Is h1z1 Cross Platform?[Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC]

If you are a Battle Royale Games fan, you must already be familiar with H1Z1. That is why you are here, right? Now, addressing the main question, is H1Z1 Cross Platform or not? The simple answer is no.

We have gone through the official website of h1z1 to bring you only reliable information in this post. Before that, let us entertain you with an interesting fact, did you know that H1Z1 is believed to be the first Stand-Alone game to be made?

Is H1Z1 Cross Platform?

H1Z1 is a free-to-play, competitive battle royale game with vivid graphics and animated characters. This is interesting because, on its initial release, H1Z1 was not free.

The question is h1z1 cross-platform has muddled gamers for a long time, especially because the game has been retouched and renamed so many times that it’s hard to keep track. In this post, we will clear all the doubts that you might be having about h1z1 crossplay. 

Cross-platform games are the ones that allow players with different gaming consoles/devices to engage in multiplayer battles in real time. This compatibility feature even lets a PC Gamer play alongside a Console Player without breaking the flow of the gameplay.

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Game NameH1Z1
CategoryBattle Royle Game
Cross CompatibleNo
Official Site LinkVisit

H1Z1 Cross Compatibility

Now, finally breaking the tip of the iceberg, the reason why H1Z1 is not a cross-platform game. H1Z1 is currently available on two platforms: Windows and PS4. The Windows version of the game is the revamp of King of the Kill while the PS4 game is designed to focus more on BR mode. According to the Playstation landing page of h1z1, you can play the game on PS5 as well, only if you have the latest version and with limited features.

So, as far as the H1Z1 Cross-platform compatibility is concerned, it is somewhat of a lost cause. Why do we say that? The developers of h1z1 (Daybreak Game Company) specifically clarified that h1z1 for PS4 is designed specifically for the Playstation console. This is why both Cross-Platform Play and Item transfer are not possible between PC and PS4 players. 

Currently, players can only play against fellow PC or fellow PS4 gamers in multiplayer mode. Developers at Daybreak have not shown any enthusiasm about launching a cross-play feature between these platforms. The last major update by developers was back in 2020 when season 9 for the PS4 version was released.


Is h1z1 Cross Platform PS5 and PC?

Unfortunately, no. H1z1 cross-platform PS5 and PC is not possible because these are different versions of the game.

Is h1z1 Cross Platform PS4 and PC?

H1Z1 Cross Platform PS4 and PC is practically not possible being different break-offs of the H1Z1.

Is h1z1 Cross Platform Xbox and PC?

The h1z1 Cross Platform Xbox and PC cannot happen because h1z1 hasn’t been released on Xbox yet.


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