. People love to trade these fruits because of their amazing power. So check out these fruits.

What are the Fruits in the Blox Fruits Game?

Fruits are the heart of the Blox fruits game. It is also known as the devil fruit that comes with amazing powers. These powers can turn you from a newbie to a pirate captain. These devil fruits make you a legendary pirate by giving you unique power skills like shooting fireballs, teleporting, or controlling minds.

These devil fruits not only come with powers, but they also come with weakness. Like water is very bad for Logia, Seaston is bad for the paramecia and last one is punches for the Zoan. But if you master these fruits no weakness can stop you from becoming a legendary pirate.

Choosing the right fruit is only half the battle. Mastering its moves, knowing its strengths and weaknesses, and awakening its true potential make a true Blox Fruits legend! So, set sail, find your ultimate fruit, and make your mark in pirate history!

Number of Fruits39
Type of FruitsNatural, Element, Beast
Last UpdateUpdate 21
Rarities(5)Common, Uncommon,Rare, Legendary, Mythical

Types of Fruits:

There are three main types of fruits in the Blox Fruit Game. These fruits are Natural, Element, and Beast.

1. Natural Fruits

Natural Fruits are also known as the Paramecia fruits. These fruits give you super cool power abilities like stretching your body like rubber and controlling gravity. These powers help you save your friends from ocean bosses and fight with them. Just think about the one-piece character Luffy’s stretchy power that helps him fight enemies in the game.

2. Element

These fruits are also called Logia fruits. These fruits have amazing powers like fire, ice, and light. Which makes you stronger in the game to fight with your enemies. You can not only do massive damage to enemies’ islands also you are also super tough to defeat in the game.

3. Beast Fruits

Beast Fruits are also known as Zoan fruits. These fruits are very tough and rare fruits in the blox fruit game. According to its name, these fruits make you super powerful to fight with the enemies on the battlefield. So the most popular fruits are Dragon fruit and venom fruits.

How To Find Fruits

Well, there are several ways to find out the fruits in the Blox fruits game. Below we have shared the best ways to get the fruits in the game. So Just check out these ways it will help you find the fruits.

1. Factory Raid (High Skill, High Reward):

In the factory raid, you have to beat the big boos in the factory by doing the most damage in the game. And for this, you must have good fighting skills or a good team to fight with enemies. And in the return of reward, you get fruits like dough or light.

2. Castle Defense (Teamwork, Rare Fruit):

In the castle defense, you have to protect the castle on the sea from the pirates and defeat the final boss in the game. For that, you need a good team who can fight with the enemies. And after successfully defeating enemies you get special fruits like rumble or gravity.

3. Ship Raid Brigade (Luck-based, Random Fruit):

So this method is based on luck and you will be rewarded as the random fruit. In this method, you have to take on the bridge during the ship raid. And this challenge is based on luck.

4. Fruit Spawn (Passive, Common Fruit):

In the fruit spawn method, you have to find the fruit that appears on the map every hour or 45 minutes on weekends. To get fruit with this method you need lots of patience and also have an idea of when to look for it. And in return, you will get fruits like kilos and smoke.

5. Blox Fruit Dealer (Currency-based, Variety):

Well if you have good money and want to buy the best fruits you can buy them from the box fruit dealers or Blox Fruit Gacha. There are many fruits available at different prices.

Tips For Getting Fruits in Blox Fruit Game

If you want to become a pro player and want to know which fruits you should aim for. Then you should follow these tips. It will help you to choose the best fruits and become a pro player in the game.

  1. If you have good fighting skills and a good team then you should always go for Factory Raid or Castle Defense.
  2. If you want special fruit to become a strong player then you should go castle defense.
  3. If you are the kind of player who always likes surprises and challenges then you should go for Ship Raid Brigade shot.

Other Ways to Get Blox Fruits arbitrarily:

There are also other ways except the above to get blox fruits. Below I have shared these ways.

  1. Trading Fruits at Cafe
  2. Buying lifetime fruit from the Blox fruit vendor.
  3. Getting a Blox fruit as a gift from a friend.
  4. Finding and picking up a dropped Fruit
  5. Buying a game pass which is called “Fruit Notifier” in the exchange of 2700 robux. Which helps to find fruits.


Which fruit is the strongest?

Well answering this question is very tough. Because each fruit plays a major role in the game. But according to my experience and some gaming experts Light, dough and Rumble fruits are popular and stronger fruits than any other fruits.

How do I awaken my fruit?

If you want to awaken your fruit then you will have to reach the level of 300 in the game. Or you can use the awakening scrolls without reaching Mastery.

Can I eat two fruits?

Nope, just one Devil Fruit at a time. Eating another erases the first fruit’s powers.

How do I get a specific fruit?

You can try out our given methods like Factory Raid, Castle Defense, Ship Raid Brigade, and Blox Fruit Dealer. These methods will help you to get a specific fruit in the game.

What’s the best fruit for farming?

Fruits that enhance grinding speed or efficiency, like Buddha, Dough, or Rumble, are popular choices.

What’s the best fruit for PVP (player vs player)?

You can use Flame or Light Fruits for offense and defense, or Rubber and Rumble for slick moves and control.

Is it worth trading my fruit?

Yes, you can do but you just need to be sure about the strength of the new fruit that you are trading for. So you must research the fruits that you are trading for.

What fruit has the coolest transformation?

Many fruits give the coolest transformation in the game. And everyone has their opinion. According to me Phoenix (firebird), Buddha (giant warrior), or Dragon (mythical creature) have the coolest transformation ability. What is yours let me know in the comment section.

Where do I find fruit stats and info?

To find the fruit stats and info you can visit our Blox fruits pager. Here you will the information about all the 39 fruits in the blox fruit game.

Do new fruits get added to the game?

Yes! you should always visit this page to get the latest updated information about the newly added fruit on the Blox fruit game.