Chop Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Chop fruit is a special addition to the Natural type fruits category as it provides immunity against sword attacks. This makes it a decent option to use in PvP mode especially if you encounter a sword user. Getting yourself a Chop Fruit is quite simple, all you need to do is visit the Blox Fruit Dealer. You can buy it by spending an amount of 30000 dollars or 100 Robux.

Whether you need a weapon for PvP mode or want to grind through bosses, Chop Fruit provides a unique experience to you. Let’s explore more about this fascinating fruit, its abilities, move set, advantages, disadvantages, and much more.

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What is Chop Fruit?

Chop Fruit is a beginner-level common fruit on the Blox Fruits game and the nightmare of every sword user (almost). This fruit offers small-range attacks and a flight move. While this fruit may not take you to great heights, it can be trusted in the early phase of Blox Fruits.

Chop Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Chop Fruit Abilities

Chop Fruit comes with four basic abilities that can be unlocked by reaching different mastery levels. Tackle Move is readily available to use on the 1 Mastery level itself. In addition to this, this item comes with a passive ability called Body Separation.

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Body SeparationPassive MoveThis gives the player natural immunity against all sword users who are below their level.Na
Tacklez-key.webpchop fruit takel moveYour torso splits into two and the upper part is released on the opponent1
Dancex-key-webpchop fruit dance moveThe player’s body is chopped into tiny pieces and unleashed on the enemy20
Partyc-key-webpChop Fruit Party MoveThis attack lets you bombard the enemy with fist attacks. 50
Helicopterf-key.webpChop Helicopter MoveBecome a spinning wheel and launch yourself in the air80


Attack NameMoveDamageCoolDown
Helicopterf-key.webp– 4.5

Try out these Chop Fruit combos to leap against your opponents:

  • Soul Guitar Z, Spikey Trident X, Chop X C, Godhuman Z C X
  • Dark Step Z, Chop C, Dark Step X, Chop X Z
  • Pole (2nd Form) Z X, Chop Z C X, Electric Claw Z C X (up)
  • Chop X C, Superhuman Z C, Flash Step, Rengoku Z X, Chop Z, Flash Step, Superhuman X
  • Godhuman C (hold), Spikey Trident X, Chop C (hold) X, Godhuman X Z
  • Chop X, Cyborg V3, Chop C, Spikey Trident Z X, Electric Claw C X (look up) Z 
  • Acidum Rifle Z, Flash Step, Chop X (Hold), Godhuman Z C, Cursed Dual Katana X , Chop C (Hold), Godhuman X

is chop a good fruit in blox fruits?

Chop Fruit offers decent attacks and damage points towards the enemy.The attacks are limited to short range which forces you to engage in close combat with the opponents and bosses.
Chop fruit offers solid combos that can do some serious damage.The defensive ability against swords does not apply to bosses and stronger players.
The immunity against sword attacks except higher users.Some swords/ similar attack moves can surpass Chop Fruit’s defense easily.
This item is affordable and quite versatile compared to other common fruits.

Chop Fruit Tier List

Chop Fruit falls under the D-Tier List of Blox Fruits which is the lowest grade of fruits in the game. This is because it is a common fruit with a limited range of attacks. Some other fruits that accompany Chop Fruit in this spot are Spin, Spike, and Bomb fruits.


This marks the end of our Chop Fruit Blox Fruit Guide. Now you know about all the move sets, stats, combo, as well as uses and limitations of Chop fruit. This fruit is worth trying at least once and can help you slash down even the most skilled swordsman. The combos in this post will help you leave an impression on your opponent for sure.


is chop fruit better than flame fruit?

Chop outshines Flame in Blox Fruits, with higher damage through potent moves and combos, particularly when mastered. Chop’s focus on swordplay provides mastery boosts and unique sword moves, while its PvP potential, though not top-tier, holds its ground. Flame, on the other hand, leans on mobility and early grinding efficiency, making Chop the superior choice for most pirates.

is chop fruit better than light fruit?

Choosing between Chop and Light in Blox Fruits depends on your playstyle. Chop excels in swordplay, offering mastery boosts and potent moves, making it PvP viable. It packs high damage in combos, although not top-tier. On the other hand, Light shines as a grinding king, excellent for leveling and mob clearing, with unparalleled flight speed at max health. It can be tricky in PvP, requiring precision and mastery. Choose Chop for swordplay and PvP, Light for fast grinding and exceptional mobility.

is chop fruit better than magma?

Choosing between Chop and Magma depends on your preferences. Chop is great if you love swordplay and delivering powerful combos. While it holds its own in player battles, it’s not top-tier in PvP. On the other hand, Magma shines in dealing damage to groups with wide-range moves, making it excellent for crowd control. It’s a strong contender in PvP, excelling offensively against other players. If you enjoy engaging in PvP and prefer high damage, Chop is your pick. If AoE damage and dominance in PvP are your priorities, Magma is the way to go.

is chop fruit better than spike fruit?

Chop is great if you love swordplay and want high damage output, holding its ground in PvP battles. On the other hand, Spike is a defensive specialist with unique combos and decent grinding efficiency. If you prioritize swordplay and damage, go for Chop. If defense and interesting combos, along with moderate grinding efficiency, appeal to you, Spike is the choice.