The Top 10 MapleStory Private Servers

The Top 10 MapleStory Private Servers

MapleStory is a 2D online multiplayer role-playing game. Nexon designed it, and you may use it to play MapleStory and even establish one’s unique MapleStory private servers. It allows you to set up your own private server & play video games with your buddies.

As a result, you can play MapleStory while also creating your own private MapleStory servers. MapleStory is accessible in a variety of formats on the internet, depending on the country and location. It’s worth noting that each version of the game is released by a separate company.

So if you are looking for the top MapleStory private servers you are at the right spot keep on reading the post below and well will mention some of the best MapleStory private servers.

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Best MapleStory Private Servers January 30, 2023

The Top 10 MapleStory Private Servers
The Top 10 MapleStory Private Servers

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MapleStory Private Servers at their Finest


The MapleRoyals have been produced in the United Kingdom to contain all of the same specifications and in-game features as the traditional and old-school MapleStory! This indicates that this server is devoted to providing the best possible nostalgic experience!

The inclusion of bespoke material, however, is its key selling point. This offers NX goods, hair, and facial choices, among other things. This means you won’t lose out on all the original gameplay, but you will enjoy some performance improvements.

The best part is that this MapleStory private server is also driven to eliminate issues and deliver solutions through new upgrades and enhancements.

All of this is due to the open, varied, and inviting community they have created as a worldwide platform. New users are welcome here, and one of the nicest aspects of this server is how quickly you can begin communicating and connecting with other players.

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The MapleHeros server has a version 83 GMS that is about to be released, but we already have a lot of information about it! This server takes pleasure in being more than just a MapleStory server since it is a vibrant community where you can communicate, participate, and be a part of something significant.

The best aspect is that you’ll be able to interact with items and locations from several game versions of the original, providing plenty of variation. Another well-known addition is Special Quest, a contribution shop.

What’s strange about this is that it won’t include your typical things, but brand new ones! This game was unusual in that it has a full rebirth system, the first of which occurs once you reach level 200. Any subsequent rebirths will bring you to degree 250! They’ve also hinted at further surprises ahead of the debut.

3.Phoenix V52

You may expect to be transported back to the simpler days of MapleStory with the Canadian-developed Pheonix V52. This includes a throwback to old MapleStory challenges, which will feel like a stroll down memory lane.

You will, however, receive all of the benefits of a genuine experience without indulging in Pay to Win. The most intriguing aspect of this MapleStory private server is that Phoenix was first confined to its v1 update, but as time passed, it developed to the point where it now includes something for everyone, regardless of their experience level.

It is very equivalent to the previous GMS in terms of content; however, it takes you back through time while also bringing new and better content to improve the server.


The Castela server is based in Canada. This one is all about forming a team and interacting with other players. It’s a modified version of V83 with material-oriented on party play, which implies that when players join forces, they become stronger. This may be accomplished through boss fights, grinding, and even party explorations.

If you’re curious about how this was done, this Elite Channel was created for thrill-seekers looking for unique experiences within the Maple World. The gameplay has been improved since the creators redesigned mobs and dropped tables to provide gamers with a fresh new experience.

While this is a tribute to the original, gamers who desire fresh material will be interested in this version because the gameplay has been re-imagined, especially for team play. You won’t have just one duty to do in this case, but rather operate as a team.


If you want to play MapleStory but wouldn’t want to deal with Ulu or Skelegons for the bulk of the rounds, LightSoulMS is a good option. This is a Wizet creation, and it was designed to be different from the original.

It properly pays respect to it while also functioning as a bespoke MapleStory private server created just to provide an outstanding old-school MapleStory tribute. It is, nevertheless, far from ancient and out of date!

While the LightSoulMS server was created to keep the original artwork and concepts intact, it isn’t only there to transport you back to the original game! On the contrary, you’ll be able to interact with a lot of tailored material, which will be a fun experience.

6.EggyMS v83

Are you nostalgic for the MapleStory experience, which can no longer be duplicated? Then have a look at the EggyMS v83 server, which will bring back all of your childhood memories! This means you’ll be able to go back in time and see the incredible characteristics that make this world what it is.

