Light Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Blox Fruits has a special elemental fruit called Light if you enjoy speed and light. This fruit allows you to use light-based moves like Light Ray which lets you hit your opponent with a striking beam of light. In addition to this Light offers two passive abilities called Elemental Reflex and Light Spear. You can buy this fruit from Blox Fruit Dealer by spending 650,000 dollars or 1100 Robux currency.

Having great mobility and attack range makes it a popular fruit, keep reading to find out all its abilities.

Light Fruit
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What is Light Fruit?

Light Fruit is an elemental kind of fruit with a rare occurrence. It offers five light-based moves in its unawakened state along with two passive abilities. Light Ray, Barrage of Light, Reflection Kick, Sky Beam Barrage, and Light Flight are the five abilities of this fruit. This fruit can be awakened by spending a total of 14,500 fragments. We have explained all these abilities further in the article.

This fruit is good for PvP mode but only useful in grinding if you have awakened it. You can obtain this fruit by the Fruit Dealer or by trading.

Light Fruit Abilities and Moves

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMasteryDamage (Approx)Cooldown (seconds)
Elemental ReflexPassive AbilityImmunity to all physical attacks.
[Click] Light SpearPassive AbilityIt lets you use a special spear.2100
Light Rayz-key.webpHit with a fast beam of light.126007.5
Light Flightf-key.webpLets you fly at the speed of light.105.5
Barrage of Lightx-key-webpTeleport and attack 15 times.40860-490010.5
Reflection Kickc-key-webpSharp beam attack through a series of mirrors.80358013.5
Sky Beam Barragev-key-webpLets you shoot explosive light beams from your palm.110500024

Awakened Light Fruit Abilities and Moves

MovesAbility (Fragments)AboutDamage (Approx)Cooldown (seconds)
[Z]Mastery Level 1
(Fragments: 500)
[F] Mastery Level 10
(Fragments: 2000)
[X] Mastery Level 40
(Fragments: 3000)
[C] Mastery Level 80
(Fragments: 4000)
[V] Mastery Level 110
(Fragments: 5000)

Light Fruit Combo

Here are some popular Light Fruit Combos you can try:

  • Superhuman Z, Light C (Flashstep) X (Hold) V Z (Hold)
  • Light X Z, Spikey Trident X, Sharkman Karate Z X C, Light C
  • Electric Claw C (look up), Light C (look down) Z X (held) V, Electric Claw X
  • Any stun, Sharkman Karate X C, Spikey Trident X, Light X C V Z

Light Fruit Tier List

Light Fruit belongs to the A-Tier of Blox Fruits which is the second most powerful category to exist.


This marks the end of our Guide on the Light Fruit. The versatile fruit offers a different range of attacks along with decent speed. The elemental reflex makes it immune to most weapons, again making it a viable choice for PvP mode and combat.


is light fruit better than magma fruit?

You should Choose Light for unparalleled grinding speed, unmatched flight mobility, and tricky PvP potential. And go for Magma if you prioritize AoE damage, crowd control, offensive power, and mastery perks for dominating in PvP with wide-range attacks and strategic zoning.

is light fruit better than ice?

Light is useful for swift leveling, unmatched mobility, and tricky PvP control. Where you can use magma if you prioritize AoE damage, offensive power, and mastery perks for dominating battles with enhanced capabilities in both grinding and PvP scenarios.

is light fruit better than dark fruit?

The Light Fruit in Blox Fruits is an excellent choice if you value unparalleled grinding speed, top-tier mobility, and the challenge of mastering a complex fruit. If you enjoy diverse combat options and wish to control the battlefield, Light is a compelling pick. Choose Dark for high damage output, PvP dominance, and offensive mastery in both battles and grinding. Consider your preference for speed, control, or raw damage in making your decision.

is light fruit better than rubber fruit?

The Light Fruit is ideal for speedy leveling and unmatched mobility, requiring mastery for tricky PvP situations. Choose it if you enjoy fast progression and mastering a challenging fruit, prioritizing offense and battlefield control. The Rubber Fruit is a strategic option, excelling in defense, unique combos, and disrupting enemies in PvP, offering a versatile approach. Opt for Rubber if you prefer a balanced and supportive playstyle.

is light fruit better than quake fruit?

Choose Light if you prioritize unmatched grinding speed, superior mobility, and mastering a challenging fruit for control and damage potential in PvP. Go For Quake if you prefer powerful attacks, dominating PvP battles, and a more balanced approach with efficient grinding and strong PvP potential.

is light fruit better than love fruit?

Choose Light if you prioritize unmatched grinding speed, superior mobility, and mastering a challenging fruit for control and efficiency in both grinding and PvP. And you can go for Love if you prefer raw damage, efficient mob clearing, and mastering a challenging fruit with AoE attacks and PvP potential.