Flame Fruit Guide: How To Get & Abilities

Flame is a well-received Blox Fruit known for its passive ability, Elemental Reflex. Apart from this, Flame Fruit has some insane abilities that it has become the go-to fruit for many players in grinding and PvP mode.

If you wish to taste the essence of this fruit, you can buy it from Blox Fruit Dealer by paying 250k dollars or 550 Robux.

If you wish to learn more about this elemental type fruit, this guide will brief you on the abilities, move sets, combos, advantages, disadvantages, and even the ranking of Flame.

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Flame Fruit Wiki

This is an uncommon type of fruit that has become a preferred choice for players in First Sea and even beyond. Flame Fruit doesn’t hold back when it comes to attack versatility. The flame becomes almost unstoppable after awakening the fruit.

Flame Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Flame Fruit Abilities

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Fire Bullets z-key.webpFire Bullet MoveShoot a series of fire bullets at various targets.1
Fire Flight f-key.webpFire Flight MoveYour legs will be replaced with flames.10
Burning Blast x-key-webpBurning Blast MoveYou can launch a huge fire blast.25
Fire Column c-key-webpFire Column MoveYou can unleash a huge surge of fire and release it.50
Flame DestroyervFlame Destroyer MoveYou throw out a huge orb of fire, enough to burn the opponent player.100
Elemental ReflexPassive AbilityYou get immunity against weapon attacks and different fighting styles. The only exception is NPC with higher levels.
Attack NameControl KeysPrice(Fragments )PreviewDescriptionMastery
Blue Fire Bulletsz-key.webp500Blue Fire Bullet MoveMore powerful bullet move which will leave the opponent paralyzed for a few moments.1
Rocket Flight
f-key.webp2000Rocket Flight MoveYou will fly around like a rocket.10
Prominence Burstx-key-webp3000Promience Brust MoveA huge blast takes place when this attack is directed at a hard surface.25
Flaming Vortex c-key-webp4000Flaming Vortex MoveLaunch yourself and the opponents into the air.50
Hell’s Core v5000Hells Cover MoveA gigantic fire orb envelopes the surroundings.100

Flame Fruit Moves and Combo

MoveAttack KeyDamage (Approx)Cooldown time(seconds)
Fire BulletsZ350 damage/bullet-7.5
Fire FlightF-15.5
Burning BlastX3040-10.5
Fire ColumnC4290-15
Flame DestroyerV4600-5700-27.5
Awakened MoveAttack KeyDamage (Approx)Cooldown time(seconds)
Blue Fire BulletsZ665 damage/bullet-7.5
Rocket Flight
Prominence BurstX3900 (+170 DoT)-10.5
Flaming VortexC4470 (+269 DoT)-15
Hell’s CoreV (Tap)V (Hold)5700 (+269 DoT)6900 (+269 DoT)-27.5

There are many possible Flame Fruit combos invented by the players, we are including the most simple ones here:

  • Soul Guitar X, Flame V, Death Step C Z, Flame C X Z
  • Electric Claw C Z (look up), Yama X, Flame Z C X, Electric Claw X
  • Flame V C, Godhuman X Z C, Spikey Trident X, Flame Z X
  • Kabucha X, Flash Step, Godhuman Z C, Spikey Trident X, Flame C X Z
  • Flame X, Spikey Trident X, Sanguine Art Z C, Flame Z C
  • Flame C, Death Step Z (aim down) C (hold), CDK X (aim down, tap), Flame V Z X, Death Step X
  • Flame V , M1 Sword (spam) , Flame Z X C

Advantages of Using Flame Fruit

Elemental immunity against weapons except aura.The Flame Destroyer and Hell’s Core and flight moves are problematic with a longer time to cool down.
The mastery and awakening process is rather easy and increases burn damage significantly.
Decent attack range with an area of effect in each move set.
A great pick for grinding in first and even second sea.

Flame Fruit Tier List

Flame is a reliable fruit with exceptional moves, placing it on the A-Tier in Blox Fruits. This is the second most powerful Tier shared with Light, Quake, Control, and other fruits.


You have now learned all the key facts you need to use Flame Fruit. The abilities, moves, and stats of Flame are off the charts and quite promising. Flame has earned its place on the A-Tier due to its versatility. We recommend this fruit for PvP (after awakening) and grinding.