Dough Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Dough fruit is one of the hardest awakened fruits in the blox fruit game. And because of its amazing power ability, you will see gamers always want this fruit in trade for the exchange of other fruit. You can get this fruit from the Blox fruit dealer or trade your powerful fruit with Dough fruit. To Buy this fruit from the Blox fruit dealer you will have to spend 2,80,000$ or you can also get dough fruit in exchange for 2,400 Robux

If you want to become a master of Dough Fruit then you should read this article. In this article, we are going to explain the abilities, damage and combo, showcases, tier list, pros and cons, and comparison of this fruit with other fruits. All of this information will help you to become a master of Dough Fruit.

Dough Fruit
Dough Fruit
Fruit NameDough Fruit
Robux2350 Robux
Check ValueDought Fruit Value
All Fruit ValueBlox Fruit Value
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Dough Fruit Wiki

Dough Fruit is an Elemental-type mythical devil fruit in the Blox fruit game. This fruit has 2 types of move. One is normal mode(unawakened) and the other is awakened mode. Both Move have different powersets. If we talk about the power of Dough fruit then it gives you the power of elasticity that helps you to trap your enemy by hitting huge punches. This fruit is considered the best fruit for grabbing, trapping, and causing big damage.

Dough Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos


Normal Moves

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Fried Doughz-key.webpFried Dough MoveWith the help of this move, the player creates a reddish-orange oval dough and throws it to the enemy. If it hits the enemy then it will explode and push back your enemy.1
Sticky Doughx-key-webpSticky Dough MoveIn this move, the player creates a lasso out of dough. And if it launches near by enemy then you can pick your enemy and hit it hard on the ground. It will do huge damage to them.50
Carved Doughc-key-webpCarved Dough MoveIn this move, you transform into a donut and turn your hand into the fried dough. If this donut hits the enemy he will be knocked out of the game.100
Restless Dough Barrage
Restlesss Dough Barrage MoveThis move is considered as targeting your enemy from all sides. With the help of this move, you create a ring around your Enemy. These rings shoot a fist at your enemy. If this hits him then it makes huge damage to your enemy.300
Roller DonutFRoller Donut MoveIn this move, you turn into a donut and travel for 30 seconds pointing toward your enemy. 200

Awakened Moves

Attack NameControl KeysPrice(Fragments)PreviewDescriptionMastery
Tap4000Tap Dough MoveIn this move, you throw a donut at the enemy by pointing a cursor at him. You can hit 3 maximum donuts before the start of the move.
Missle Jabz-key.webp500Missile Jab MoveIn this move, you turn your arm into a chunk of dough and throw a missile of dough and it makes a huge explosion towards your enemy. 1
Pastry Riverx-key-webp3000Pastry River MovePrice(Fragments)50
Piercing Clotheslinec-key-webp4000Piercing Clothline MOveIn this move player turns into a spiked donut and hits the enemy. If it hits him the enemy will be stuck in the player’s forearm and the player will swing him into the air and smash down to the ground. It does huge damage to the enemy.100
Dough Fist Fusillade
5000Dough Fist Fusillade MoveIn this move, the player throws donuts toward pointing to the cursor. Then these donuts hit your opponent into the ground. So while using this move you and the opponent can’t move unless the player decides to stop it.300
Scorching DonutF2000Scorching Donut Move In this move, the player turns into a rotating spiked donut and hits the enemy. If an enemy gets hit, it not only deals immediate damage but also keeps hurting them over time.200

