Dragon Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Dragon Fruit is a mythical type of beast fruit in the popular Blox Fruits game on Roblox. This is an idealistic type of fruit to have in your inventory due to its great combo and transformative abilities. While this item gives you an upper edge in PvP matches, it can be a little tricky to master the Dragon Fruit moves. But do not worry, we have come to your rescue with our ultimate Fruit Blox Guide.

Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit
Fruit NameDragon Fruit
Money 3,500,000$
Latest UpdateUpdate 20
Check ValueDragon Fruit Value
All Fruit Value ListBlox Fruit Value List
Updated CodesBlox Fruit Codes

Unveiling the Dragon’s Fury

To utilize the complete power of the Dragon Fruit we will need to understand the mechanics of the moves. We also need to know the best strategies that can make our moves more efficient against the opponent.

Dragon Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Moves Breakdown

Dragon Fruit MoveControl KeysNature of AttackThe Range on Fury MeteThe range on Fury MeteCooldown (secondsAttack Illustration
Heatwave Beamz-key.webpFire Beam7.5%33837.5dragonz
Dragon Flightf-key.webpAbility to flydragonx
Dragonic Clawx-key-webpThree crescent-shaped projectiles10%491411Dragon c
Fire Showerc-key-webpFireball10%500015dragon-v
Transformationv-key-webpTransformation into a dragondragon-f

After the Dragon fruit is transformed at Mastery 350, the player turns into a dragon and a new attack cycle is unlocked:

Dragon Fruit MoveControl KeysNature of AttackDamageCooldown (secondsAttack Illustration
Dimensional Slashz-key.webpMassive Fire Beam33837.5Dimensional Slash
Ghastly Stepf-key.webpEnhanced Flight and MobilityGhastly
Abyssal Darknessx-key-webpMassive Crescent-Shaped projectiles422811Abyssal
Endless Holec-key-webpFireball600015Endless Hole
World of Darkv-key-webpTurn back into a humanWorld of Dark

Combo Attacks

Combination MovesMove description
Dragon Z + Dragon C + Spikey Trident X + Dragon X + Turn Around + Sanguine Art C + Sanguine Art Z Massive damage
Hold Dragon C + Cursed Dual Katana X+  Cursed Dual Katana Z + Dragon X + Turn Around + Sanguine Art X + Sanguine Art Z + Sanguine Art C + Dragon Z Massive damage
Hold Dragon C + Spikey Trident X + Dragon X + Sharkman Karate X, Z, C + Dragon Z
Hold Dragon C + Spikey Trident X, Godhuman X, Z + Dragon X, Godhuman C, Dragon Z
Dragon X + Z + CTransformed version
Combat Z + Dragon X + Combat X + Saber Z + Soul Guitar X + Saber X + Hold Dragon CCan’t be performed without any existing fighting style
Soul Guitar X + Dragon X + Hold Dragon C + Spikey Trident X + Godhuman Z + Godhuman C + Dragon Z
Dragon C + Cursed Dual Katana X + Turn back + Dragon X + Turn back + Godhuman Z + Godhuman C + Dragon Z
Hold Dragon C + Spikey Trident X + E-Claw X + E-Claw C + look up + Tap E-Claw Z + look down + Dragon X + Dragon ZAim well
Dragon Talon X + Z + Dragon C + Spikey Trident X + Dragon X

Combat Strategies

  • While the Dragon Fruit is an excellent choice for PvP attacks due to strong power attacks and dragon transformations, it’s not suitable for ranged attacks.
  • Despite being a powerful fruit, it’s not beginner-friendly and you should consider using it once you are familiar with the gameplay.
  • Hitting Z and X together activates the high knockback that will allow you to lock the target and knock it out at the same time.
  • Fireball attacks (C) serve as brilliant Combo options with other attacks and even make them last longer.
  • When engaging in PvP battles, transforming into a Dragon will help you dodge ground attacks and take down your enemy from the sky.
  • Consider fighting bosses when you have reached Mastery 350 in Dragon Fruit.

Mastering the Beast Within

There are no shortcuts while mastering an art and the same goes for Dragon Fruit. However, some ways can make you achieve mastery faster.

Mastery Levels

The highest level Mastery level is 350, your dragon fruit can be used at the highest potential at this stage. You can transform into a dragon and get an excellent fire range.

Mastery Level Attack Unlocked (Before Transformation)Attack Unlocked (After Transformation)
1Heatwave BeamDimensional Slash
75Dragon FlightGhastly Step
150Dragonic ClawAbyssal Darkness
250Fire ShowerEndless Hole
350TransformationWorld of Dark

Optimal Mastery Path

If you prefer an aggressive attack approach you should consider using Dragonic Claw and Fire Shower to burn down your enemies in your optimal path.

Similarly, players who prefer a defense path should focus on the transformation of their dragon fruit, this will gift you a 62.5% damage.

If you like to keep things in balance, the hybrid playstyle is most apt for you. Consider mixing Fire Shower and Dragon Flight to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Advanced Techniques

You should master the art of flying as it can help you efficiently dodge lethal enemy attacks. Flying attacks have an upper hand over ground attacks. To master flight, you should try to stay in Dragon Flight and Ghastly Step for long periods.

Awakening Guide

To awaken the Dragon fruit, you need to have special game items known as fragments. You can collect fragments by completing raids for Dragon Fruit. You also need to find a raid chip from the mad scientist. As you unlock the dragon fruit, you have to understand the moveset and combat challenges efficiently or you might struggle in the gameplay.

Light is another preferable and more affordable fruit option that players like in the game. Both these fruits can efficiently defend against Ice, Leopard, and Dough Attacks. 

Gear and Enhancements for the Dragon Warrior

Weapon and Fighting Style

Since most of the Dragon moves to support both close and ranged combat, it’s a good idea to yield a sword to eliminate your enemies at a close range. Dark Blade and Iron Mace are the best choices.

In Fruit Blox, Kenbunshoku Haki also called Observation Haki grants you the ability to sense your enemy’s moves while Busoshoku Haki or Armament Haki helps you deal with significant damage and defenses by bypassing the Devil Fruit.

The attack and defense of both Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku give a well-rounded attack and defense approach.

Fruits and Accessories Optimization

Using fruits like Flame, Magma, and Diamond can make up for the missing attributes of dragon fruit and provide resilience. 

You can experiment with accessories like Valkyrie Helm and Leviathan Crown to increase your dragon fruit attack damage.

Advanced Dragon Techniques

Mind Games

If you transform into the dragon mode, this will automatically make your opponent worry and intimidate them. Flight movements offer another psychological fear to your opponent.

Environmental Mastery

You can lead your opponent/level bosses towards building edges, caves, and narrow chambers so that they can’t escape your Dragon fury.

Boss Strategies

To knock down the boss, your dragon fruit should be at the mastery of 350. Use combo attacks and special weapons to increase damage.

The Dragon’s Legacy

Dragon Fruit is a mythical fruit vibrating with uncontrollable flame. As you achieve greater mastery in Dragon Fruit you unlock more moves and greater rewards. We can expect a lot more moves, accessories, and skills related to Dragon Fruit in future updates from the developers.


While it’s fun to tickle your competitive senses in the game, do not use the game chat to bully or demotivate anyone. Have a good time and make new friendships on the platform. You can also exchange tips and tricks with more experienced players and become the next Dragon Fruit Master! Now you know everything about Dragon Fruit Awakening, skill set, strategies, combos, weapons combination, playstyle, and lore.