How to stream oculus quest 2 on Discord?

How to stream oculus quest 2 on Discord?

A virtual reality headband called Oculus quest 2 is called Meta Quest 2. In this article, you will get a guide on how to stream oculus quest 2 on discord. Oculus Quest 2 has made playing Video games more common.

Continue reading the article to learn how to steam Oculus Quest 2 to Discord Reddit. They aren’t particularly easy, but they’re also not difficult. If you want to know how to stream oculus quest 2 on discord, stay tuned with the article, it will guide you step by step.

 Additionally, you will learn how to stream oculus quest  2 to discord through a complete guide and How to stream Oculus Quest 2 at discord without a PC?

How to stream oculus quest 2 on Discord?
How to stream oculus quest 2 on Discord?

How to stream oculus quest  2 to discord complete guide:

Streaming Oculus 2 to discord is easy if you are familiar with oculus quest 2 and discord. Oculus Quest 2 may be streamed in two distinct ways on Discord.

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  • Creating the discord browser
  • With the help of a virtual desktop 

Let us discuss both in detail so you can get a complete guide on how to stream oculus quest 2 on discord.  

Creating the discord browser:

  • Firstly you will log in to your oculus account to begin casting. Only Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are used to cast the Oculus Quest 2 game.
  • After signing in, you will see the casting screen.
  • Now press the next button  of your remote to get into the menu of your headset
  • You will see a different option at the top .you will pick the word Cast
  • Now select the device you wish to caste with, then press next
  • you are now able to stream your headset onto your web browser. At the top right corner, you will see a red dot for confirmation.
  • Now open the discord and start viewing your screen. 

Virtual desktop for streaming:

  • Firstly download the virtual desktop app on your oculus
  • On PC down, the virtual desktop broadcaster application 
  • Open your desktop app and put in your oculus  id to join quest 2
  • open your Quest 2’s Virtual Desktop. You can see your desktop display if it is connected properly.
  • To play the desktops tab, hit the menu icon.
  • Make sure the Microphone passthrough option is chosen. You are recommended to enable a noise isolating.
  • In the area of streaming, Depending on how powerful your graphics hardware is, choose VR Graphics Quality under the Streaming section. Then you have to choose between moderate, lower, middle, or strong.
  • Open Discord and check that the input device is set to microphone audio in the video and voice settings.

How to stream Oculus Quest 2 at discord without a PC?

The instructions below explain how to stream Oculus Quest 2 on Discord without a PC if you don’t have a PC on hand to do so.

  • Those who use Android devices should download the Oculus app from the Play Store.
  • Get your phone’s Oculus app open.
  • Choose VR WiFi from the menu.
  • Beneath Cast Through, you can choose the headset you intend to cast from there.
  • Confirm that the selected device is connected.
  • Then pick up this phone from the cast.
  • As of right now, Oculus Quest is displaying on your phone. Download the onion/omelet arcade on your smartphone.
  • Link discord to your onion/omelet account. Set up the stream
  • Give your stream a beautiful thumbnail, similar words, and tags to grab the audience’s interest.
  • After performing the steps mentioned earlier, use the “go-live” button to start filming.  


How do I stream my oculus quest 2 to discord?  

 By first trying to cast the Virtual reality headset to a new tab on your Computer and afterward display sharing that window to a Discord, you can stream data from the Oculus Quest 2 to the discord platform.

Can you stream oculus quest 2 to discord? 

Use a SteamVR headgear mirrored screen if the user desire to stream Virtual objects on Discord. Open the virtual reality software on Vive and select the Mirroring option to conduct this.

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