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Hey Guys!!! Are you frustrated with window 10 updates and it making slow your computer or laptop. So you must be looking for your old friend window 7. And while searching window 7 iso file download if you have landed on this page. Then my friend you are on the right page.

In this article, I am going to tell you how can you easily download a window 7 iso file. And not only download further I will also tell you how can you make a bootable pen drive using some easy software. So don’t go anywhere guys if you really want to know the complete process.

Download Window 7 ISO (Ultimate and Professional Edition)Legally

Here we are sharing both ultimate and professional Edition files. You have to choose a 32 bit or 64bit operating system for your computer. You must know which version is supported by your computer or laptop. These download links are directly generated by the official Microsoft server. So you don’t need to worry about the file. They are 100% fully secure files.

If we talk about the file size then both images sizes are more than 5 GB.So to download these files you must have a good internet connection at your home. Else you won’t be able to download these files.

TypeWindow 7 Ultimate ISO
Service PackSP1
Version32bit and 62 bit
Last updateToday
Download32 Bit
DownloadClick Here To Download
TypeWindow 7 Professional ISO
Service PackSP1
Version32bit and 62 bit
Last updateToday
Download32 Bit
DownloadClick Here To Download

How To Install Window 7 Step By Step Process

Once you download the window 7 image file in your system. The next step is to make it bootable with a Pendrive. If you already know about this you can leave this step. But if you don’t know how to make a bootable pen drive then you must read this section. Let See What things are required to make a bootable pen drive.


  • 16 GB Pendrive
  • Window image
  • And Bootable software like wintoflash,rufus,multiuniversal.
  • A Computer or Laptop To Create Bootable Pendrive

Now I will tell you to step by step process to make a bootable Pendrive. You have to carefully follow all steps. Because if you miss any step then you won’t be able to make a bootable Pendrive.


  1. First of all you have to insert your pen drive into your computer or laptop. And please copy your all data from the pen drive before starting this process. Because when you will start this process it will format your Pendrive.So please remember this thing in your mind.

2. Now Download any bootable software I would prefer WintoFlash. Because it is very easy to use.

3. Now After downloading WinToFlash.Open it and make sure you turned off your internet connection. Now Open Software and it will send you a popup message starting in wizard mode. You have to click on okay.

4. Now you will there is 2 options are available one for choosing the window path and another for your USB path. The software will automatically pic the USB path. Now you have to select only the Window image path. While selecting the image path below down you will see a checkbox to select the window image. You have to click on it. Because if you don’t click on the checkbox you won’t be able to find the image.

5. Now Select your window 7 image and after selecting now click on next. It will ask you to format your device. you have to click on yes. That’s it now you have to wait for a few minutes. Your window will be bootable in a few minutes.

6. Once your booting is done you have to exit from WintoFlash.And restart your system. And Now Press the boot menu key to open it. There are different keys for different Brands.

BrandBoot Menu key
AsusEsc or F8
HPEsc or F9
Other SystemsEsc or F1-F12

7. Now Here you will see the guys’ list of drives, you have to choose a USB to derive and click on it.

8. Here you will see the window logo on your screen for a moment and if it is animated then it means everything is fine.

9. Now it asks you to select your language you have to choose the English language. And then click on next.

10. Now Press on Install Now Button

11. After clicking on the next window 7 will ask you to enter the product key, if you have the product key then you can enter or you skip this part. You have to click on “I don’t have a key” or “Do this later”.

12. Now a window will ask you to choose the correct edition like Home Edition or Pro Edition. You have to choose the correct edition. If you choose the wrong one then you will have to install the window again.

13. Now you have to wait for a few moments, now you have to accept the license terms, to do this you have to click on the check box “I accept the license terms”.

14. Now Click again on next. There you will see the option custom click on install window only option.

15. Here you will see lots of driver lists. You have to choose a C partition to install the window. Click on it and then click Next.

16. Now Wait for a few seconds while the window is installed.

17. Once the window setup is done it will reboot automatically after 10 seconds.

18. After reboot it takes 10-15 minutes more time to copy all window files to your system.

19. Now It will reboot your system again after everything is done. That’s it bingo your window is installed now. You can now use it.


That’s it guys it was all about how can you download Windows 7 images and install Windows using bootable Pendrive. I hope you have got what you were looking for. If you have any queries or questions then you can ask us in the comment box.I will try to solve your query.

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