Spin Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Despite being a natural type, Spin Fruit is known to put a unique spin on your gameplay. Especially if you are in First Sea, this fruit holds a lot of potential for you. This fruit can spin your opponent with specialized air attacks like Razor Wind. You can get your hands on it from the Blox Fruit Dealer by spending 7500 Dollars or 75 Robux currency. 

To make the best out of Spin Fruit, you need to know the moves and combos well; this is why we made this guide for you. Behold, as we present a detailed move set and uses of the fruit.

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What is Spin Fruit?

Spin fruit is an easily available item that is a reliable weapon in the early stages of Blox Fruits. This fruit offers four types of attack that induce flying or wind movements. Despite being a low-level item, it is reliable for grinding through game bosses without breaking a sweat.

Spin Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Ability of Spin Fruit

Depending on the mastery level you will unlock a new move on Level 25, Level 50, and Level 90. Being a normal type of fruit, the abilities of Spin Fruit aren’t as impactful but still do the job.

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Razor Windz-key.webpspin windThis move lets you cast a group of wind attacks1
Helicopter Flightf-key.webpspin helicopterWith the help of this move, you can rotate your hands and fly25
Tornado Assaultc-key-webpTornadoYou rotate at a high speed crushing through your enemies50
Air Slasherx-key-webpTornadoThis attack lets you unleash a set of air attacks followed by a strong air attack90

Spin Fruit Damage and Combo

Attack NameMoveDamageCoolDown
Razor Windz-key.webp2600-8 second
Helicopter Flightf-key.webp3400-7.5
Tornado Assaultc-key-webp-10
Air Slasherx-key-webp4000-14

Here are some amazing Spin Fruit Combos created by the players:

  • Spin Z (hold), Superhuman Z C, Spin X Z (Hold)
  • Spikey Trident X, Godhuman Z C, Flash Step, Spin C Z (Hold), Godhuman X, Spin X
  • Pole (2nd Form) Z X, Spin C Z (Hold), Acidum Rifle X, Superhuman Z C, Flash Step, Superhuman X
  • Godhuman C (Hold), Spikey Trident X, Spin Z (Hold), Godhuman Z, Spikey Trident Z, Godhuman X, Spin C
  • Spin Z (hold) C, Godhuman Z C, Spikey Trident X, Spin X
  • Spikey Trident X, Godhuman Z C, Flash Step, Spin C Z (Hold), Godhuman X, Spin X

how good is spin fruit?

Spin Fruit attack combos are quite powerful, which makes them a viable choice to grind around in PvP mode.While Spin has two aerial attacks, it offers only one long-distance attack which creates dependency on the same Z move.
Spin fruit is affordable and easily available through Blox Fruit Dealer.It is not a good option to use after you have surpassed 1v1.
Exploration is made easy with spin fruit as it lets you spin around using attacks such as Helicopter Flight and Tornado Assault.It is a lot of effort to achieve mastery for a fruit that offers fewer attack moves.

Spin Fruit Tier List

If we were to rank all the Blox Fruits’ based on the power and usefulness they serve to the player Spin Fruit scores D-rank. D Tier-rank fruits are the weakest ones in the game and may only provide you assistance in the earlier levels of the game. Some other D-Tier fruits include Bomb, Chop, and Spike.


This brings you to the end of our Spin Fruit Game Guide. Now you know about the most op moves and combos using this common fruit. While this fruit doesn’t offer much variety in attack, it does offer stable ground in the beginning levels of the game. You also found out about the damage and cooldown stats of the fruit. Using this information will help you use Spin Fruit more efficiently in Blox Fruits.


is spin fruit better than light?

Spin Fruit provides enjoyable mobility and unique attacks, but Light Fruit stands out as the superior choice in Blox Fruits. Light excels in damage, speed, and travel distance, surpassing Spin. While Spin is great for casual fun, Light offers unmatched power and mastery. Choose Spin for entertainment, Light for dominance!

is spin fruit better than chop?

In Blox Fruits, Chop Fruit surpasses Spin in raw power and grinding efficiency. With high damage, broad hitboxes, and healing abilities, Chop excels at farming mobs and bosses. Spin provides enjoyable combos and mobility but falls short in damage. Choose Chop for serious grinding and boss battles, and Spin for a more playful experience.

is spin fruit better than ice?

While Spin fruit provides enjoyable mobility and tricks, Ice excels in damage, area-of-effect control, and synergy with swords, especially when awakened. Whether it’s grinding, PvP, or facing bosses, Ice’s raw power and utility take the lead. Spin is great for casual fun and movement, but for pure combat effectiveness, Ice steals the show.

is spin fruit better than dark fruit?

Dark Fruit overwhelms Spin in raw power! Dark’s incredible damage, combos, and awakening turn it into a PvP and boss-melting powerhouse. While Spin’s mobility and unique attacks provide fun, its damage doesn’t measure up. For unmatched combat prowess, Dark stands supreme.

is spin fruit better than falcon?

Falcon Fruit soars with superior damage and mobility, offering faster travel and stronger attacks than Spin. If you desire raw power and speed, Falcon takes the lead. However, Spin’s unpredictable movement and unique attacks can outmaneuver opponents in PvP.

is spin fruit better than rocket fruit?

Spin surpasses Rocket for most players. Spin allows access to the entire fruit pool, including top-tier options, and allows you to choose elements or sword types for a strategic advantage. Mastering Spin unlocks stat boosts and special moves. While Rocket may grind faster and cost less, Spin’s diverse potential and mastery give it the edge. If you seek specific high-tier fruits or mastery, Spin is your champion. If speed and cost are crucial, Rocket might be tempting.