Sound Fruit Guide: How To Get & Abilities

Just think you are in a battle and you have the power of soundwave that helps you defeat your enemy in the Blox fruit game. If you want to do this then this is possible with Sound Fruit in the Blox fruit game.

Well like quake fruit, this fruit also can not be found in any sea. To Get fruit you can use methods like Trading, Events, and direct buying from Blox fruit dealers. You can directly buy this at the price of 1,700,000$ or in exchange for 1900 Robux.

In this article, we are going to explain the abilities, damage and combo, showcases, tier list, pros and cons, how to find the fruit, and comparison of this fruit with other fruits. All of this information will help you to become a master of Sound fruit.

Sound Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Sound Fruit Wiki

Sound fruit is a natural type of legendary devil fruit. This fruit creates a soundwaves to defeat your enemies in the battleground. This fruit is considered as best fruit because it can hit multiple enemies at once. You can use it for grinding and PvP.

Sound Fruit
Sound Fruit
Fruit NameSound Fruit
Check ValueSound Fruit Value
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Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Rhapsody Notesz-key.webpRhapsody Notes MoveIn this move, the player shoots 3 projectile notes horizontally on the first use 5 on the second use, and another 5 vertically by aiming at the cursor. These notes do huge damage to enemies.1
Fortissimox-key-webpFortissimo MoveIn this move, the player generates a cone-shaped note that knocks back the enemy.50
Symphonic Radiancec-key-webpsymphonic Radiance MoveIn this move player creates a disco ball which creates a beam pointing to the cursor and aims at all the nearby enemies then this ball fires everywhere to enemies. This makes a huge damage impact on enemies.100
Glorious HarmoneyvGlorious Harmony moveIn this move player releases 5 little projectiles and 1 large one. And they explode with a huge impact. The Large one creates a black hole around enemies when it explodes it causes huge damage to enemies.250
Tempo: Prestissiomof-key.webpTempo MoveIn this move, the player turns into a projectile and flies in the air with speed. This move is also called flight move which regenerates Tempo Meter. Health and energy are disabled while the move is activated.175

Is Sound Fruit Good In Blox Fruits?

The Sound Fruit lets you make really strong attacks using sound.Sound Fruit is a little bit tricky to use. Because the Sound Fruit has many moves that need good timing. You have to practice a lot to use it well, which can be hard for new players.
With this fruit, you can hear things really well. You can even hear other players and things behind walls, giving you an advantage in battles and when exploring.Some moves of the Sound Fruit need a lot of energy, so you can’t use them too often. You need to be careful not to run out of energy during a fight.
With this fruit, you can hear things well. You can even hear other players and things behind walls, giving you an advantage in battles and when exploring.Sound fruit is weaker than some other strong fruits. Certain fruits, like Light and Silence, can easily stop the Sound Fruit’s powers. This means you might struggle against players with these fruits.
The Sound Fruit has many moves, so you can choose how you want to fight. You can attack from far away, fight up close, or help your team – whatever you like best!Getting the Sound Fruit can be expensive. You might need to trade valuable items or even spend real money to get them.
Not many players have the Sound Fruit, so if you have it, you’re uniqueEven though it’s strong, the Sound Fruit might not be the best choice in every fight.
You can use some moves to make your friends stronger and make enemies weaker. For example, Sonic Amp boosts your team’s attacks, and Sonic Scream confuses enemies, making them easier to attack.

Sound Fruit Tier List

The Sound Fruit in Blox Fruits falls under the “S-tier” category, meaning it’s one of the most powerful fruits. This is because it offers strong attacks, excellent mobility, and versatile abilities. Other S-tier fruits include Light and Dark, known for their exceptional strengths and unique powers, making them top choices for players.


So guys this is it all about the sound fruit. I hope you have got enough information about sound fruit to become master of this fruit. We have shared all information about this fruit like its ability, its pros and cons. But if you have still more questions then let us know in the comment section. Our team will try to solve your queries as soon as possible.