Dark Fruit Guide: How To Get & Abilities

Players enjoy using Dark Fruit for deploying moves like Black Spiral. This ability creates a black hole in the middle of the air and traps your enemies, making them lose health points. This fruit comes with awaken mode that spices up your attack skills even more.

You can make Dark Fruit yours by spending 500k dollars or 950 Robux currency.

Today, Dark Fruit stands as a preferred choice for PvP mode due to its Elemental Reflex ability making it immune to a wide level of physical attacks.

If you wish to explore all the capabilities of Dark Fruit, keep reading this article.

Dark Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Dark Fruit Wiki

Dark Fruit is an elemental fruit with uncommon rarity. In its unawakened state, it provides four distinct skills: Dark Rocks, Black Spiral, Black Hole, and Dark Bomb. To awaken this fruit, you need to spend a special game currency called fragments. 

After awakening the Dark fruit, you get five additional abilities Dimensional Slash, Ghastly Step, Abyssal Darkness, Endless Hole, and World of Darkness. Awakened mode also lets you surpass Instinct and get a stronger grip over your opponents.

Dark Fruit
Dark Fruit
Fruit NameDark Fruit
TypeElemental Fruit
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Dark Fruit Abilities

You unlock amazing dark fruit moves as you level up your mastery. If you are a sword user, this fruit will pair well.

Unawakened Mode Abilities

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Elemental Reflex Passive abilityProvides immunity from various attacks apart from NPCs on a higher level than you.
Dark Rocks z-key.webpDark Rocks MoveLets you uproot rock and launch it toward your opponent.1
Black Spiral f-key.webpBlack Spiral MoveLets you create a black hole that will spin your enemies around.40
Black Hole x-key-webpBlack Hole MoveLets you create a larger black hole that will trap the opponents, sucking their health.80
Dark Bomb c-key-webpDark Bomb MoveCreates a sphere of darkness, engulfing the enemies in it.110

Awaken Mode Abilities

It is rather easy to activate the awakening mode in Dark Fruit. It is necessary to unlock these moves in time to remain competent against other players:

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewPrice(Fregments)DescriptionMastery
Dimensional Slashz-key.webpDimensional Slash Move500Lets you summon a special dark sword that cuts through the opponent vertically.1
Abyssal Darknessx-key-webpAbyssal Darness Move3000A dodge skill that lets you teleport.1
Endless Holec-key-webpEndless Hole Move4000Creates a black hole with tentacles ready to grab your enemy.40
World of DarknessvWorld of Darness Move5000Lets you create a black hole that can stun the enemies.80
Ghastly Stepf-key.webpGhastly Step Move2000A huge sphere of darkness is created, that engulfs your targets.110

Dark Fruit Moves and Combo

MoveAttack KeyDamage (Approx)Cooldown time(seconds)
Dark RocksZ3400-7.5
Black SpiralX2500 (Tap)3500 (Long Press)-12.5
Black HoleC4400-21.5
Dark BombV4700-27.5

Is Dark Fruit Good In Blox Fruits?

The Dark Fruit has super strong attacks like Black Hole, Grim Reaper, and Darkness, which can really hurt enemies a lot.To use the Dark Fruit really well, you need a lot of practice. New players might find it hard to control the moves and make them work properly.
The Dark Fruit lets you play in different ways. You can use strong Darkness attacks, control the area with Black Hole, or even make your sword attacks more powerful.While the Dark Fruit is awesome for player-versus-player fights, it’s not as great for fighting computer-controlled enemies or bosses. Some areas might be harder for Dark Fruit users in PvE.
If you have the Dark Fruit, your character becomes tough. It’s like having a shield that helps you take less damage from enemies, so you can stay in the fight for longer.The Dark Fruit’s moves use up a lot of energy, so you have to be careful not to run out during a fight. If you do, you might be in trouble.
The Dark Fruit looks scary, and its powerful attacks can make other players scared to fight you. This can give you an advantage in battles because your opponents might be nervous.Some of the Dark Fruit’s moves can accidentally hit your friends or other characters you don’t want to hurt. You have to be really careful with where you aim.
When the Dark Fruit “awakens,” it gets even better. You can reduce damage, heal faster, and even summon shadow helpers to fight with you.If someone has the Light Fruit, they can do extra damage to Dark Fruit users and cancel out some of their abilities. This can make fights harder for Dark Fruit players.

Dark Fruit Tier List

The competent skills and extraordinary defense immunity make Dark Fruit earn its righteous place in the S Tier of Blox Fruits. This is the most powerful category to exist and has other notable fruits like Blizzard, Venom, Leopard, and Dragon.


This marks the end of our Dark Fruit Guide. This fruit will give you a winning edge during PvP mode for its versatile & powerful attacks. Whether it is game bosses, NPCs, or fellow players, Dark Fruit has a way to put them down. Just make sure that you have awakened the fruit before entering Sea Two and you will be good to go.