This includes item leveling, which is a phenomenon in which all items can level up to level 1 in the game. In this edition, you’ll be on the lookout for new missions that will lead to adventures and, of course, leveling up! You will get stats based on the level requirement of the item. These are broken down into several categories. You will participate in group tasks to get daily prizes if you need to gather gems.

7.Teeria Legends V62

You’ll receive the ultimate MapleStory memories blended with a lot of personalized and creative stuff with Teeria Legends v62! You’ll get access to functioning Party Quests, the freedom to navigate as in the game, and a completely functional Cash Shop with tones of items, among other things.

One of the most intriguing characteristics of this server is that owing to the design of their custom launcher, they have complete security from all types of hackers. This is a one-of-a-kind feature on this server. However, you can anticipate a lot more bespoke features with this UK-made server.

8.KritiasGMS V162

You can recreate the MapleStory experience in a whole new way with the Kritias CMS v162. This is due to the fact that you will be capable of engaging with all of the sessions, as well as all of the content will be original and innovative.

You’ll be put to the test in ways you’ve never been put to before, yet you’ll be able to keep up the game at a reasonable speed. Custom and never-before-seen monsters, class balancing, buffed and custom maps, the Ayame class, and much more are among the custom content.

Another intriguing characteristic of this server is that it uses 2 versions: GMS & V162. So you got the choice and the power!

9. V179 Kastia

The Kastia v179 server could be the best pick if you really want a glimpse of all MapleStory World will have to offer while yet feeling current and difficult. This game was created in France and is action-packed since it may provide you with a unique challenge.

This is accomplished through the addition of new features that will pique your interest, as well as competitive growth that will challenge you to your limits! What is the plan for delivering this experience?

It might be due to the Sengoku Pirate class Ayame’s new options, thrilling new enemies to battle, and the possibility to work a balanced fifth job. That’s not all; because this server has so much new material, you’ll be able to improve your things as well.

10. Croosade V157

Croosafe v157 is a progressive server that belongs to the Post-Big Bang server category. It was fairly popular when it was in version 95, but it is currently doing quite well.

The nicest aspect is that the materials and missions may be completed without a lot of experience or Mesos. There aren’t many servers that can match these features. If you’re looking for a gaming server that doesn’t lag, this one updates its versions at least four to five times every three months.

Because this server does not have a pay-to-win component, you can vote instead of earning NX Cash. There’s also a non-pay-to-win credit store in the game where you can obtain all of the game’s customizable features, such as cosmetic choices and even practical items like familiar booster packs and a hyper teleport rock.

The Custom Monster Park coin store is a great place to go if you’re looking for fresh and unique collectibles. This section has a wide range of incredible items, like protection scroll, Chaos Papyrus of Good, and so many extras!

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So these are the top MapleStory private servers. As you can see the MapleRoyals is top on our list. It is the best one to use because it is dependable, and the greatest part is that this server is dedicated to resolving problems and providing solutions through new updates and additions.

Everything you enjoyed back then is now available at MapleRoyals! They make every effort to maintain the server as nostalgic as possible while also introducing custom stuff that enhances the game without detracting from the gameplay that we all enjoy.

The runner-up is MapleHeros because this private Maplestory server is dedicated to being something more than a MapleStory server since it is a thriving community where you can interact, engage, and be a part of something meaningful. The rest of all the Maplestory private servers are also good on their own features. You may pick any of them and have fun with them..


Are there any viruses on the MapleStory private servers?

Regrettably, because there is no such trustworthy authority for MapleStory private servers to resort to in order to whitelist their game files, anti-virus software will immediately flag them as malware.

Is using a private server for MapleStory legal?

It’s not illegal to host one, but it’s not unlawful to play on one. Because all of the legal difficulties are tied up with imitating a server and disseminating the client, playing on one won’t get you in trouble.

What exactly is the MapleStory reboot?

MapleStory worlds with gameplay modifications that foster character self-sufficiency and growth via play are referred to as Reboot. It’s an excellent choice for gamers who appreciate forging their own path and realizing their full potential via hard work and perseverance.

Is it worthwhile to play MapleStory?

You may choose between the usual servers and the Reboot servers, which are significantly more welcoming to free-to-play players. Whatever you select, MapleStory is an amazingly enjoyable game with unique gameplay that you won’t find anywhere else: from the combat to the graphics style to the story.

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