Venom Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

With the power of dangerous poison, Venom is well known for being one of the strongest fruits on Blox Fruits The passive abilities of this fruit stand out with powers like Puddles of Poison and Deadly Venom damaging opponents when you are not even using an attack move. The transformation move of Venom offers the chance to turn into a three-headed dragon, dealing massive amounts of damage. The fruit practically costs a fortune and can be purchased by spending 3,000,000 dollars or 2450 Robux currency. 

Venom is a versatile fruit and can be used for all the possible game modes present on Blox Fruits. This guide will further explain the abilities, combos, and ranking of this natural fruit.

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Venom Fruit
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What is Venom Fruit?

Venom is a natural type of fruit with a mythical rarity. This means the fruit is extremely difficult to obtain. Venom Fruit thrives with a total of four passive abilities – Fury Meter, Deadly Venom, Puddles of Poison, and lastly, Serpent’s Wrath. These abilities are special because they run in the background, dealing some extra damage for you. 

Now, coming to the main powers of Venom, there are a total of five unique poison-based powers of this fruit- Poison Daggers, Noxious Shot, Serpent’s Wrath, Toxic Frog, and Transformation. The damage stats of all these attacks are very high, making Venom ideal for PvP mode, grinding and breaking instinct.

This fruit comes with a transformation ability that upscales all the existing attacks to a great level. There are two ways of getting this fruit, by visiting the Blox Fruits Dealer or by Trading.

Venom Fruit Abilities

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Fury MeterPassive AbilityThis meter fills up as you deal damage to your opponents. This meter is half-filled by default, once the meter is filled you can transform yourself.
Deadly VenomPassive AbilityThis is the poisonous attack whiff that deals damage to the surrounding players and opponents as you cast the moves [X], [F] and [C]
Puddles of PoisonPassive AbilityThe moves [Z], [C], and [X] can help you create puddles of poison. When an opponent steps on them they suffer significant damage.
Venom DropPassive AbilityThis works while you are transformed, this ability lets you create a little explosion after you fall from a certain height.
Poison Daggers z-key.webpPoison Daggers MoveIt lets you release a surge of poison blades. 1
Serpent’s Wrathf-key.webpSerpents Wrath MoveA venom pool takes the shape of a giant snake and lets you fly around.50
Noxious Shotx-key-webpNoxious Shot MoveIt lets you release three huge spheres of venom on your opponent. 100
Toxic Fogc-key-webpToxic Fog MoveYou can create a wave of smoke around you that deals damage to the enemies that come into touch with it.200
TransformationvTransformation MoveLets you transform into a three-headed dragon and makes all your attacks super powerful.300

Venom Fruit Moves and Combo

The damage stats of Venom can be calculated but unfortunately, we do not have the exact figures for now. Meanwhile, you can check out some popular combos crafted by the players:

  • Venom C, Electric Claw X, Electric Claw C, Yama X (Look up), Venom X, Venom Z, Venom F (one-shot combo)
  • Venom C, Pole Z, X, Venom X, Z, E Claw X, C, Venom F (tap, up)
  • Venom C, Electric Claw C, Z, Yama X, Venom X, Z, F
  • Venom C, Venom X, Venom Z(hold), Electric Claw X, C, Z (tap, up), Venom F (tap, down)
  • Venom X, Venom Z, Spikey Trident X, Godhuman Z, Godhuman C, Godhuman X
  • Sharkman Z, Sharkman C, Kabucha X (Stun), Venom Z (Hold), Venom V, Venom C, Venom X, Sharkman X.

Venom Fruit Tier List

Venom belongs in the most powerful ‘S-Tier’ on the Blox Fruits List. This is because of the powerful moveset and poisonous abilities. There are more fruits like Leopard,Dough, Dragon, Light, Venom, and Flame Falls in the S-tier category.


This is the end of our detailed abilities guide on Venom Fruit. With the unique gift of four passive moves and five powerful transformative powers, this mythical fruit remains among the top picks by Blox Fruits Players.


is venom fruit better than leopard?

Choose Venom if you want to deal with continuous damage, clear out areas efficiently, and use disruptive strategies in PvP. This fruit is perfect for grinding and smart combat, especially if you like facing opponents indirectly.

Pick Leopard if you want to unleash powerful bursts of damage, move fast, and dominate in one-on-one duels. It’s the go-to choice for players who love aggressive combat and mastering offensive moves.

is venom fruit better than control?

Go for Venom if you want to deal heavy damage, especially in solo battles and duels with potent poison effects. It’s perfect for players who love offensive fighting and mastering intricate fruit abilities. Choose Control if you like helping your allies, strategically manipulating enemies, and excelling in boss fights. This fruit is all about a utility-focused playstyle.

is venom fruit better than spirit?

Pick Venom if you want to deal big damage, especially in solo fights, and dominate opponents with powerful poison effects over time. It’s perfect for players who love aggressive combat and mastering a strong fruit for solo play.

Go for Spirit if you like being quick, using swords, and strategically disrupting opponents in PvP. This fruit provides versatility with sword synergy and great movement options.

is venom fruit better than dough?

Choose Venom if you want to deal lots of damage, control the battlefield, and be great in one-on-one duels. It’s perfect for players who love offense and enjoy mastering a challenging fruit.
Choose Dough if you want to focus on defense, unique combos, and messing with enemies in PvP. It’s a tankier and versatile option, even if it doesn’t always have the highest damage output.

is venom fruit better than Buddha?

Choose Venom if you want to dominate in solo battles, deal high damage, and have control. It’s all about offense and requires mastery for the best results.

Choose Buddha if you care about defense, supporting allies, and staying alive. It’s a supportive fruit, perfect for teamwork and resilience.

is venom fruit better than mammoth?

Choose Venom if you want big damage, excel in solo fights, and enjoy mastering a challenging but powerful fruit. It’s great for taking charge in battles and ideal for one-on-one duels.

Choose Mammoth if you prioritize defense, unique combos, supporting allies, and strategic disruption in PvP. It offers a versatile and supportive playstyle that suits a variety of in-game situations.