Bomb Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

You cannot play Blox Fruits without trying the Bomb Fruit at least once. Despite being a normal type of fruit, the bomb is enjoyed by players for its explosive attacks. Who doesn’t like blowing things up in Blox Fruits anyway? It’s rather easy to get this fruit, all you need to do is visit the Blox Fruit Dealer and spend 220 Robux or 80,000 dollars.

If you want to make the best utilization of this notorious Fruit, our Bomb Fruit Guide is right here at your service. Let’s explore the abilities, combos, advantages, and disadvantages of using this fruit right here.

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What is Bomb Fruit?

Bomb Fruit is a natural type of item that can become your ultimate go-to fruit in the early phase of the game. Whether you like ground explosion or air explosion, this fruit has it all.  Mastering Bomb fruit can even help you bypass instinct, getting you an upper hand over your opponent.

Bomb Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Bomb Fruit Abilities

Bomb Fruit doesn’t offer any immunity like the Spin Fruit but it still gives you specialized attack moves to take care of all the obstacles. You unlock more powerful moves as you increase your mastery of this fruit.

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Targeted Bombz-key.webpTarget Bomb MoveThis move lets you launch a bomb in your desired direction when you release the attack key.1
Explosive Jumpf-key.webpExplosive-JumpIt lets you launch in the air with an explosion. 25
Bomb Grabx-key-webpBomb Grab MoveYou can create an invisible landmine, attacking the enemy with a surprise attack.50
Land Minesc-key-webpBomb Land MineIn this move, you turn into smoke and can fly. If used repeatedly above enemies, it can deal unlimited damage because there’s no limit to its use.75
Self DestructvBomb Self DestructIt lets you exchange your health into a huge explosion attack.125

Damage & Combo

Attack NameMoveDamage (Approx)Damage on Holding (Approx)CoolDown
Targeted Bombz-key.webp28005000-4.5
Explosive Jumpx-key-webp30403040-6
Bomb Grabc-key-webp30403040-8.5
Land Minesf-key.webp6 x 62725 x 1253-10.5
Self Destructv457010420-23

These are some tested combo attacks prepared by veteran Blox Fruit Players:

  • Bomb F Z (mid-air) (hold), F C
  • Pole (2nd Form) Z X, Death Step C Z, Acidum Rifle Z, Death Step M1 (1-2), Bomb X, Death Step X
  • Human V4, Human V3, Bomb V (hold)
  • Electric Claw C Z, Yama X, Bomb Z F X, Electric Claw X
  • Bomb Z X F V (tap), Saber Z X
  • Pole (2nd Form) Z X, Acidum Rifle Z, Bomb Z F X, Death Step C Z X

is the bomb fruit good in blox fruits?

It is a cheap fruit that is readily available by Blox Fruits Dealer.Despite having decent damage potential, Bomb Fruit’s attack range is very limited.
Bomb gives you great value for money with its high damage stats.You end up losing a lot of health points while using the Self Destruct move.
The bomb can even surpass the infamous Instinct by using the move Bomb Grab.Your exploration and grinding will slow down while using the bomb as it lacks a mobility move.
You can take your opponents by surprise by using Self Destruct and Land Mines.
It requires low energy consumption.
You can increase the effectiveness of attacks- Land Mines, Self Destruct, and Targeted Bomb by long pressing the attack button.

Bomb Fruit Tier List

The sparky little bomb fruit falls under the D-Tier list which is the least powerful category to exist. This may sound surprising because it is still more effective than Chop, and Spin Fruits which fall in the same category.


Now you know everything you need to know about using Bomb Fruit in Blox Fruits. You are now aware of the abilities, key moves, damage points, combos, advantages, and disadvantages of this fruit. Even after falling in the lowest Tier-D, it is a decent choice to face bosses and opponents in the beginning levels of Blox Fruits.


is bomb fruit better than flame?

Bomb excels in raw power and PvP dominance with explosive combos. It’s efficient for grinding but not the best. Flame, a grinding champion, offers fast leveling and aerial mobility. PvP requires mastery but delivers decent damage. Choose Bomb for power and PvP, Flame for grinding efficiency and mobility.

is bomb fruit better than ice fruit?

Bomb offers explosive damage and excels in PvP with strong offense, while Ice focuses on crowd control and support. Bomb is for raw power and solo dominance, ideal for those who love offense. Ice suits players prioritizing support, controlling enemies, and teaming up for boss battles.

is bomb fruit better than Smoke fruit?

In Blox Fruits, Bomb delivers explosive damage, excelling in offense and grinding. Smoke offers stealth, ideal for surprise attacks and PvP disruption. Choose Bomb for raw power and dominant battles, perfect for aggressive play. Opt for Smoke if strategic invisibility and support-oriented PvP tactics suit your style.

is bomb fruit better than light fruit?

In Blox Fruits, Bomb boasts explosive power, excelling in PvP with strong offense and decent grinding. Light is a grinding champion, offering unmatched flight speed and tricky PvP potential. Choose Bomb for raw power and battlefield control, Light for fast leveling, mobility, and mastery-worthy PvP capabilities. The decision hinges on personal priorities and playstyle preferences.

is bomb fruit better than sand?

Bomb brings explosive damage and offense dominance, suitable for those craving raw power. Sand specializes in defense, supporting allies with barriers and tornados. Opt for Bomb for aggressive play and battlefield control, Sand for survivability and utility, tailoring your choice to preferred priorities and playstyle.