Blizzard Fruit Guide: How To Get & Abilities

If you want to take command of the ice and snow power then blizzard fruit is one of the best options for your friends. You can buy this fruit from the Blox fruit dealer with the price of 2400000 or in exchange for 2250 Robux.

In this article, we will explain what this fruit does, its abilities, damage, combo, showcases, tier list, and how this fruit is good as compared to other fruits in blox fruit. All this information will help you become a master of Blizzard fruit.

Blizzard Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Blizzard Fruit Wiki

Blizzard fruit is an elemental-type legendary devil fruit in the Blox fruit game. If we talk about the demand value of this fruit then it fluctuates sometimes but generally, it is stable and positive. Blizzard fruit gives you the power of crowd control, high damage, mobility, and area-of-effect attacks. We will see the strength of all power in the ability section.

Blizzard Fruit
Blizzard Fruit
Fruit NameBlizzard Fruit
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Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Snowflake Shurikenz-key.webpSnowFlake ShurikenIn this move, the player throws a snow shuriken at the enemy to do damage. When you tap the move it launches 2 shurikens and when you hold the move for a few seconds it launches 6.1
White Outx-key-webpWhite Out MoveIf you want to stun your enemy in the air with a tornado. Then this move is best for you. In this move, you create a medium-sized tornado to push or carry the enemy in the air.90
Howling Windc-key-webpHowling Wind MoveIn this move, players create a large whirlwind with their hands to stun the enemy.160
Blizzard Domain
Blizzard Domain MoveIn this move,you can gather nearby enemies by charging up. Then, you create a big snow dome, like a controlled area, that deals a lot of damage to enemies inside it.250
Tornado FlightFTornado FlightIn this move, you ride on a snow tornado to damage and stun the enemy.40


Attack NameControl KeysDamageCool Down
Snowflake Shuriken(Tap)z-key.webpTBATBA
Snow Flake-Heldz-key.webpTBATBA
White OutxTBATBA
Howling Wind
Blizzard DomainVTBATBA
Tornado FlightFTBATBA

Advantage And Disadvatages

Blizzard fruit is always in demand fruit. Because Attacks like Shurikens and Whiteout can do a lot of damage, especially when used cleverly.Some moves need good aim, making it harder for players who prefer simple attacks.
Blizzard Fruit’s Tornado Flight [F] can be used for a long time without stopping, similar to Smoke’s ability. This allows players to travel far and explore efficiently.Most attacks don’t reach far, so it may struggle against enemies who can attack from a distance.
Blizzard Fruit’s moves can harm Sea Beasts, making it a great pick for hunting them. All its abilities are effective against these creatures, enhancing the gameplay for sea adventures.Getting good with Blizzard Fruit takes time and practice, which might be challenging for players who want quick results.
Blizzard Domain [V] from Blizzard Fruit stuns foes it hits. It’s like Shadow V but with a more significant range and without pulling the user in place, offering better control in battles.Blizzard Domain is very easy to escape.
Blizzard Fruit is excellent for raids because its special move [V] can hit many enemies at once and be used repeatedly, making it powerful and effective in group battles.Tornado Flight [F] pushes away enemies, which can be a bit bothersome when trying to fight or collect items in small, crowded spaces.

Blizzard Fruit Tier List

Blizzard Fruit is considered strong but may not be the absolute best, placing it in a high tier. Its versatility and abilities contribute to this ranking. Other fruits in a similar category include Magma, Venom, and Quake, offering different strengths and playstyles for players in Blox Fruits.


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