Advantages and Disadvantages

With the help of dough fruit, you can create weapons and shields. That helps you to make dough tornadoes and even giant dough golems to fight with. It’s like having a whole arsenal at your fingertips!Dough doesn’t like hot magma attacks. If an enemy uses fiery attacks, you’ll take a lot of damage.
When Dough awakens, it gets even stronger. You can turn things into dough, make dough tornadoes, and even become a living dough person. It’s like unlocking a superpower in the middle of a battle!Dough works best up close, so if an enemy attacks from far away, it can be tough to defend yourself.
Dough helps you move around easily with techniques like Dough Flight and Dough Travel.Using advanced Dough moves and awakening takes a lot of energy. You have to be careful not to get too tired in the middle of a fight.
Dough is like a superhero against certain attacks. It can take less damage from things like shocks and electricity, giving you an advantage against those types of enemies.Dough needs nearby dough or flour to work well. In some places, you might not find enough, making your powers less effective.
Dough moves work well with other fighting styles, so you can create awesome combos. It’s like mixing and matching different attacks to keep your enemies guessing.When you use Dough’s awakening, it takes away a lot of your health. After that, you’re more vulnerable to attacks. It’s like using a powerful move but getting tired and needing a break.

Dough Fruit blox fruits tier list

The Dough fruit in Blox Fruits falls under the “S-Tier” category. This is because it offers a wide range of powerful abilities like creating weapons, healing, and manipulating the environment. Other S-Tier fruits include Dark, Flame, and Gura-Gura, which also have exceptional combat and utility skills, making them top-tier choices.


So this was all about the dough fruit. I hope you have got enough information to become the master of dough fruit. I have shared all the information like dough wiki, its power, ability, move set and how good is this fruit for you. But if you still have any questions or doubts then let us know in the comment section. Our team try to solve your queries as soon as possible.


is dough fruit better than Buddha?

When deciding between Dough and Buddha in Blox Fruits, choose Dough if you prioritize offensive dominance, versatile combat, and mobility. Opt for Buddha if your preferences lean towards survivability, efficient grinding, and a supportive role in raids, even with limited PvP potential.

is dough fruit better than light?

Choose Dough if you want a tough and strategic play style. With high defense and unique combos, Dough excels at disrupting enemies in PvP. It offers a balanced approach, but mastering its raw damage requires skill and effort. Choose Light if you value fast leveling, mobility, and mastering a challenging fruit for PvP control and damage potential, even if it requires practice.

is dough fruit better than venom?

You can go for Dough if you prioritize defense, unique combos, and a strategic play style. It excels in survivability, balanced PvP, and handles mobs reasonably well. If you lean towards a tankier and more thoughtful combat approach, Dough is the choice for you. On the other hand, select Venom if you value raw damage, offensive power, and dominating battles. Venom is adept at controlling the battlefield with strong AoE attacks and excels in both grinding and PvP combat.

is dough fruit better than blizzard?

Choose Dough if you want a tough and versatile fruit in Blox Fruits. With high defense, unique combos, and disruptive moves, Dough excels in tankiness and diverse combat. It’s perfect for players who enjoy engaging in creative fights and disrupting enemies in player-versus-player (PvP) scenarios. If you value defense, creativity, and strategic support, Dough is the fruit for you!

Choose Blizzard if you want to be a team player and support your allies. This fruit is great for controlling enemies and excelling in boss fights. It’s perfect for group scenarios, team play, and offering strategic support to your team. If you enjoy helping your friends and being strategic in battles, Blizzard is the right pick for you in Blox Fruits.

is dough fruit better than dragon?

Select Dough if you want a tough fruit with strong defenses, cool combo possibilities, and the ability to mess with foes in PvP battles. It’s your go-to choice if you enjoy a tactical and skillful approach to combat, leaning towards strategic moves and creative combos in the game.

Choose Dragon Fruit if you want to deal massive damage in battles with powerful moves and area-of-effect attacks. It’s a PvP powerhouse, excelling in zone control, combos, and high damage output. If raw damage, dominating battles, and controlling the battlefield align with your priorities, and you enjoy offensive tactics and powerful area-of-effect attacks, Dragon Fruit is the fruit for you.

is dough fruit better than mammoth?

Choose Dough if you want to be a tough and tactical fighter, focusing on defense, unique combos, and disrupting foes in PvP battles. It’s the pick for players who value adaptability and versatility in their combat approach.

Choose Dough if you want a defensive powerhouse with high defense, unique combos, and disruptive abilities in PvP. It excels in tankiness, diverse combat, and supporting roles. If you prefer engaging in creative combat with a focus on individual disruption, Dough suits your playstyle.