Magma Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

One of the finest elemental fruits to exist on Blox Fruits, Magma lets you deploy powerful attacks like Magma Fist. This lets you deal a huge amount of damage to your opponent by firing a fistball of magma. The Magma lets you deploy three passive immunities making it a reliable choice for grinding. You can obtain this fruit by spending an amount of 960,000 dollars or 1300 Robux.

In addition to grinding, Magma is an excellent pick for sea events for its move, Magma Floor which lets you walk on water. Read this guide till the end to learn all the abilities of Magma.

Magma Fruit
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What is Magma Fruit?

Magma is an elemental type of fruit with a rare occurrence in the game. In its unawakened state, it lets you use two passive abilities- Elemental Reflex and Lava Immunity. Magma Clap, Magma Floor, Magma Eruption, Magma Fist, and Magma Meteors are the five unawakened moves of Magma fruit.

To awaken this fruit you need to spend a total of 14,500 fragments. This will let you unlock the passive ability of Magmatic Fruit and five distinct moves- Magma Shower, Volcanic Assault, Beast Ride, Great Magma Hound, and Volcanic Storm. The low mastery requirement makes this fruit ideal for PvP mode and grinding. You can obtain it by trading or Blox Fruit Dealer.

Magma Fruit Abilities and Moves

Ability NameKeyPower PreviewDescriptionMastery
Elemental ReflexPassiveProvides immunity from all physical attacks
Lava ImmunityPassiveProvides immunity from all kinds of lava puddles, magma & flame raids
Magma Clapz-key.webpYou will form two large hands to release magma1
Magma Floorf-key.webpLets you create pools of lava for almost a second10
Magma Eruptionx-key-webpLets you create a volcanic eruption45
Magma Fistc-key-webpLets you point a ball of Magma at the opponent95
Magma Meteorsv-key-webpLets you release and point meteors 140

Awakened Magma Fruit Abilities and Moves

MovesKeyAbility Fragment/ CostDescription
Magmatic FeetPassiveActivates by unlocking any Awakened move. Lets you walk on water
Magma Showerz-key.webpMastery 1500Lets you deploy huge rocks of Magma
Beast Ridef-key.webpMastery 102000Lets you ride a beast of magma
Volcanic Assaultx-key-webpMastery 453000You collide with the target releasing pools of magma and continuous blasts
Great Magma Houndc-key-webpMastery 954000Lets you unleash a large Magma Hound
Volcanic Stormv-key-webpMastery 1405000Deploy a massive amount of magma from your right-hand

Magma Fruit Combo

Here are some of the most popular Magma Fruit Combos crafted by players:

  • Electric Claw C [look up] Z, Yama X, Acidum Rifle Z, Magma Z C V X, Electric Claw X
  • Electric Claw C Z, Yama X (Look down), Magma V Z X, Electric Claw X, Magma C
  • Superhuman Z, Magma X, Superhuman C, Flash Step, Superhuman X
  • Magma X V, Electric C, Soul Cane X Z, Magma Z C

Magma Fruit Tier List

With its versatile skillset, Magma ranks on the A-Tier list of Blox Fruits.


This marks the end of our Magma Fruit Guide. You are now informed of all the abilities of this rare fruit. The versatility and attack capabilities make this a fine choice for Sea Events, PvP, Raids, and of course grinding.


is magma fruit better than light?

Magma excels as an Area-of-Effect Master, dealing massive damage and becoming a PvP Powerhouse with zone control. It offers decent grinding efficiency, favoring offensive play. Light is a Grinding King with unmatched speed, mobility, and Tricky PvP potential. It requires practice but offers control. Choose Magma for AoE dominance and PvP, Light for fast grinding and versatile play.

is magma fruit better than ice?

Magma stands out as an AOE powerhouse, dealing massive damage and excelling in PvP with zone control. It has decent grinding capabilities. Ice is a Crowd Control King, freezing enemies for support, with balanced grinding efficiency. Choose Magma for offensive power, PvP dominance, and effective mob clearing.

is magma fruit better than flame?

Magma is a Zone Control Master, dominating with massive AoE damage and PvP prowess. Mastery perks reward dedication. Flame, an Early Grinding Champ, excels in fast leveling and mobility. Choose Magma for AoE dominance, crowd control, and strategic combat. Opt for Flame for fast leveling, mobility, and early-game strength.

is magma fruit better than dark?

Magma excels in AoE damage, PvP dominance, and zone control with mastery perks. Opt for Magma if you value sustained offensive power and crowd control. Dark, a Damage Dealer, shines in high damage, controlling duels, and solo dominance. Choose Dark for offensive tactics and mastering a challenging fruit.

is magma fruit better than Buddha?

Choose Magma if you value high damage, AoE attacks, and dominating battles. Enjoy mastering fruits and unlocking their full potential, even if mobility isn’t a major concern.

Go for Buddha if you prioritize defense, survivability, and supporting allies in PvP. It’s the right choice if you prefer a more strategic and tanky approach, even if you may not always top the damage charts.