Meme Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

The name gives it away, Meme Fruit is a troll item that is limited to game developers and Blox Fruits Administrators. The only way a regular player can get their hands on this fruit is if an admin or the dev grants it to them. There is only one move associated with the Meme called Traffic Cone. This ability lets you hit your friends with a traffic cone. The only condition is you can only deploy this move on your friends. There is no way to obtain this fruit from the Blox Fruit Dealer.

While this fruit is useless in regular game modes, it is a great item to annoy your friends. Keep reading to know everything about Meme Fruit.

Meme Fruit
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What is Meme Fruit?

Meme Fruit doesn’t belong to any typing and has a mythical rarity. This fruit is more trickier to have than even the most expensive fruits in the game (Kitsune, Leopard). While the Meme only has one ability, Traffic Cone, it can deal infinite damage. It is difficult to aim for this attack but the zero cooldown lets you use it as frequently as you want. It doesn’t matter if your friend is securely resting in the safe zone, Meme fruit’s wrath cannot be escaped anywhere.

No matter how fun Meme is, it cannot deploy any damage on the NPCs and other opponents. This fruit cannot be transformed and does not possess any passive ability or awakening mode. 

While the developers allow Meme to be traded, it has infinite value and that nullifies the point of trading (for now). The only way to get Meme is through an admin or by becoming an admin.

Meme Fruit Abilities

Traffic ConeMastery Level 1You can produce a traffic cone at the position where you click/place your cursor. The cone can be pushed around and hit the ally, killing them instantly.

Meme Fruit Moves and Combo

MoveKeyDamage Points Cooldown (seconds)
Traffic ConeTap/ClickInfinite0

Since the fruit only has one move, there are no combination attacks possible using Meme.

Meme Fruit Tier List

As Meme doesn’t have enough moves and abilities and it practically cannot be used against your opponents, it cannot be placed under the Blox Fruits Tier List. If developers decide to add more attacks in Meme, we will update the ranking.


This brings you to the end of our Meme Fruit Guide. Now you know about the limitations and powers that are associated with this mythical fruit. It is kind of pointless to pursue this fruit as it doesn’t contribute to grinding, PvP, and exploration.