Rumble Fruit Guide: How To Get & Abilities

If you are a sword or gun player then Pain fruit must be your go-through fruit. Because this fruit is mostly used by sword and gun players. Pain fruit is a natural type of legendary fruit.

If you want this fruit then there are various methods like trading fruit, or buying from Blox fruit dealers. You can buy it for 2,30000$ from a Blox fruit dealer or in exchange for a 2200 robot.

In this article, we are going to explain What Pain Fruit Does also Their abilities, damage, combo, showcases, tier list, how to get this fruit, and comparison of this fruit with other fruits.

All of this information will help you to become a master of Pain fruit.

Pain Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Pain Fruit Wiki

Pain fruit is also known as the paw fruit. So don’t get confused between the names when you do trade with a player. Pain Fruit comes with the power of pain punch, Pulling Pain, Painful Explosions, Torture, and combo creative. All these power have their characteristics. What these powers do we will see in the ability section.

Pain Fruit
Pain Fruit
Fruit NamePain Fruit
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Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Heavy Painz-key.webpHeavy Pain MoveWith the help of this move, you launch a high-speed long-range paw-shaped projectile to apply on target. And this paw does huge damage to the enemy.1
Pain Barragex-key-webpPain Barrage MoveIn this move, you launch a barrage of high-speed long-range paw-shaped projectiles on the Enemy. And it does a medium type of damage. If your all projectile hits the enemy then it can do huge damage.100
Pain Nuke c-key-webpPain Nuke MoveSo when you target your enemy in the air then this move comes into play. In this move, you shoot a long-range paw-shaped projectile which explodes in the air and does huge damage to the enemy.200
Torture MoveIn this move, you shoot a long-range red pulsating paw on the enemy screen and it makes the enemy screen red and does damage.300
Sand FlightFSelf Repeal MoveIn this move, you can shoot yourself toward the place where you point your mouse. You can go far, even more than other moves like Ghastly Step and Electric Flash. It’s a quick way to travel across the game world.50

Advantage & Disadvantages

Pain Fruit especially hurts enemies, making them lose health even if you don’t hit them directly. This is good against enemies who try to block or dodge.Pain Fruit’s attacks don’t do as much damage as some other fruits. You need to use combos and tricks to make up for it.
Pain Fruit lets you grab and pull enemies close to you. This helps you attack them easily or throw them away. It’s great for dealing with many enemies at once.With this fruit, you need to be good at aiming. Pulling enemies and causing explosions need accuracy, which might be hard for some players.
Pain Fruit can slowly take away an enemy’s health over time. This is good for weakening them before giving them a final hit or making them run away.Pain Fruit’s attacks mostly work best when you are close or a bit far from enemies. It’s not great against enemies who are far away.
Pain Fruit works well in different situations, whether you are fighting up close or from a bit far away. It gives you choices for how you want to play the game.This fruit has very Low value in trading
Pain Fruit can make explosions that hurt lots of enemies together. This is useful for getting rid of groups of enemies or controlling areas in the game.This fruit is not recommended for PvP beginner

Pain Fruit Tier List

Pain Fruit is considered an A-tier fruit in Blox Fruits. This is because it offers unique damage, crowd control, and versatility. Other A-tier fruits share these strengths, like Flame Fruit and Quake Fruit. These fruits are powerful and effective in various situations, making them popular choices for players.


So guys this was all about Pain fruit. We have shared all the information about the pain fruit’s ability, how to get this fruit, and their benefits and cons. This information will help you to become a master of this fruit. But if you still have any questions and doubts then let us know in the comment section. Our team will try their best to solve your problem.