Maplestory DPS chart

Multiplayer is one of the most serious concerns in Maplestory. When creating a new character, decide the class you want to play. One of the most difficult aspects of Maplestory is balancing play style and DPS multiplayer.

When creating a new character, decide the class you want to play. DPS ratings are calculated against a single-attack section target, which indicates a class’s efficacy against a certain monster.

This list of the greatest MapleStory series can aid you in terms of playstyle and DPS / DPM, especially if you are a beginner player. So read on to find out more about Maplestory DPS chart 2024 and the top boss classes.

Maplestory DPS chart
Maplestory DPS chart

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Best class tier list & DPS/DPM Chart

Ark Mage (Fire/Poison) is the most powerful Maplestory class, with Adele and Blaster filling out the top three. In respect of DPS, Mercedes is the weakest class, followed by Bishop & Demon Avenger.

The more powerful classes will have an easier time progressing and becoming bosses. Because it depends on your requirements and party makeup, there is no objective optimal class for bossing.

Demon Slayer, on the other hand, has the most adaptable kit because he’s a jack of all trades. Self-bind, iframes, damage reduction skills, summons, and loads of built-in boss damage are all available to him.

Maplestory DPM Chart 2024

Fire Poison Mage4343.6720,620.42172.63%
Demon Slayer7308.6318,517.50155.02%
Dawn Warrior11294.1317,648.05147.74%
Thunder Breaker12293.5817,615.08147.47%
Night Walker14291.4417,486.20146.39%
Angelic Buster17272.8216,369.16137.78%
Ice Lightning Mage20265.6515,939.12133.44%
Dark Knight24261.8615,711.55131.53%
Night Lord27245.9314,755.82123.53%
Dual Blade30237.4614,247.60119.12%
Battle Mage35231.0913,865.47116.08%
Bow Master38224.0713,444.03112.55%
Blaze Wizard39222.9313,375.71111.98%
Wind Archer42214.512,870.15107.74%
Beast Tamer43211.3212,679.09106.15%
Demon Avenger44210.812,647.95105.88%
Wild Hunter46209.9212,595.23105.44%

Maplestory Best classes

This DPS/DPM tier chart ranks classes based on how often damage they do to help you determine which class is best for you in Maplestory.
Adele is a breeze to play and consistently ranks at the top of the DPS lists. She’s good at mobbing, bossing, and moving around.

Even though Blaster and Cadena require more effort to play properly, Adele’s rates are higher. Kanna is also a forgiving class to play if you’re searching for a beginner’s class.

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Maplestory Best Mobbing And Farming Classes

Mobbing is a task that you’ll be performing for the bulk of your time in Maplestory, whether for learning, farming, or other purposes. The act of eliminating as many mobs as possible quickly is known as mobbing.

The quantity of mobs you could farm in a specific amount of time is heavily influenced by the class you pick, which is why many players build a specialized farming character if their primary class isn’t very good at it. Check out the Maplestory training guide if you’ve chosen an outstanding mobbing class.

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Maplestory-Best Class For New Players

If you’ve not played Maplestory previously, choosing which class to play might be difficult since there is so much, each with its own set of talents and playstyle.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of classes suitable for newcomers to the game. Some of the greatest classes for beginner players are listed below.


With the introduction of the Rise patch, Adele is the most recent class to be added to Maplestory.

Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger

Demon Avenger and Demon Slayer, the game’s two demon classes, are ideal alternatives for beginner players.


Previously included in our list of the best Maplestory mobbing and farming classes, Kanna is a fantastic choice for beginning players.

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