5 Pro Tips and Strategies Only Expert Apex Legends Players Know

No matter how good you are at battle royale games, there must always be a point where moving to the next stage becomes a problem. 

The big question is, are you doing the right things? The problem is not the game; it’s the strategies and how you play the games

For instance, in battle royales like Apex Legends, understanding how your characters move is key to playing better. 

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5 Pro Tips and Strategies From Expert Players Know

Equipping yourself with more tools will ensure you play better and achieve the win. Meanwhile, let’s walk you through some pro tips and strategies from expert Apex Legends. Keeping reading. 

1. Mastering Diverse Movement Techniques Pay 

According to experts, the sliding technique helps you cover more ground, allowing you to use the open space within the maps. Secondly, running zigzags helps you when sliding, jumping, and sprinting.

Switching your controller layout to the “Button Puncher” makes it easier to bend and slide without removing your thumb from the DC (Directional Controls).

Mastering how your characters move, as well as how to control them, will give you leverage and a better gaming experience.

2. Cover Wider Distances Faster with Balloons

Besides helping you escape sticky situations, the balloons scattered over the map can help you cover a long distance. Climb up the ropes as quickly as possible and take off.

You can pull off a trick as well to cover more ground. You can do that by looking up at the sky while launching. Press and hold the “Free Look” button and see how your character glides quickly through the sky.

3. Clear off Inconvenient UI Clutter

Keeping your UI clutter convenient increases visibility. It makes the gameplay sharper and more effective. 

Optimizing your user interface will help by reducing the size, text, icons, and some irrelevant sidebars.

In the gameplay settings, you will find the “Interact Prompt Style.” Switching it to “Compact” will make your UI clutter-free once you restart the game application.

4. Support With Your Abilities

Develop the habit of activating your abilities as you play. That way, you can understand where it worked well and which worked best. Without a doubt, you’ll focus only on using your gun and forget your abilities.
Even if it’s smoke, scan, grapple, dome, or heal abilities, support your team with your abilities and not only your bullets.

5. Try Swapping Instead of Reloading

Since swapping your weapon is faster than reloading it, you can use this method when facing an enemy. Instead of waiting seconds to reload your gun, you can easily swap to the second weapon.
No matter how perfect your aim is, you could be receiving Swiss-cheesing bullets from your enemy without tactics. So, swap your weapon as quickly as possible.

Bonus Tips to Win in Apex Legends

1. Test All Available Characters

Since you can’t predict which character will be available, you should take time to know your legends before a fight. Understand how they move, how to activate their abilities, and, more importantly, their strength. It will help you build a great squad.

2. Don’t Spend Too Much Time When Looting

No matter how important what you’re looting is, don’t spend too much time there. You can risk yourself allowing enemies to spot you. However, if you’d like to loot everything in the boxes, try looking around occasionally (especially when you loot in an open space).

3. Always Take Cover

Always take cover, whether you’re reloading, looting, or activating a fancy trick. It helps you live longer in the game. Also, as you slide, jump, or dive, make sure you scan the area before you land. You don’t want to be knocked off by an enemy bullet.

4. Optimize your Gameplay Settings

Adjusting your Field of View (FOV) can give you a wider and better view of the area. Unlike the default FOV setting that makes the game slower, you can adjust it to suit you.

It will help you see approaching enemies, precious loot, and lots more.


Living through the game and winning matches can be 100% challenging. However, you’d be glad you learned these pro tips and strategies. Always take cover, no matter what you do or how you wish to play.

Please don’t wait to reload; instead, swap the weapons, making it hard for the enemies to kill you. Also, get a wide view of your area by climbing walls, tall structures, or poles.


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